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Pilot and the Paper Boy

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  • [AAR] Pilot and the Paper Boy

    The mission

    When this mission first came out as one of the firsts from Scout I played it. I also played it again a couple of months back. Both of those times I really did not become immersed in it. This time though I really was immersed in it as the commander and the UK team leader. Read the briefing in the event post a couple of times and even took some notes before briefing everybody else. Understood the mission and the intended gameplay that Scout wanted to provide.

    So the backstory is pretty cool. We are thrown into a hostile island situation where a Press Correspondent (Paper Boy) and his pilot was shot down by the local bad guys. UK team and US team goes after and tries to rescue them. We have to find intel on their whereabouts from the crash site. Multiple starting positions and the detailed asset description really helped me plan things out.

    The Playthrough

    Unk took the US team lead and the assistant commander for the mission. As the UK team, we started right near the crash site. We got into the crash site and Wray and Felix cleared a building already engaged. Afterwards we searched the helicopter for intel. Somehow we did not get any kind of intel at all. SO I decided to move out to our rally point anyway. Luckily DMZ_Scout the author of the mission came in as our marksman later on and gathered and gave us the intel.

    Meanwhile, I requested the US team to pack up all assests and convoy up to rally with us. When we approached the rally point we received two mortar rounds. One right in the face of Felix... I dunno what kind of protective gear he was wearing but survived the impact and limped out to safety. We fell back a little bit and RV-ed with the US team and devised a plan to assault the Air Station Mike-26. The mission intel suggested that enemy ambushed some NATO supply and is probably has the stolen supply there. I instructed Unk to bring in the vics to assault from one direction while UK positioned from a different direction. After positioning we waited for the US team to get into position... BOOOM. An explosion and fire and smoke on the road that the US team is supposed to take. They have hit an IED - our first victor lost an unarmed Hunter, one of our MHQs.

    The US team lost couple of members in that explosion including their leader. Without much comms, we, the UK team decided to start our assault. Finally the US team gave word that they are also ready for their assault. On the way in, the UK team had some sporadic enemy teams and handled them with ease. Air Station Mike - 26 was also taken with ease after short period of fighting.

    Ground assets caught up and I knew we did not have enough seats for everybody. So one of the pilots brought in the Ghosthawk to insert the UK team in the hills while the US team was to drive in. We were to meet in Camp Maxwell where one of the VIPs were being held according to the intel.

    Flying in, the HLZ I chose was in an uneven place, hard to land for the pilot. I remembered we had the Rappelling mod on... So decided to rappel into the valley. The first time we used that with fair justification for me... Pretty cool. Meanwhile, the US team was driving into position and we started to approach to our respective positions to start our assaults. We got very close to the camp Maxwell. US team reported in that they got ambushed but they fought them off successfully in the forest on their way in. UK team was looking at enemy already in the camp and we started to pick em off. I could hear mortar tube start firing off like 4 shells. I gave the order to disperse and waited for them to splash. I was secretly hoping that these shells were headed to the US team. But.... BAM... one lands right behind us. I try to scramble and move away for our current position... BAM... one lands in front of me knocking me unconscious.... BAM one more lands nearby killing me.

    Back at base and I found Felix was another victim of the mortar attack. We teleported to our last remaining MHQ and headed into the AO once more. Meanwhile the Huron was on station and waiting for tasking. We did get notification that Paper boy was secured. So we extracted out of there using the Huron. I thought we had to bring back the Paper boy to Camp Rogain, so there was some confusion there. I also tasked the mortar to shell one of the enemy known positions as well as gun run and rockets on that enemy camp.

    After all of that we tried to insert into the last town where the Pilot was being held. Initial attempt to insert was met with overwhelming amount of small arms fire from the ground, so we had to compromise and landed South of the town of Girna. US team was chosen to be overwhatch while UK team was to take the valley and move in for the secure.

    While UK team traversal was very hot in the valley. We met multiple bad guys in the valley from both sides as we advanced. But aside from Felix getting shot once we held out own and fought through our way all the way until just about outside of the town......

    But US team got into their overwatch team and they started to engage the town already. I heard a lot of fire going into the town. I instructed the Pawnee overhead weapons green outside of the town to make sure he does not kill the pilot hostage. I should have told the same thing to the US team.

    Either they were spraying and praying or somebody used explosive rounds into the AO with sensitive rescue mission, the pilot could not survive the fight. He was killed. The mission concludes with partial success....

    Paper boy and no pilot....

