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Hearts and Minds - 9 MAR 2017

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  • [AAR] Hearts and Minds - 9 MAR 2017

    I have been trying to write honest AARs with all the bads and the goods of the gameplays. But when I drink and play I cannot fully remember what happened the next day. We played some great games last week. But Thursday session was when I played with tea and water.

    The mission

    Thursday was the event that enabled multiple mods and played a recent favorite known as Hearts and Minds. This mission has several unique features as it simulates an occupying force against an insurgency type of force. IEDs, Hideouts and ammo caches are placed around the map where the action is concentrated. Players have limited assets to provide a bit more feeling of Combat Outpost feel and players have to gather intel on enemy positions by talking to the locals and engaging and searching enemy bodies. When it first came out, I imported it to TG and we played it a couple of times when it was developed for vanilla Arma. Then, it was removed and I forgot all about the mission. The original author who is also the author of Invade and Annex really seemed to embrace the ACE mod for further development.

    The Playthrough against AAF

    When I joined on this instance, we were fighting against the AAF faction in which they have full on conventional army arsenal and capabilities. Once I loaded up, it was time to get inserted. But this was no easy task. Noyava told me to start a third squad. I only had Mik with me at the time so started a small and Xorilliz flew us in. On approach the AAF had multiple AA launchers and shot us down. Second attempt was also bad. Shot down again. By the third time there were casualties from the front but I was already in for an half an hour and still no where near the AO. So Mik and I decided to drive in. I did not realize the AO was far but soldiered on and drove all the way. Meanwhile Xorilliz succesfully inserted the casualties and if we took the the flight in with him we would have been also on the ground. He did say he dodged 2 missiles with flares and one missile hit him. Mik and drove for a good 5-10 minutes and was just outside the AO and about 200 meters from friendlies when BOOOOOM... an IED blows up our vehicle and my third attempt to insert failed.

    DrunkFrodo was leading the mission which was to destroy one ammo cache. He ordered everybody to hold at base while he and the team in the front RTB-ed. The teams were split and they were extracted one by one. Meanwhile the base was full of JIPs. Their extraction took a long time. So I took Unkl to try to retrieve a wreck and that was unsuccessful. Night came in and finally the front element was back at base. Leadership structure collapsed and leaders started to leave creating a vacuum and disorder and idleness. A lot of guys have been waiting for some kind of unifieid direction and orders for 30-40 minutes waiting at base which is what TG is about. LowSpeedHighDrag stepped up to try to reorganize and have a mission. This also took a while, tired of waiting around, people left and gone. Finally we moved out and tried to recover the wreck nearby base again at night with ground vehicles.

    We reached the wreck crash site. Tactically approaching and all that. A civilian truck drives through and sets off an IED incapacitating the SL and a few guys. The medic we had with us was new to ACE and did not bring the necessary stuff. SL and the other casualty died of their wounds. So we tried to finish the set out mission anyway. But the truck we brought to tow the wreck does not work apparently and Xorilliz said we have to lift it with the Chinook. Tragedy does not end here.

    What seems like about 2 hours of bad luck and grind comes to a peak when we receive a enemy reported truck coming into the town. YES. Trigger time. We set up and prepare. Order from base: "Disengage and RTB". So we did...

    The Playthrough against the insurgents

    We decided to start the mission again with a bit more forgiving parameters. MPL TRACE was there to accommodate that move. This started smooth and stayed smooth for the next 5-6 hours as we embarked on an epic journey of marathon gaming. Absolutely huge gratitude to LowSpeedHighDrag to take the leader and kept on leading until all the way to the time I hopped off.

    We got geared up, convoyed up comparatively quicker and headed out to do some combat patrol nearby our base. Server population grew as JIPs came in and stayed to enjoy the tightly organized gameplay. We ran into an IED on like the third compound. While the interprter CaptainShawn123 approached the civilian next to the IED all careful, a medic ran right into the IED blowing it up. While we recovered we were attacked from behind which was dealt easily. RTB-ed to get ourselves into some side mission trouble.

