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    First I want to say welcome to all the newer players that took part in the mission. It's great to see how active you are all becoming.

    Okay, now for my perspective of the mission:
    I was very involved with Scout in the testing of this mission so I wanted to avoid a lead role. At one point I was scheduled for the UK Pilot role but was more than happy to let Unkl take that role. Xorilliz and Unkl made a great air team and handled their tasking perfectly. But more on that later. The mission got off to a bit of a slow start as the ground forces sorted out their kit and team assignments. Meanwhile, we had enemy air assets circling overhead and I was not too keen on using the offroad trucks we had. I even sent a note to Cody that my Spidey senses were tingling and that I just knew a rocket would hit us the moment we rolled out. I wasn't far off. As soon as we all got loaded we got strafed by one of the 2 Nephons in the AO. Nobody was hit and the only real damage to a vehicle was when HotDog backed ours into a building to avoid the bullets. Being our team's AR/Engineer, I made quick repairs and everyone mounted back up and started our move toward Molos Airfield. Our AA guys engaged the jets with rockets, getting a couple of hits on one but not knocking it down. It did, however, go away and I'll take that any day. Minutes later I could hear Xor and Unkl engaging with the enemy air, even though we still had enemy AA assets in the area. Just knowing you have friendly aircraft overhead is a comforting thing.

    As we continued north, we started taking some close contact to our left. We engaged and the enemy firing died off. Some of the contacts were within 100 meters and we had poor cover as we were traveling along the beach. Fortunately, we took no losses and the lead element continued forward. That is until a minefield slowed their progress. I'm not sure if they didn't see the warning signs or didn't know what they were but they drove right into the minefield, with both of our trucks. They received injuries but no fatalities and were able to repair the trucks. While this was happening, Cody and I were engaging contact to our north, one of which was an Ifrit. The advance element was able to move closer while we suppressed from range. Not sure if it was AT from the advance team or of friendly air support, but the Ifrit blew up. Once those enemy contacts quietened down, the rest of us started moving forward to secure a supply crate left by friendly locals.

    As we moved toward the cache, we experienced some pretty intense battles. Everyone reacted nicely to each contact and we were able to keep moving forward. Still no fatalities. After a few intense skirmishes we reached the cache and we set about transferring the weapons and ammo to our vics. My role now shifted to AR/Engineer/UAV Operator (nothing like multi-tasking) and I set about locating enemy targets. The first target I spotted was a nearby Ifrit and patrol. Cody had found a nearby enemy emplacement that had a mortar so he called lead and got permission to use it. His first target was the Ifrit. After this target was eliminated I turned my attention to finding the last AA unit in the area. This is when things went sideways. I located the Tigris, to our south, and lazed it for a run by our CAS. Unfortunately, they were down to flying a Blackfoot and weren't back in the AO yet. So, I advised Lead the he could call in an arty strike on my laze. Now for this to work, the arty round has to be close to the target to pick up the laser. I marked the map and made sure my laser was on target. HotDog called in the arty and we waited. "Rounds out" was called with a 70 second flight time. "Splash" was called out and I waited to see the impact. Next thing I hear is a large explosion and I am dead. And I mean respawn dead. Everyone else near me was down but not out, yet. The arty had landed on my head. How did that happen? My target was a click out so I know it wasn't a laser issue. As I started running back I didn't have time to think as I started getting engaged from my close left. A quick firefight between myself and at least 3 enemy had me focused on my survival. Luckily my Zafir won the fight and I was back up and running. As I ran I figured out what happened. When HotDog called in the arty it registered his location because he either wasn't in the map or had his cursor on the map where he was. So, I called HotDog and explained what had happened, joined back up and set up another attempt. This time HotDog called in another strike and I waited for the boom. "Rounds out!" Wait. "Splash!" Wait. Wait...nothing. Wait some more. Nothing. Another minute passes and no impact. I was confused but alive. HotDog asked for arty status and I had to say, 'No impact". Then, impact! Two rockets hit the target and it went up in flames. It was Xor and Unkl. They had made it back to the AO, saw my laze and engaged. Now that they were back it was time to get busy.

