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Tanoa Combat Patrol - 14 Jan 2017

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  • [AAR] Tanoa Combat Patrol - 14 Jan 2017

    Here is the recap for the mission:

    Friendly Forces:
    Alpha Team Leader: Pale Horseman
    Alpha Team Rifleman: snyder
    Alpha Team Auto Rifleman: Cody
    Alpha Team Asst. Auto Rifleman: Shoomfie
    Bravo Team Leader: Dimitrius
    Bravo Team Rifleman: woesterudolf
    Bravo Team Auto Rifleman: Chichco
    Bravo Team Asst. Auto Rifleman: |TG| B
    Patrol Medic: DMZ Scout
    Patrol Pilot-Medic: BadStache
    I was the Patrol leader.

    Our mission was clear, follow the RPs and search for any signs of the recon team.

    We landed at LZ Green, scanned the horizon, we saw armed civilians, but most of them had evacuated the city. Luckily for us they never engage us.

    Alpha cleared RP1 and then moved to a house West of it. Bravo took point and led us to RP2 where the first remains of the recon team were found. As we finished clearing RP2 and Alpha was getting ready to head to RP3 the Rebel forces attempted a counter attack, it was a short firefight with a couple of friendlies wounded but we managed to neutralize all enemy.

    On our way to RP3 Alpha found wire fences all around the main entrance, Bravo approach from the west while Bravo did it from the South, before we realized all enemies were taken out. The second remains of the recon team were found there. We holded our position in case of any "surprise" attack, as none happened, Alpha led the way to RP4.

    Next was RP4, Alpha quickly clear it, there we found another ammo cash, this time was full of Rebel gear so we destroyed it. We had our pilot flying medic supplies, we were running out of first aid kits.

    While moving to RP5 Bravo heard voices to the NE, so we regrouped, Alpha and Bravo moved parallel to each other, north towards RP5, Alpha got the better end of the deal ,because while they got to RP5, Bravo sustained casualties as they found an enemy fireteam on the way. Alpha cleared the surrounding area, Bravo, once treated, cached up. As we were getting ready to move out, we took, as Rudolph said, a mortar HE round to the face, that was a good remainder to keep the pace.

    From this point forward we used a civilian helicopter, that our pilot assured us a civilian agreed to let us use, Stache was our eyes in the skies, letting us know where the enemies were coming from.

    We encounter more close combats when moving to RP6, the rebel forces used the terrain to their favor every time they could. On RP6 we found the last remains of the recon team, it seems they tried to keep moving along the patrol route, but they never got a chance against the rebel forces waiting for them.

    With our main objective completed, all we had to do was to complete the route and extract back to base.
    The rebel forces tried their best but they were no much for our force, RP7 and RP8 were cleared and the evac chopper was called.

    Just when we thought we were clear to get into the evac ghost hawk, an HE mortar round landed on our faces, once again, it was amazing that only a couple of us were hit by that. Once we were all up we move into the tree line west and then south back to RP1 for a safer extract location.

    This time the extraction was successful, the landing on the base, not so much

    It was a great mission, congrats to Scout, great work once again.
    Thanks to Alpha and Bravo leaders for your help.

    Thanks to everyone that participated on the event, as usual, please give your point of view, comments and critics are always welcome ;).

    P.S. screenshots :

    Patrol Route.

    Nice try, but no.


    Time to go home

    Time to go home-1

    We had some difficulties landing


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    MPL TRACE- awesome ARR dude

    I made this mission with a few goals in mind. Replicate the roller coaster ride of intensity that could ring true of a real world combat patrol against an unknown enemy. Keep you on the edge of your seat by orchestrating lulls and boredom with fear and chaos as you sit behind our keyboard and mouse on a Saturday afternoon. Challenge the players and the leaders of those players by restricting favorable items such as scopes, unlimited healing ability and overwhelming assets. Force players and leaders to rely on basic infantry tactics to win the fight. Recreate the challenge of leadership to juggle the strain of restricted logistics with managing ground combat in a jungle that makes you feel surrounded at all times and being hit can seem inevitable. I played this to end now about six times. I can honestly say that other than the few static areas, every contact has been different and down right frightening at times.

    I really would like to thank all of those who helped me test and create this mission. I can be a stickler for details sometimes which leads to long hours and countless tests. I thankfully have some good people hear at TG that don't mind jumping in to help. To mention a few that I have to thank; BadStache (many, many times), Cody, Unkl, Lowspeed, B, Noyava and to those I missed, apologies in advance, its 0230.

