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MotorInf_Kore - Dec 29, 2016

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  • [AAR] MotorInf_Kore - Dec 29, 2016

    The Mission

    The mission itself tries to simulate a AAF motorized infantry squad attacking a guerilla rebel held town. There are three sectors that must be captured without losing too much firendlies to death and within a certain limit. As a motorized squad the AAF has two powerful main gun mounted on two of their vehicles - one HMG and one GMG while the enemy has a mortar somewhere in the town which covers the entrances and called in by whoever spots us in the splash zone.

    The Playthrough

    Well we tried this one once more. This time Unkl took the helm and tried his hands at this mission. Just before departure though, the FTL of the second team Daniel suddenly got pulled by his family, throwing us into disarray. TFAR being TFAR, all the frequencies got jumbled up again. We sat and tried to sync our frequencies for a while there. Started off kinda rocky. Finally rolling out we had three vehicles heading into the town of Kore.

    I was there when we played this one about 9 days ago when Noyava tried the SL position on this mission. They chose the exact same dismount point. . This time though, the RPG rockets found their targets twice in a row and took out both of the armed striders. Unkl lets out his frustrations all over the TS not realizing everybody can hear him on while he is dead and waiting for respawn.

    We had a pretty messy advance to the first sector under constant fire and flanks, and repeated downed soldiers. The enemy fortifications really showed itself when we were pinned down by two machine gunners from two different constructions sites. Comms were scarce and men were often down. Finally after some struggle we took the first sector bleeding away our tickets. We decided to push onto Charlie sector. Before moving out and on the way we encountered baddies all over.

    But before we could reach the second sector, our tickets ran out and we lost the mission.

    Some remarks

    We also played Tiger's Lair and MechInf_Frini, in which I participated for this night, for which I will write their AARs, once I find time. I am kind of on a quest to document and share unfiltered experience I have on missions so that players know what happens. I am not gonna leave out the losses or the screw ups that happen because that is part of playing this game. I am also gonna write about the triumphs. I wanna encourage players of all kinds to take lead and lead other players into their doom and completely get their butts kicked.

    Anyway, leave a sentence or two about our failure in this playthrough of this mission.
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    I feel really, really vindicated about my Dismount point choice now that Unkl unknowingly picked the same one. I tend to favor recklessly close LZ/DZ/Dismount positions... where as I have tremendous respect for Unkl's patient, prudent choices in those areas (i can count the times I've seen one of his drop off points get smashed on one hand... I need a calculator to tabulate the times it happens to me).

    This mission is great. Tough, but do able. Unlike that AirCav Rogain mission that still haunts me in the darkest hours of the night...


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      Thanks fellas for the kind words after my unkind blurt out. I guess when we just arrived at the dismount point and suddenly I was slumped over in the driver seat I must have been talking on the radio. When you get killed while talking your mic stays on in TS and because of the BIS revive you end up broadcasting all over TS without TFAR filtering you. My apologies for that.

      I even forgot to join the right channel after restarting my TS and then was getting more frustrated that no one was replying at all on the radio! What a Homer moment.

      When we spawned in the vehicles and had a bit of a time getting frequencies organized, I didn't give a lot of thought to how to use the assets we had. I honestly didn't even know we had guns on our vehicles. That kinda seems like a no brainer now.

      Perhaps some more intel can be added about enemy reinforcements, expected strength and fortifications. That is quite a force for 12 players to be pitted against for sure and force multipliers are definitely required.

      On the other notes regarding the tone of AAR's, I believe that it is useful to learn from mistakes. Never give much worry for me if you see something I can learn from even if it is my leadership. I appreciate it. As long as we are still kind about it there shouldn't be too much worry.

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