    Side mission was requested by the CO and we got a mission to clear some mines in an open field. We flew in with our Chinook and left the Chinook on a side of the hill. We moved in and occupied a nearby town and was about to start clearing the minefield. Gunfire starts going off... Like sustained gunfire. Nobody was in that direction except our Chinook. We figured, the enemy found the helicopter and shooting it up. Unkl had a squad at this time with the engineer. He was left behind to handle the minefiled while LowSpeedHighDrag 's squad moved out to try and save our Chinook. I was one of the first to crest the hill and take the fight to them. The enemy shooters were 200-300 meters from the CHinook. The firefight went very well and we neutralized all the enemy combatants. I noticed one guy though. He was not far like the other. He died right near the Chinook. We were pretty sure all the shooters were down and were about to start intel searching on the bodies of the enemies. BOOOOM. An explosion goes off. I see CaptainShawn123 's body. Amid the confusion somebody determined "that was a planted explosive". I could not believe it. I checked enemy body body which was nearby the Chinook and sure enough he was an demolitions dude. So the enemy booby trapped our Chinook with mines was our conclusion. Xorilliz patched up CaptainShawn123 and we tried to moved again. BOOOOOOOOOM. Another mine goes off incapacitating LowSpeedHighDrag , Jason Johnson and CaptainShawn123 . And it also completely destroys the Chinook. The bad guy planted two mines around our Chinook....... Xor was out of medical supplies and we had to call in Unkl 's medic HotDogSymmetry to recover from that incident.

    We gathered quite a bit of intel from the dead enemy bodies to decently guess the enemy cache. We scrapped the mine clearing mission as we had a hard time finding them in the grass. Some JIPs picked us up and extracted us to the ammo cache site and we assaulted the town of Neogori. We had the numbers and the assault went well. After some searching we also found the ammo cache and blew it up.

    We requested another side mission which was to capture an officer which was supposed to be in a convoy. Convoy start and end location is given to us and we had to search it, disable the convoy's mobility and capture the dude. So we were insterted into the town that as near the Convoy start position. All hell broke loose. So much enemy activity and we fought on for a while just outside the city. Helicopter pilot who was looking for the convoy from above reported a hideout. No wonder the enemy activity was so much. Gathering intel on Hideout location is very hard. And once all 4 hideouts are destroyed the mission is won so the mission maker gives intel on their location very rarely. But we found one trying to do a side mission. We fought our way in and destroyed the hideout forgetting all about the side mission. Did not know where the convoy was...

    Although, taking out a hideout is a major thing, we lost our convoy and our officer. Multiple pilots flew around trying to find its location while the infantry was inserted into the Convoy End location camping for its arrival. After a while we got tired of waiting and searching and scrapped the mission. That officer and that convoy got lucky.

    Now when we had large fight nearby the hideout we also gathered a ton of intel on another ammo cache in Kavala outskirts. Very dense urban environment... But I started have a headache from looking at the screen for too long and I was also just too tired to be enthusiastically playing on... So Low and I ended our epic Marathon and headed to bed. There was a sizable force still in the server. From some of screenshot, they went for the cache and destroyed it...


    Some screenies I got from my Steam activity feed. Courtesy of Bond

    Courtesy of Daniel aka @greatGod.. showing the second cache destoyed.
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    Originally posted by |TG| B View Post
    He did say he dodged 2 missiles with flares and one missile hit him.
    three missiles dodged with the little bird's ECM Electronic counter-measures not flares :)

    I actually liked playing against AAF. Little bird was the only way of doing a combat insertion, no other aircraft would be able to survive against enemy anti-air. But I did not expect heavy armor which would require us to have some kind of support unit too. It is a far bigger challenge to play against AAF but do-able with heavier assets and the preperation of taking into consideration how you would survive with various ground or air insertions against the various enemy assets.
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      I was handed the the squad after B and Lowspeed droped out, and by handed i mean the way you hand someone a grenade with the pin pulled. Anyways I got the squad to regroup and move back to the hideout and interrogate some civilians while we waited for air to arrive. Air took us back to base to rearm and i laid out an assault on the cashe in kavala. Intel suggested the cashe was located in the northern edge of Kavala so i had the Helo drop us off at the helo pad on the roof of the hospital. Once on the roof we secured the area and i split he ground team in to 2 groups. Red team, lead by Daniel, used the dry drainage ditch and cleared the large construction site. Green team under my lead went north and cleared from the hill top. both teams traded overwatch roles as we cleared the suspected area. we took minor contacts at first and only really met patrols that were roaming in from the north. After clearing the suspected blocks we started moving north to meet the approaching EI. After a few patrols go by i moved across the street to check up on a teammate that had wondered from the group and found the cashe sitting on the front porch of a building. Seemed anti-climatic, so I ordered charges set and set an LZ for transport. Screenshot above.