    I hoped you enjoyed the mission as much as I enjoyed playing and watching the group that ran through today. I was really impressed with the game play and execution. Learned a few things by watching and listening that will help my own performance.

    Thanks for playing and really awesome job by all players.

    Patrol Leader- Cool, calm and collected. Not one to rush into the unknown. The patience and discipline paid off several times. Maneuvered the teams deliberately and did not get anyone team cut off and surrounded, which could easily happen in the jungle against an enemy force of unknown size and location.

    Fire Team Leaders- Good communication between teams and SITREPs to the Patrol Leader. I was impressed by fire team leaders care for the protection of their team by maintaining accountability of personnel and controlling fires. I cant recall anyone becoming lost, which is a very good achievement given that GPS was not standard issue for all. Keeping track of ammo supply I noted was tended too several times. By taking advantage of the 'Easter Eggs' found along the way or redistributing ammo among personnel, i do not think ammo supply even became a real issue.

    Individual Fire Team Personnel- You guys made it happen. The leaders provide the general direction but the mission fails without quick reaction contact, good contact reports and well aimed shots or very good suppressive fires. Awesome work fellas.

    Other Notes:
    Armed Civilian Contact.
    The way the contact with the armed civilians was handled could have made a great SOP video. Great discipline, communication, observation and on the edge of your seat patience. Attention to briefing details paid off here.

    Mines and booby traps.
    The first instance was probably unavoidable. Experience can be hard lesson sometimes. RP2 showed evidence that it was an enemy position that was vacated with haste, given the burning fire, equipment strewn about and lack of enemy personnel. Probably an OP or supply control point. The booby trap area was an entrance to enemy position with no enemy. Maybe the crew left to teel their buddies about our arrival and figured they would leave us a surprise for when we walked into their sleeping/observation area. The second instance was at the entrance to another enemy position. A cunning enemy or mission maker will place obstacles to channel you into their ambush or mine, especially if it is on a trail that will allow you the easy path to walk on up to them. The enemy that typically occupies that position might use a alternate route in/out. A route that is the hard road less traveled by attacking forces. The third instance. . oh wait, you did not find that one. I think it was a logical assumption to avoid the trails after the first two encounters with the booby traps. It is a tough decison. Breaking trail through the jungle is harder to control your team and louder in the dense jungle. The trails are an easy place to put a mine. However, the enemy may use the same trail, especially if evidence shows frequent use. Moving on the trail then forces the point man to dilegently scan the ground as well as scan ahead for threats. Tis could tend to lead to having a point team of two or three personnel.

    Reaction to Contact.
    The return fire upon enemy contact was awesome. We definitely returned fired ten-fold in most cases. I think the basics were executed in most cases in a textbook fashion. There was overwhelming return fire, communication and maneuver.

    Casualty Collection.
    Everyone as far as I could see did a great job of not turning every casualty into a rescue mission. The enemy threats were typically neutralized prior to tending to casualties or if they were being tended to during the firefight, the majority were returning fire and/or pulling security. As far as I could tell, I was the only person who got hit while treating someone during an ongoin firefight. I made the mistake of maneuvering under fire to a down man and I immediately realized I messed up when rounds wee snapping pass and dirt was kicking up around me. This was a very bad move on my part because it required the Patrol Leader to be distracted from leading and having to tend to me and original casualty. FAKs were tight but we never ran out and our resupply by air helped greatly. Those ten extra FAKS came in handy between RP4 and RP7, especially after taking indirect fire.

    Adapted and overcame the situation after our freedom bird was hit with indirect fire. Our bird was inbound when we realized we had a man down. The casualty was being tended to when the rest element pushed out from the tree line to secure the LZ. The enemy must have seen troops in the open and started up a fire mission. Getting on the bird and out was held up slightly while waiting for the rest of the crew to catch up and this delay had the bird on the ground long enough for it receive the full impact. No one was killed outright, must of been the RECON Angels looking out for us. We fell back to an alternate LZ and made it back to try out our new fast rope skills.


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      The mission,

      This missions is a combat patrol mission that takes the players through a dense jungle against an unknown enemy. The premise is that we have lost communications with a recon team and must hit several waypoints to conduct a combat patrol searching for the whereabouts of the said recon team. DMZ Scout put in a lot of details in this mission. Even trash piles on the trails had a meaning and purpose.

