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Tiger's Lair - Dec 29, 2016

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  • [AAR] Tiger's Lair - Dec 29, 2016

    The mission

    Cooked up by Shawn this mission has great replayability due to multiple randomly generated elements. Using Apex content a NATO Pacific forces go against the Syndikat guerilla enemy. The NATO forces must raid two possible locations and obtain a code to defuse a bomb. The code for the defusal is the first randomness. Location of the code is the second randomness.

    The Playthrough

    I came into this one midway. From what gather, they were just getting the code. Cody was leading the mission and I gathered they found their code right away on the first compound. Came in as an Autorifleman and grabbed a backback and 4 additional drums for my gun and a Holosight with some FAKs. Jumped on the quadbike and I started to drive to the friendlies. TFAR frequencies were not synchronized as I checked mic I did not hear anything. Just nearby the dismount point I started to take fire. I did not even try to find the shooter and drove recklessly over some stone walls injuring myself trying to get into the thickness of the jungle away from enemy who were shooting at me.

    Finally found the friendly vehicles and soon after Daniel who was trailing the column. I dismount from quadbike and heal myself from my little accident and joined in for the airfield assault. Cody assigned me to Team 2 and I took point on left flanking attack. After few initial infantry take-downs a technical raced down from the road guns blazing. I fire back taking down its gunner. Cody who was right behind me took a couple of 50 caliber rounds and I was untouched after all that firing. I dragged him into cover and Unkl who was the medic got him back up.

    We went into the airstrip in search for the bomb. Team 1 found the bomb and Unkl read the code to the guy who was defusing it. Successful defusal. Mission success.



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