    I swung the UAV camera toward Molos Airfield to find the primary targets of 2 jets and 1 helicopter. Meanwhile, blue team was moving on the airfield. I marked the targets, lazed the first jet and called CAS. One down. Lazed the second jet and didn't even have to call CAS. They tracked the laze and got a direct hit. I could tell they would have trouble hitting the heli so I advised them they may need to relocate, lazed and waited. Blue team said they were going to breach the hangar and I had to tell them to hold, as the final target was right next to the hangar. Before I finished my sentence the rocket hit and I called "all clear". I could hear Blue team as they assaulted the hangar but had to turn my attention to finding the last primary target, a mobile device, somewhere in Molos. At the same time, CAS was repositioning to engage targets in Molos. Lots of ground troops but I couldn't find the mobile device. I was getting frustrated. I had done multiple scans with and without thermals and nothing. In the meantime I was calling out targets of opportunity for CAS and they made life miserable for the enemy. Finally, I spotted the last objective, marked the map, lazed, advised Lead, and called CAS. By this time Blue team had cleared they airfield after collecting intel and was moving back toward us. CAS hit the target and I did one more quick scan for any remaining targets. Only a few ground troops remained. It was time to move in on foot. As both teams moved in to secure the town and find one more secondary target, CAS continued to strike at the enemy. We had a few engagements as we moved on the final target but our medics were quick to get guys back in the fight. With the final objective secured our CAS returned to their base to switch over to aerial bus drivers.

    In wrapping up: It was great to see guys like HotDogSymmetry and NaomiLynn filling lead roles. Keep it up guys, I'll follow you guys anytime. Well, after we work on those arty missions. Thanks to DMZ Scout for all his hard work in putting the mission together. Thanks to our excellent pilots and medics.

    Part of the mission team. Making Friends.jpg
    “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.”

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    Originally posted by BadStache View Post
    "Rounds out!" Wait. "Splash!" Wait. Wait...nothing. Wait some more. Nothing. Another minute passes and no impact. I was confused but alive. HotDog asked for arty status and I had to say, 'No impact".
    I guess they never did fix those LG rounds? I remember I only got the 82mm mortar laser-guided rounds to work years ago.

    As US Pilot with Unkl as UK Pilot we collaborated in using 1x Blackfoot rotary gunship and 2x Wipeout fixed-wings. We started on an airfield initiating comms with the ground team using global chat as only that worked (we were in different 'factions'). Our job consisted in three phases: neutralizing fixed-wings, providing CAS and lastly extraction.

    After recieving the call of enemy fixed-wings loitering the area, we had about 10-15 kilometers of space to travel and some preparation time to make sure we don't fly in and get us both killed. Enemy AA/AAA was in the area with a threat range of several kilometers and beyond (Vehicle-mounted missiles). We loitered within its effective cannons range (3 kilometers) without getting shot at to search for the reported air contacts. Going from southwest, to southeast and then to the east of the AO where I called out "radar contacts" over radio. Still circling to make sure we don't fly over enemy AA, we had to at some point take a risk and try to engage. While flying over land, I think Unkl's jet got hit or at least shot at twice while chasing them down. Eventually, we had lost track of one (or I had anyway) while we found the other that I locked on to, fired and called "Fox 1", destroying it with a couple of sidewinder missiles alone. I was surprised, because I know those tiny missiles dont kill neophrons easily. Unkl headed back to pick up the Blackfoot while I stayed overhead scoping out the land with my externally mounted targeting pod camera. Tigris AA vehicle is still sitting there with an unknown amount of ammunition remaining. I found no signs of any AA on second "AA intel marker". I know I can visually acquire the Tigris from 12 klicks out, engage with rockets from around 8 and with accurate 30mm gatling gun fire beyond 3 klicks and then fly out of the AO before it or anyone even realizes I was there (Ai limitations causes these ranged shots to be effective where it shouldnt be which is why the wipeouts had no missiles or guided bombs in the mission to easily deal with them) but I had faith in our ground team to take it out or lase it before we headed in with the more vulnerable gunship.

    During CAS with blackfoot I do not have much to add as the pilot. I know Unkl used up all 1000 rounds of 20mm and 23 out of 24 Direct Attack Guided Rockets, but not using any of the four AA missiles.

    When all missions were a success we headed back to the Salt Flats where we had hidden one of our Wipeouts temporarily which I picked up while Unkl brought the Ghosthawk transport chopper. I watched the ground team from the sky being almost alone in the AO town. Scattered CSAT soldiers ran around which I radio'd in. I got the order to execute a gunrun along a marked line on the map only 200 meters from friendlies without danger close announcement or any information if friendlies are grouped or scattered as well, but as I did my pass I saw two bodies and one fleeing, plus a few more on the 10 o'clock in relative to my targeting pod cam. I fired one burst of 10x 30mm rounds to kill the one guy, kept circling until extraction appeared and we were flying out to our Rally Point less than 10 klicks away.
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