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  • [AAR] Silent Night-Dark Night

    BadStache Hey buddy, great mission, congrats and looking forward to the Part II as well as another play through. If we do the play through and succeed is there Part II?
    MadSoloSniper Really impressed with the detail and professionalism of the planning and execution. A lot of moving parts and you had it covered. The end result did not spoil the execution and immersion leading up to the great escape.

    AIR OPS- Razor- Myself and OLeary had command of the Hummingbird and were assigned to the Alert 1 task. If it was not for O'Leary's excellent command of communications I for sure would have crashed the bird before reaching our stand-by HLZ. It really was a big help having him manage the radio and be a second pair of eyes. In fact, he spotted the escaping boat first and guided me to the watercraft's direction of travel (I even tested this part before and still was lost in the sauce). We were able to track the boat to it's shore point and watch the mad scientist exit and start to move to his air extraction helicopter, then my face exploded all over to cockpit. Unfortunately, I forgot to plan for such an event and did not plan for O'Leary to take over the controls. He unfortunately reached a watery and fiery grave near the shore line. I was thankful for the leeway Raven (Solo) gave us in selecting an alternate HLZ to move to initially and then the further discretion to decide when to move to the intended standby HLZ.

    Lessons Learned- RTO's for helicopter pilots are extremely helpful and provide the added benefit of a second pair of eyes. May be useful for leadership as well. Plan and review for the loss of the pilot and control take over by the co-pilot prior to mission. Careful planning and attention details ahead of time makes for a smoother execution even when things go to hell in a hand basket. Also, gun boat tracers at night look really cool even in spectator mode.

    Great job by all parties and it was fun to play through with such a solid group. Congrats again Stache.

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    Thanks to each and everyone who took part in Silent Night-Dark Night. I enjoyed watching it unfold on the map.And that is truly how I saw most of it unfold, looking at the map. Unkl and I had tested the mission with me having Zeus access so I could fly around watching the action, while staying in comms. I broke something and it caused 2 problems, I couldn't login to Zeus and the leaders didn't have long range radios. They did during testing so I have no idea what happened there. Thanks to Unkl for getting them LR radios. I finally hopped into one of the Spectator slots and got there in time for things to go sideways.

    I'm not going to analyze what happened but, I want to say that the mission worked AS PLANNED. From the beginning I let you know that if blufor got detected the HVT would try to get away. And he ran as soon as blufor was spotted. That trigger worked as written. For those that played, you experienced just how quickly you can go from slow and methodical to Mach 1 with your hair on fire. I will get the broken LR issue fixed and I'm even thinking about adding one or 2 slots to the heli crew.

    As a mission builder, you "know" how you want the mission to progress. It's your baby and you know it inside and out. The entire process was great fun from working with Scout, Cody, B, and Unkl to get it coded and tested to working with Solo as he prepared his mission plan and finally in seeing it played through. It was a blast for me and I hope we can try again some evening. In the meanwhile, I think you guys need to go back to boot camp before Part 2. And Scout, yes there will be a Part 2 regardless of the outcome of a second attempt.
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      Awesome mission Stache, I had an awesome time with the INTEL and in planning the mission. To the teams of Raven, Raptor, Perl, and Razer - awesome coordination and following of orders.

      Pearl - good job moving up the coast and providing INTEL and updates along the way.

      Razer - good job moving to the final HLZ and picking your way to make sure you didn't attract attention and still get in position.

      Bear - awesome job to split and get some additional intel on the island before landing.

      Raven and the men with me. It pains me to inform the Squad that HotDog was "ArmA-ed" at our first INTEL slot when he got stuck under the sub and . . . died. To the snipers, awesome job of marking locations of EI.

      It was all going well, the parts were coming together, right up to the point where BEAR made landfall and it seems the EI spotted them and notified the HVT. A quick chase ensued where the single protective took out or pilot and was able to extract.

      We'll try it again someday soon.

      To the teams, excellence in formation and following of orders and movement and in responsiveness. Id drop in with all of you in any mission any time. Good stuff.



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        Unkl and I hopped on the test server to figure out why a couple of things didn't work as tested. First, I was supposed to have Zeus ability and didn't. Second, team leads were supposed to have Long Range and didn't. Third, there was a scripting error in one of the triggers. When Unkl and I tested, Monday morning, everything was fine. I had Zeus authority. The leads had LR and there was no script error. The only thing that made any sense was that the main server caused the errors. Fortunately, these errors did not affect game play on the day of the mission. Hopefully, we can test on the main server before the next attempt.
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