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MechInf_Frini - Dec 29, 2016

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  • [AAR] MechInf_Frini - Dec 29, 2016

    The mission

    A NATO mechanized patrol responds to a crash site. There 8 infantry slots and 3 more crewmen slot, one of them being a repair specialist. The mechanized entity in this mechanized infantry team is the NATO tracked IFV known as Panther. It has a decent armor and can take some abuse, and a main gun with 50 caliber machine gun and GMG mounted. I would say it is effective to about 800m and can engage up to 1000m.

    The mission also has quite a small AO and time limit as well as respawn ticket limit. One another and often very deadly loss condition is the loss of the panther vehicle. This loss condition is in place because the panther acts as the mobile respanw point for the infantry. One mistake of placement and a missed enemy RPG infantry will be able to end the mission in failure.

    The Playthrough

    We started out with no clear leader slotted. I knew I wanted to do some kind of crewmen for the Panther so I took the slot of the Driver/Repair Specialist. Once everybody was onboard we moved out to the crash site with me driving. Weirdly, Solo who slotted in as the Marksman took over the gunner position while Wilco who slotted in as the Gunner took over as the commander for the IFV.

    I was directing the mission forward and we had a few public players on. We linked up with the crash site and called in for an extract for them and received further tasking to assault nearby enemy positions.

    First objective was just outside the town of Frini, a military compound. We had to move in and destroy some static AAs in there. As soon as we started to move from the crash site towards the objective Solo spotted enemy RPG far away. He fires and hits us head on. Left Track is red and IFV is almost immobile and we were still in the open. The next rockets would kill us. I asked for somebody to jump up on the commander seat and deploy countermeasures (a large smoke that is popped 180 degrees in front of the IFV). Luckily Wilco was in commander seat already and smoke was covering the vehicle. I hopped out and did some field repair and got the left track back in shape for us to move.

    Now, that the vehicle had a full crew, commander Wilco started to guide the IFV into a hull-down position, out of range from enemy RPG but still in range for our main gun to engage the military compound. The infantry was dismounted and was given an order to move on foot to assault. I requested Daniel to lead the infantry team and he did so. Thanks for taking care of that Daniel. IFV's main gun engaged the enemy military compound from 700m or so while infantry advanced under our covering fire.

    We were having some trouble picking off an enemy infantry on top of a large tower with our grenades and main guns. To my surprise, Solo suddenly says I am the marksman I can try to take out that guy with my gun and jumps out of the gunner seat. This is when I noticed that Solo wanted the cake and eat it too. He came in as a marksman but took the gunner on IFV. In addition, he came back in shortly after complaining about his standard issued RCO scope for a marksman role. In this infantry section most regular roles who were advancing on foot had iron sights and ACOs. Wanted marksman role with a nice scope to himself and wanted to gun the IFV on top it all.

    In the meantime, IFV was covering the infantry so well that they made it to the enemy military compound without much direct contact. They had to breach and clear in CQB and IFV could no longer assist. I came up with the idea of moving up the IFV all the way to the military compound. I was thinking they might need some supplies and we probably can stay in cover inside the compound. Once there, we exposed the IFV body to engage some infantry that was advancing from the Town of Frini. The IFV was in range for an RPG rocket from this enemy team and we kinda put too much faith in the power of our main gun.

    Wilco and Solo both spotted the RPG man getting ready to fire one at us. Wilco tell me to back up and I was fumbling for my S key while Solo fires grenades at this team. BOOM. Mission failed because we lost our IFV.


    I wanted to dismount both Solo and Wilco from the IFV once we made it to the Military compound and expressed my concern about exposing ourselves to engage incoming infantry contacts. I wanted to help the infantry clear the compound on foot and destroy the static AA. But in the heat of the moment I offered "Do you want me to pull forward a little bit so you can shoot?" Solo did want to get a few out. This would be my first bad move as I exposed our body sideways. In my defense I thought there were some H-barriers next to us which turned out to be too low to effectively protect us.

    Second mistake is staying exposed there for too long. Should have let a few rounds and grenades out and got right back into cover. Like those military training videos where a tank pulls forward, shoots a round and immediately pulls back into cover... Anyway, something to remember I guess.



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