      My playthrough

      I think I playtested this mission before and know the story. But still playing it under different leadership and approaches made for a fun time. I signed up late for this purpose among others. Unkl did not show and I was given his slot (which I have to admit I was happy about). I slotted in as an Assistant Autorifleman. That meant I had a backpack and one belt for Chichco and a standard issue MX rifle with about 10 mags.
      Gotta give a shout out to the VON and how well it worked by the way. I was kind of glad for the decision of disabling TFAR for a bit (even though the fix is in steam version already. The error is on the plugin for the TS side. Reinstalling the TS side of things will solve the TFAR issue, not just re-download of steam version which is Arma side). The reason for my grievance with TFAR is that it over-complicates and thus error prone. In addition, the original author is no longer working on it and hired somebody else to maintain it. As a mission developer I have to think about and worry about another level of detail which is accommodating this mod. As a player who leads on occasion, the LR freq resetting bug upon respawn and arsenal access is one of the big annoyances for me. But the biggest negative aspect of TFAR is the its exclusiveness and it being one barrier that hinders potential TG growth. You can watch tully's stream from last Tac Tuesday to see what I mean. We the TG community members make the experience great. But when a public player joins and the only one who is trying to accommodate him by using VON is the leader (not all leaders do this by the way) the public player misses out on all the personalities that TG has to offer. Instead the pubbie gets an experience that is not complete - and often disconnects. For some leaders who is not willing be flexible to accommodate a public player, they are seen as a burden, ignored and restricted to do anything except wait for an order that is not gonna come. So I am giving a shout out to VON. Nothing but TG-ers who are used to TFAR as a crutch played through an event mission with VON only and had a great time.
      So we piled into the Blackhawk flown by BadStache and inserted onto the AO. I was the buddy of CHicho as his AAR and we encountered the armed civilians. No incidents occurred and we moved onto RP2. This is where I expeirenced my first jump. Rudolf and Dimi had point and they started to split as Rudolf went right going into the hastily abandoned enemy camp while Dimi kept pushing left down the trail. I followed Rudolf. Everything was quite and there was some great tension as we slowly walked into the camp... BOOOOOOM! A mine goes off and I see Rudolf getting blown up and I myself falling unconscious almost in a slow motion. I jumped in my chair when I heard that as it just kind of built up to it.

      After recovery from this first encounter. We kept pushing and ran into the first real enemy fighter. Rudolf saw him and was trying to get a clearance to engage. He started engaging but lost the fight. I tried to drag him back and also got shot up. Dimi went off trail trying to get a higher ground to engage it and met some more dudes. They wounded him and then executed him all they way killing him back to base. Bravo squad was recovered except Dimi and we hung out with the HQ until Dimi would eventually be lifted back to the front lines by Badstache.

      From here on out I think we were trailing Alpha team. Some firefights happened here and there. One action that I vividly remember is around RP4 I think. Both teams were gonna pinch the RP by enveloping left and right. A couple of stray shots were fired from an unknown position. Dimi and Chichco were still moving but Rudolf did not move anymore. I tried to find his body but knew that it was exposed. I called out "Ruudoolf... Are you up? Ruudoolf." while knowing I am nearby in a cover. He does not answer.... So I ran back to Dimi and took a couple of shots also and told him "I think rudolf is down behind us". He said "Ok, we gotta go back". Suddenly gunfire erupted big time, mostly incoming rounds. Dimi exposed himself to a bunker position and was shot up. Chichco moved away and I was not sure if he was up. I felt some real panic that time... I was shouting in direct "Chichco are you up? Where are you?" And then got on Group Channel and told Lead our situation. To my relief, Chichco was still up and running. I engaged both of those targets at distance without magnification and took em both down. Dragged Dimi back to the trail where we met the medic and Rudolf who was rescued by the medic sometime in this madness.

      Another memorable moment was at RP6 I think. We took it with ease and then the mortar shell came in wiping out bunch of dudes. We had to get out of there anyway and the gunfire was becoming quite intense. Me and Chichco took point on our descent to South away from the action in an effort to extract out of the area. Then we met them. I think about 4-6 dudes in the middle of the jungle and Chichco and I ran right into them. Chichco went down right away. I have been collecting some grenades from the "Easter Egg" ammo boxes and I had about 6 by that time. I chugged em all within seconds towards the gunfire, took down three baddies close range and dragged Chichco into cover. All this happened in a flash and Dimi and Rudolf caught up to help engage a few more.

