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Zeus session - Jan 22, 2017

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  • [AAR] Zeus session - Jan 22, 2017

    The event for this Satruday kicked off earlier than scheduled and a small game was already underway with Caps in the Zeus seat trying out his newly acquired PF status (Congrats to Scout, Caps and BadStache).

    Mission 0: Steal enemy APC.
    Unkl briefed me once I joined in progress. The NATO forces were repairing an APC in an compound and we as CSAT froces were to assault and capture that APC. Sat with the overwatch team for a bit of overwatching while BadStache and his team assaulted the objective. Once about 4 x JIPs caught up I joined them in advance to catch up with BadStache. We then held the objective against multiple attempts from the NATO side trying to take back the APC compound.

    By ground, and then by air, enemy NATO forces tried to retake our compound, but we had it locked down tight. Soon after, we organized the repair ourselves and drove that thing home for us to use.

    Mission 1: Convoy Mission Take 1
    So, with our newly acquired APC I took over as Leader as BadStache also wanted to try his newly acquired PF role as the assistant zues. Caps wanted us to do a convoy mission in which we had to deliver medical supplies to a nearby town. I was given the choice of whatever vehicles I wanted. We had a sizable amount of players by this time and had to even lock the server as players constantly came in and out.

    Now when I made the ZGM_XXX_TGB series we had difficulty reaching server population of 20 not to mention effectively being able to expand to those numbers without the leadership collapsing and gameplay suffering because of it. So then I limited the population cap at 20 for the new Tanao Enemy Assault and the the ZGM mission series. But this day, we had a very much an active server with very full presence. Got me thinking that, it might be the time to expand the player counts.

    I chose 2 Ifrit as lead recon and tail security vehicles. Since there was the offer of air asset and a willing pilot who was Shoomfie, I also requested a Kajman. When I said Kajman I was thinking of Orca since it only requires one pilot and not too overpowered. But we really got a Kajman. Xor wanted to volunteer as the gunner for Kajman. I told Xor to join Shoomfie's squad and they can be the air crew. Shoomfie asked something about a long range, forgetting that I had to get one I went to ask the zeuses for a backpack radio. Caps said "There you go, ammo box behind you has long range radios now". I looked around and nothing. He said "B, you there? Ammo box behind you.". I was searching around with nothing to be found "There is nothing here". Caps said "B you are just standing there without moving for me."..........

    Server had a massive hiccup with two zeuses creating at the same time and all clients stopped synchronizing. Unkl shut down the server and restarted it again.

    Mission 1: Convoy Mission Take 2
    After the serve restart, second time around for the convoy mission, instead of the NATO APC Marshall, we got the AAF APC Gorgon in CSAT camo as our APC. We got two ifrits and the Kajman.

    Convoy mounted up comparatively quickly and we moved out to our objective. First few waypoints were relatively quite and then we ran into a roadblock. This is where most of the fighting went on. Mortars were fired and took out quite a bit of guys, APC moved up to engage the roadblock, we had another roadblock on our right flank which the occupants started to take pot shots at us... The situation was not good.

    Multiple attempts to push up by sheer vehicle force failed and we lost one Ifrit to an RPG rocket with the occupants who all died inside. Kajman was shot down before we got to the roadblock by previous smaller engagements. They got back up again and hunted down their AA dudes and was now in orbit above us. I tasked them to deal with the roadblock to our right and sent all the infantry I could find to assault the roadblock on foot. I stayed behind so I do not know what happened in the fight for the roadblock. From what I could gather, a couple of casualties and a few shots later, we had the roadblock. Reinforcements caught up and the convoy was formed again finally. We moved out and reached our destination without any major incidents although we had some contacts just outside of the town itself.

    Missions 2: Ambush and Hold
    All the assets we had were taken away and we were tasked for an Ambush and Hold mission. I think the town name was Nifri. We all piled into a truck and headed out there. I was still leading the operation and we still had our Kajman on station. I separated the team of about 16 guys into three colored teams. Yellow team was stationed on a higher ground as overwatch. Red team was garrisoned on Left side of the road in a defensible compound and had responsibility of that flank as well as down the road. Blue Team was garrisoned on the right side of the road in another compound. Kajman was in flight very far back, but with its high powered guided rockets and high magnifying scopes with powerful gattling cannon, they were still in position to report intel as well as engage targets.

    In the meantime, Trace who brought a whole bunch of mines and explosives rigged the road with mines at two key chokepoints. We waited...

    An Light Strike Vehicle was approaching first as the recon vehicle ahead of the convoy. We had to put him down with small arms. Then the onslaught began. A truck full of infantry dismounted about 400 meters away from us and tried to assault. Yellow team and their DMRs made a quick work of them. APCs started to roll in. Kajman was reporting every vehicle incoming ahead of time and I let them engage most of the bigger targets with their ATGMs.

    Tanks, APCs, Trucks and then even two little birds full of NATO troops who tried to land behind us did not succeed. We had the numbers and placement to lock down the town tightly. After a graveyard of NATO vehicles Kajman was out of ATGMs finally. Which means they have to get a bit closer to engage effectively with Skyfire rockets and gattling cannons. This is when the two Tanks showed up trying to break through. But we commandeered one of the NATO Marshall APCs which was disabled right inside our zone, and by using its main cannon with anti armor rounds, we quickly disabled the tracks of both of the tanks trying to move up. Then a single tank shell came flying in sniping our Marshall APC. I yell "Tully bail out". The thing explodes within seconds and kills both of those who were inside.

    Another pesky Pawnee shows up and starts to strafe us with vengeance. Our Kajman was trying to shoot it down but it flew fast not directly confronting the Kajman, but only trying to take down the infantry in the town.

    Things got quiet and then finally we received orders to RTB. A Large Taru Transport chopper was on its way to pick us up. We gathered our things and headed to the HLZ. Co-pilot's screenshot (courtesy of Xorilliz) of us with smokes deployed waitng for it to land.



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