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    |TG| B Thanks for leading and starting the ARR Thread. I really appreciate a good ARR and solid input. Thank you for playing with your 'game face on'.

    I had a limited window of time to play and was thankful that I had the opportunity to run through a portion of the mission with a great group of players and as always, the leadership was focused, steady and kept with the serious but fun game style.

    One of the first things I noted before stepping off, was the briefing and the suggestion for the pilots to fly together in the same ship. I do not fly often, but nted last week when I did, how helpful it was to have a co-pilot manage the comms and be a second set of eyes.

    I was the Marksman for Team Apache (UK) under the direction |B|. I noted great control of teams and fire discipline. Good application of maneuver and overwatch. I checked out after we took Air Station Mike. Along the way to that objective I thought the explosion and after effect of smoke and fire looked impressive when the Hunter struck the IED. I did feel guilty and afterwards found some timely intel that suggested the enemy preferred to hide IED in trash alongside the road. This passed onto command. Maybe one IED a mission is sufficient. Anyways, the communications between individual team/squad members was good and not overwhelmed with unnecessary chatter. I liked the confidence and freedom that our team leader had in his team as evident by the avoidance of micro-managing individual members movements and his open mindedness to suggestions/input during contact and maneuver through Air Station Mike. The other thing that stood out in my mind was the leaders awareness and corrective action taken when the security at Air Station Mike appeared to be a little lax after sometime was spent on the OBJ while awaiting further orders. We were reminded to maintain 360 degree security and sectors of watch were given. This was when Wray responded that he was already covering his intended sector and I noted and admired his and his battle buddy's discipline, mainly because I realized then that I was not doing my job and pulling security. Overall, in my limited mission time, I was glad to play with some really solid people who get 'the mature gaming' philosophy.

    ARR Aside-

    As the mission author, honest feedback including both positive and constructive can only help mission makers in general stay positive and motivate to provide good stuff for the group. If we don't hear what went right or wrong then it can be easy to find more time on playing fields than in the Eden editor fields.

    I found that a lesson that can be applied to many areas in life can also apply to mission making. . .don't play with it too much and don't change your answers. I unfortunately checked out the mission about twenty minutes before Unkl fired it up and deleted to very important markers directly related to the gather intel portion at the helicopter. So, it really worked out that I could get in and after realizing the error that I made, I could than provide the intel needed to give the leaders the direction required to complete mission objectives.

    Another lesson learned is that weather really can add to immersion, difficulty and play through. The first two were intended and last one unexpected. The mission has about 70 placed enemy AI and three Enemy Site Modules set to 50 to 75 % occupation. I placed the enemy position and patrols in likely avenues of approach with some random way points. I believe that due to the fog, we might have bypassed a few spots and avoided contact since we could not see the enemy and they could not see us. So I believe contact was lighter in the initial phases due to this and our Air Support could not see enemy positions, which also meant that the enemy would not be able to engage them as well. 'The Fog of War', I added the fog for our superior pilots found here in our community. The intent was to provide a different challenge for the speedy and 'nap of the earth' pilots as well as maybe create the need to mark locations with smoke for CAS or Lift missions.

    The nice thing I have noticed about the TG Mission Makers is that there is a good mix of philosophy and style among the group that provides a wide range of challenges and overall mission feel. It is a good thing. I ditch the MEDKITs and go with a FAKS to provide a challenge to logistics and create a 'realistic but not too 'realistic' consequence to virtual battle field casualties. On occassion, I also like to provide the enemy with the same or close to the same personal protection and assets afforded to BLUFOR or 'players'. Finally, I like to put in a few unexpected instance (IED, bobby traps, indirect fire, civs with weapons or are they?) that challenge individual ability to adapt to unplanned situations and create such instances found on a realistic battlefield that no amount of skill, planning or asset can protect you from the inevitable, good guys can get hurt. Some of these tweaks can also bring to light on the virtual battlefield some of the same cliches found in the 'realistic battle space' 'Failing to plan is planning to fail' and 'Most plans never survive first contact'. I prefer to put in respawn and revive in my missions since I feel that it allows me to create the 'realism' I look for but also allows the player to enjoy the time with our mates and eventually get some payback.

    In addition to providing information pertaining to the After Action Report (what went right, wrong and what should be sustained) please feel free to do the same for the mission maker. Was the amount of contact enough? Too easy or difficult? Was the revive/respawn set-up more of a pain or unrealistic? Was the fog overdone or did it diminish the experience for the pilots? It does matter and is appreciated. Thanks for battling troops!




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