      Back at RP8 where the helicopter was called in for extract, I mounted up right away in the helicopter and was waiting. We had people running to the chopper from afar. In that moment right in front of the chopper, a mortar shell lands and soon I was anticipating another one to land. I was just hoping that one would be another inaccurate one. Nope. Right on top of us. Helicopter survived a total destruction and the hull protected those who were inside. I was limping and used my FAK to heal myself to run. We all ran to the beach and called in a Huron for second extraction attempt. Came back and rappelled down to base (Love that screenshot from afar.)
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        |TG| B, dude reading your AAR makes me realize that while we traveled together as one element, in the jungle, 50 to 100 meter separation could be like being on opposite ends of Altis. Some of the engagements you described I only heard going on as the Medic sticking to the hip of the Patrol Leader. So cool, similar to I think when Cody and BadStache , around RP1 later in the mission and our main force was around RP7. We had our own fire fight going on but I could heavy gunfire exchanges in the distance towards RP1. I only could try to keep from getting hit while hunkering down around a large tree while thinking someone is in bad shape farther away. Nice report |B|, it got my blood pumping again reading about actions at RP4. Good stuff.


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          Because I had tested this mission with Scout I volunteered to be less involved. So I had the role of Medic/Pilot to deliver the team to their LZ, deliver med supplies, and run some CAS if tasked. Scout didn't want a CAS pilot flying around wreaking havoc so he put minimal fuel in each bird. And by minimal, I mean just 1 and half flights minimal. I had a Ghosthawk, a Pawnee, and a Hummingbird available. After dropping off the team at LZ Green I landed the Ghosthawk with bingo fuel at Camp Kulick. Any chance of doing a CAS run was thrown out the window when I was called to fly in med supplies. When the medic (Scout) met me on the ground, he said the med supplies were in the Hummingbird but apparently the Quartermaster didn't get that message as the meds were in the Pawnee. I did make one more flight in the Pawnee to attempt a CAS run on RP6 but couldn't see any targets through the think jungle canopy. I landed near RP1 with no fuel. I found a civilian little bird and got permission from the owner to use as transport and recon bird. I did a quick scout flight over RP's 6, 7 and 8, plus the lumberyard nearby. I started taking fire from north of the lumberyard and evaded. By this time the ground troops had taken a casualty and I returned to camp to pickup Cody. On landing at RP1 we started taking fire for a couple of different positions. We engaged then I was ordered back to camp to retrieve Chichco. After dropping Chichco off with Cody I got airborne to look for enemy contacts. I located an enemy emplacement to the north of the lumberyard (where I took fire from earlier) and figured they had more than a MG and was most likely where their mortar team was located. Unfortunately I couldn't engage without guns so all I could do was advise command. I was hovering nearby when the team started boarding up on the Ghosthawk. Then the mortars started landing. I watched in horror as one round hit almost on top of the Ghosthawk, but I quickly noticed that my bird took damage too. I kept flying overhead as the troops recovered and moved to a safer extract area. I followed the huron back to camp and watched as our guys tried to fast rope. It was not a pretty sight.

          It was nice to have a different role and see the fight from a different perspective. P.S.: We owe the heli owner a new engine.
          “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.”


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            BadStache you get the unsung hero award for the mission. The pilot position had a lot of down time. Going to look at re-configuring the slot. Open to suggestions. I should provide more fuel and give the available 'trip' count to the AO in the briefing. Let me know what you think.


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              Originally posted by DMZ Scout View Post
              |TG| B, dude reading your AAR makes me realize that while we traveled together as one element, in the jungle, 50 to 100 meter separation could be like being on opposite ends of Altis.
              Absolutely. I am always curious about what everybody went through after a playthrough. Everybody's experience turns out to be very different and that is why I try to write AARs from my own point of view and personal encounters I had in the mission. I would love to read other foot soldiers' AARs too.

              Some players experience a slow relaxed gameplay, while others might have had all the action. Some players might have been mostly unconscious while others did some stuff that kept the team going. Some were stuck behind a driver seat, while other commanded a full squad... etc... etc...


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                Scout, I was going to say you should add enough fuel in each bird for 2 round trips but changed my mind. Move the med supplies to the hummingbird, as was your original intent, and that will free up the pawnee for a short loiter for CAS. I'd love to try to take out the enemy mortars. Maybe add a bit more fuel to the Ghosthawk so it can be used for a safe insert and extract but not for repeated ferry flights. The boat can be used to ferry JIP's or casualties. It is a slower method and is restricted to drop-offs at shore, but I think that is in keeping with your mission feel. Maybe even use the boat to provide some indirect fire support with it's GMG.
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