      Once RTB i figured i could go for another round and looked at my diary logs from civy interrogations when Lowspeed and B were on. Using the ACE map tools I tried to find one of 2 hideouts i had information on. I narrowed them down to 2 locations north around Rodopoli and Agios Petros. Once we were rearmed i set an LZ in Rodopoli we set out. LZ was quiet and we moved to an OP marker located at the northern church in Rodopoli. getting eyes out we didn't see contacts at the first location and only noticed EI moving on a hill some 800m away. We moved in and cleared the first suspected compound and found nothing. Our Pilot rejoined us with the littlebird and someone volunteered to use the thermal camera to scout the next location. Once they got just off the deck he spotted a large enemy force at Agios Petros, estimating 30 ei in total. i went ahead and assumed that was our target and had the volunteer dismount and rejoin us. pilot waved off for JIP's and we started moving to the Agios Petros.

      By this time it was dark so i planed on getting as close to the enemy as we could under the cover of darkness and assault them from solid firing positions. Reaching a half destroyed house we could see the flag of the hideout and noticed we were but 150m away. i left a marksmen and a rifle at the house and moved the 2 medics and 2 rifles with me around to the left using a wall to approach the hideout. At the end of the wall i split one medic and rifle to hold a house while the 3 of us moved around to another position. This was when disaster struck, the team sent to the house rounded the corner to find an IED waiting for them. both were knocked out and the second medic was caught in the blast as well. i rushed to get the first medic up who only required 4 bandages and some morphine to get back up, however a lack of blood and i say care led to the death of the other 2 members. This had decreased our fire power from 7 to 5 and we hadn't even engaged the estimated 30 EI patrolling around us. the Helo tried to bring us reinforcements from our previous compound, but they ran in to several ei patrols and were penned down unable to join us. Now fully surrounded on all sides by ei, who besides the IED had no idea we were there, Faced with a choice between taking out the hideout that we were now only 15m from and eliminate the largest threat first, or falling back and trying to support the reinforcements while leaving our backs exposed to the multiple squads worth only meters behind us. I decided engage the hideout since we had the element of surprise on our side.the 3 survivors on the forward team crawled to a dirt mound getting with in 5m of the hideout and ordered all units to open fire. A short, yet intense, fire fight broke out with some contacts being just on the other side of a dirt road from us. We succeeded in clearing the hideout and 2 patrolling squads in the area. charges were set and we regrouped with the reinforcements to RTB, i went ahead and had the pilot land and carry 2 out with his Little bird while we waited for him to RTB and trade to the Huey.

      At this point i think Dimi was on and trying to restart the server for another run. i just called it a night once i got back to base.


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        Wow you took out another hideout... Beyond expectations.. and your encounter was against all odds. I love reading these personal diary like entries. Something that was not experienced by others... while all was in the same mission.


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          Great games had, for sure. What I wasn't sure of was that enemy leaves traps around friendly assets any where left alone in the map (read |TG| B 's AAR about Chinook being blown up, i was on the rear ramp).
          So you convoy lovers, you better leave a security element as you should.

          Between AAF and Guerrilla forces. I would always choose Guerrilla. The lack of 'tools' for BLUFOR at outpost is the downfall, when going against a conventional and well equipped army of AAF.

          I have been trying to write honest AARs with all the bads and the goods of the gameplays. But when I drink and play I cannot fully remember what happened the next day. We played some great games last week. But Thursday session was when I played with tea and water.
          No wonder you pulled off the 25 mile run towards 'Athens' (History buffs will get this) lol

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            i just want to point out a few things "
            DrunkFrodo was leading the mission which was to destroy one ammo cache. He ordered everybody to hold at base while he and the team in the front RTB-ed. The teams were split and they were extracted one by one. Meanwhile the base was full of JIPs. Their extraction took a long time." is not what happened the reason things went slow because a group of people who wouldent play with us came on i was told by an admin that its fine so i let them do there thing the teams were extracted slowly because the pilot told us he can only get the small helicopters in due to heavy aa threats as we had already lost 3 larger helicopters (sorry for the slow reply dont get on much)




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