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Sunday Night Ops 2-12-2017

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  • Sunday Night Ops 2-12-2017

    I wanted to put a shout out to the group that ran through the Attack Checkpoint Mission last night. You guys did the best execution of the base of fire that I have seen for this mission and most others that I have played. Fireforeffect - real nice job leading the mission with 6 persons. The Squad Lead set-up a two prong Base of Fire. The key was the time you took to recon the target area. You identified, prioritized, and assigned the targets. Coordinated the kick-off on the assault. I think we devastated the AO within 2 minutes of opening up. Received no casualties and sustained limited return fire. I think the enemy had no idea which way to shoot since rounds were pouring in from two directions and two angles. The tracers pouring in looked awesome. The assault team moved on the the OBJ with little contact. Took care of the actions on the objective and prepared well for the defense. FireforEffect, Mist, Besties @Cookies OLeary and sorry to those i have missed but truly well executed job.

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    thx for the shout out great mission btw truly enjoyed it




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