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Operation Dragnet Sat Jan 7, 2017

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  • [AAR] Operation Dragnet Sat Jan 7, 2017

    Good times. The start was a bit rough as we got nailed by enemy AA just outside the wire. In the future for this type mission I think we’ll send up a recon heilo or UAV before we send the teams out just to make things go a little smoother.

    The mission didn’t do us any favors with the first objective by making it a full heilo ride away with NO support or other air cover secured at that point. So driving was out of the picture (pretty far) making a FOB MHQ tough to position in the early going as well, but we persevered and were able to get two full squads into the field and moving on the first “side” objective in advance of the main objective.

    Leading from the main airport was not the most ideal way to CO the mission, but it was working and the excellence of the Squad Leads in the field had the mission moving forward very nicely.

    Once the first side objective was secured and still with challenges getting aircraft off the main airport; the teams in the field had to move on foot to the main objective. Movement went just fine, I believe they took some sporadic fire, but then it started getting a lot more “dicey” as the main initial objective was covered by no less than three enemy gunship heilos. Getting supplies to the team was a challenge, getting new (and respawning players) back to the action was a challenge, in general the mission while it was moving forward was just a challenge.

    Probably didn’t help that I was not able to get off the field as every time I tried (small or large heilo) we would get shot down or crash trying to stay NOE for the trip. Time in “dead” phase didn’t help keeping the teams aligned and the mission moving smoothly, but again the SLs at the front were doing just fine on their own, but the CO was feeling less than helpful “in the back of the bus”. Then more JIPs started showing up and with some JIP heilo issues, some JIP HALO issues, some sniper issues (post HALOing into the AO) things were moving, were even moving forward, but it wasn’t ideal.

    All in all and for the time that I was with the mission as CO I thought the mission went awesomely well and the teams seemed to be having fun and moving nicely. I look forward to more squad time in 2017 and even more of it as CO, if you guys will have me.

    Good stuff guys


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    I recorded most off the event. I will try get a video before the end off the week but for now I got a short one from the mission start.

    From the video description:

    An expert crash landing carried out by CaptainShawn123. Shortly after leaving base we took AA fire and lost our engines. CaptianShawn123 manages to get us down on the ground safely. Sadly a fence and some Arma 3 physics turn the helicopter in to a fireball.

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      We had a LOT of players join us this day in two different sessions. We started it up again after supper time EST. We had public players join us in TS as well some of whom were communicating with TFAR.

      Had a great moment with doing a side mission to deliver an ammo truck to the front lines. We managed to create a convoy and take out an ambush enroute to the destination. We recovered and repaired our vehicles and were only 100m from the mission completion when...
      Cody - "I'm going to assume that the infantry ahead are the friendly forces we are meeting here."

      Me - "I'd assume that as well."......"Wait that is an IFRIT on our left flank..."


      Then we realized the location had been over run by CSAT and we were danger close. What a stunning oops moment. Still, we managed to keep the target vehicle safe even though we lost both the Gorgon and Strider vics we taken as armed escorts.

      We will have to see if the event has netted any like minded players but it certainly put us on their radar regardless. It was fun to have almost 30 players in.
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        I ended up SL for Alpha just before moving into the first main objective. It kind of had me flustered as i fumbled to get Alpha up the hill to take the barracks. Upon securing the compound we formed up and were able to dispatch of an infantry squad holding the road. Shortly after, Bravo got the full undivided attention of a gunship and was almost completely wiped. Enter my second fail as SL as i order most of my team down the hill to support in open ground and forgetting i left half the squad on the hill while the gunship turned it's attention on us. In short i got Alpha killed, minus Mik who somehow survived and held out, and fought to the last bullet, while an MHQ was setup and reinforcements arrived for a second assault.

        Second assualt was brutal against the gunships and the approach over a steep hill meant we are at the disadvantage. By this time i had pretty much lost all control of what few Alpha players were left and we joined with Bravo. Eventually the last handful of us left were able to enter the town, but i had dropped out before the Ao was captured.

        I re joined for the second session and drove the target vic for the convoy. Which to be honest was my best time of the night. I personally enjoy convoy missions and this one was fun. i remember pulling up to the final area and wondering why the camo looked so dark on the AI around the tent. Then i watched rockets hit the Gorgon setting it off in a fire ball as I reversed the target truck out sight. A tense fire fight broke out and we cleared the area. Luckily for us the 2 CSAT APC's (a gorgon and a tigris i think) had Arma-ed them selves and flipped each other making the fight much easier.

        Getting back to base we were welcomed to find a Kuma as our reward. Badstashe, Figgy and myself crewed it and used it as the lead vic to convoy 2 MHQ's to the next AO, we engaged and destroyed one enemy T-100 on our way to setup the first MHQ in a wooded area near an old mine. Engaged an air contact before rolling up to the next MHQ location. After getting Arma-ed our selves in the Kuma and having to pray to a local deity for help we engaged some armor in the next AO, but failed to see the IFRIT that killed Unkl's team.

        Sadly that was the last of the good that night. We had noticed the "headless Client disconnected" but didn't think anything of it. as a larger group of players joined and used their own TFAR we eventually got some support in taking the town. we lost the Kuma and spent atleast an hour to secure and get charges on the radio tower. only to find out that the server had actually bugged out and that you couldn't complete the mission anyways. That was the end of the night as i was the last one on and the server went to mission select on my exit.

        Overall it was fun, and it was nice to see so many, but i feel the mission itself had some issues that night and i hope it didn't leave any bad impressions to players that joined us. I hope we can bring that mission back sometime, if we can get some of the issues sorted out.


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          I managed to record the entire side mission and get it uploaded. The video is in the video thread.
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            Lesson learned........ Thermals can get you killed. ...... Good to see everyone's limbs are sewn back on with only minimal scarring!
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