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So You Want To Be A Sapper - 11 Mar 2017

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  • [AAR] So You Want To Be A Sapper - 11 Mar 2017

    Stick's perspective:
    1) Really fun mission (was on Charlie team for our first attempt, CAS for the second)
    2) Having the opportunity to fly CAS & Transport was great. Supporting the hot zone was exciting. Xorilliz is an expert gunship gunner, and I felt like we made a good team. Favorite moment: we'd just made a hot pickup in the middle of the hot zone and were lifting off to take Browna to do a repair/retrieve. As I'm receiving directions from -B- (CO) a technical zooms into to town right beneath us. All I could do was spin her around to point at the technical, and Xor took it out, without us having to talk about it. Then Badstache sent thanks - I imagine they saw the technical and were bracing to deal with it. Aw, yeah. I've really missed piloting, so I send many thanks to Cody for designing it into this mission. That Kajman is tough - on exfil we took a missile and alarms were blaring, everything was brown, she shuddered and bled fuel, but we made it back to base for repair, refuel, and rearm. Great fun for a rotorhead, and I hope we actually helped accomplish the mission, too.

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    This event mission turned out to be one of the best documented mission gameplays we have seen. Tons of screenshots, gameplay videos were captured during the event and posted here on the forums to share. We played this mission twice in a row and players switched roles for the second run to keep things fresh.I will try to document the events that happened to me during these two gameplays.

    The mission:

    Made by our own Cody, The mission is concentrated around a sapper theme with multiple squads initially doing different tasks that sappers do. But as the mission progresses, one of the squads run into trouble and requires a rescue of sorts. A mission that throws everything into chaos by introducing a surprise element where the commanding officers and leader must react on the run and scratch all initial plans.

    The first gameplay:

    I was assigned as the demolitions expert in Bravo squad. We mounted up and left our engineer truck and started to drive down the road where we have to clear the road from IEDs and enemy. We moved very slowly. I found one claymore on this gameplay but checked bunch of possible sites on our drive in.

    We drove offroad and headed to the Alpha team that was ambushed in the middle of the hot zone. When we arrived there was an active firefight. The HMG Ifrit we brought immediately engaged distant targets. A technical came racing down for our 6 but Biggs on the HMG was able to deal with him. We then hooked up the disabled vehicles (APC and equipment truck) to our ifrits and the plan was to tow them out of the hot zone. During this time a couple of RPG rockets landed near us shot from enemy in the distance. The ongoing firefight was getting more and more intense and the one of the Ifrits took a rocket or something losing its wheel. Unable to tow both of the vehicles, we decided to tow the APC only which had no tires at all with our remaining functional ifrit.

    Everybody was sitting in the ifrit shouting over each other as we loudly discussed what was happening and how the APC was doing in the back and what a crazy situation it is. I was able to see the APC being towed just fine. Biggs was adamant about the fact that the nobody is in the APC and somebody should be there to steer it. But we had no time to stop and do that it seemed. Suddenly an explosion right next to the ifrit. We started to shout again about that and was sure the enemy RPGs can see us and shooting rockets. Another one... This time also close hit.

    The craziest part about this situation was how hysterical everybody was in that one car. All 4,5 of us in that one car taking in the chaos and impending death around us and just talking really loudly reporting what is going on, reporting what might happen and just a bit too excited... I kept looking around to see the APC being towed as I remembered Cody saying that towing rope can break. Then I saw a fire... I said in the middle hysterical chaos of our team: "Oh shoot the RPG hit the towing thingy in the back". Then the mission failed. We did our best to try to rescue that APC and tow it out of the hot zone. We did not really do anything wrong. Just the way this gameplay went. But I guess we had the APC in our care and it blew up which was mission critical....

    In the hindsight now, I wish we brought that engineer truck with us from the beginning. Then even though we did not have an engineer with us, we could have used it to fix the disbaled vehicles and could have drove them out instead of the whole towing mess.

    The second gameplay

    As the people slotted in different roles this time I wanted to CO it and took the role from Unkl. This means this time, the same dudes are with me but in Charlie squad who starts nearby the airfield in the main base. We headed out to our original mission which was to retrieve a damaged ifrit north of us.

    Bravo leader NaomiLynn took our old job and started to clear the road from IEDs that he was assigned. Alpha squad was BadStache and his team who gets themselves into an ambush and had the disabled APC and equipment truck in the middle of the hot zone.

    This playthrough though, we did not get the tasks to redirect and help Alpha for a while. So Charlie squad drove on for a while before I was informed of the small bug. Only Charlie had one engineer browna3 in the whole mission. Bravo squad had the engineer truck but they were still far away stuck on road clearing duty. Later on I found out they crashed their engineer truck and lost its wheel. Anyway, So Kajman has 8 passenger seats and I called in the Kajman for a pick up. We got picked up and was inserted right into where the Alpha was defending themselves from onslaught of enemy attacks. I was expecting to get into a hot LZ and disembark with my rifles firing, considering the last playthrough, but Alpha had the area locked down tight.

    browna3 fixed all the disabled vehicles right away and the APC, Equipment truck and the Troop transport all had their wheels back. Then I sent browna3 to repair the engineer truck that the Bravo squad broke and abandoned. He got picked up by the Kajman and was inserted nearby the broken truck. Later on I thought "Poor browna, I should have sent him with a buddy team. All alone." Good thing that he had the long range in the truck and received further orders to join the convoy of bravo squad.

    Anyway, so back at the hot zone since we had all the vehicles operational, Alpha squad and my squad mounted up and started to drive the vehicles out of the Hot Zone. Just outside of it, we met with an enemy ambush team. I hopped out while the APC gunner engaged distant targets, I found two dudes close range firing on friendlies. This is the only time I fired my gun during this gameplay, to take down these two contacts just outside of the hot zone.

    We drove up to meet up with Bravo team and formed a large convoy back to base. Kajman was deployed forward to ensure our convoy kept moving without too much surprises ahead and they did a fine job. The convoy only drove through exploded enemy technicals and dead enemy bodies.

    I sat in the back of the APC directing comms from Kajman pilot and the other two squads. I drove the truck through the town while the infantry squads cleared it on foot. So the rest of the gameplay was quite for me.


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      As I wait for the massive Arma 3 update to finish I'll take some time to leave my perspective of the mission.

      I had originally asked for the role of the guy with the squirts but got slotted as Charlie Team Lead. As B mentioned, Charlie was assigned to recover a damaged Ifrit to the north of the main Altis airfield. In addition, the C.O. was hitching a ride with us to a meeting in a nearby town. We never made either appointment. Before we rolled out of the airfield we were redirected to the west to help recover Alpha's convoy. They had been hit by an ambush and Bravo and Charlie were headed their way. The CO (Unkl) was directing the response from our group and trying to make sure we didn't go the wrong way. At one point he ordered Bravo to go off-road and expedite to Alpha's location. Charlie was charged with clearing the rest of Bravo's original route to clear the road for Alpha and Bravo's return trip. Charlie team encountered some light contact and one or two mines but suffered no casualties or disabled vehicles. We were continuing our clearing mission when we got the 'Mission Failed" message when the APC was destroyed. A retry was in order.

      Charlie was rotated to Alpha. We started with 5 members, myself, MadSoloSniper, Chichco, B_Wilco, and FiniFelix. We had just reached the center of the "hot zone" when we were hit by ied's, taking out the lead APC and the following transport. I can't address what happened with the tasking for Bravo or Charlie, but Alpha was getting hit hard and I was begging for help. I was very impressed with my team as we quickly engaged every bad guy sent our way. We were very relieved to hear a heli moving in to the AO. Stick and Xor had arrived and they were able to engage lots of contacts with and without tasking from me. We were supposed to protect the APC and transport that had been damaged. Wilco had the idea of seeing if we could tow them with a couple of technicals that had rolled in on us. I was surprised to see that could. I called B, our CO, and advised him of this option and asked to let us get out of the hot zone. I was directed to maintain a defensive perimeter and wait for "about 15 or 20 minutes". I wasn't sure we could hold out that long, especially after the flyboys left. B asked me if I could find LZ where the heli could land and I said sure and placed one on my position. I thought that he might be sending some JIPs to help us defend. As the Kajman approached I saw that Solo had been hit and called for Wilco to get to him. No response from Wilco. As I was searching for him B hopped out of the heli and called for me. He'd brought a repair specialist and we need to mount up. Wilco was dead and now the 4 of us didn't hesitate to mount up. Solo and I were just pulling out when a technical rolled right up to out front bumper and the next thing I see are exploding rounds hitting the technical and a body came rag-dolling out toward my windshield. Our flyboys had saved our bacon, again. I don't remember much more except when I spotted a mine and as FireforEffect approached it there was an explosion. I have no idea how I wasn't killed by Fire was.

      It was a fun mission and I had a great team. Thanks, guys.
      “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.”


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        Really enjoyed the mission and the concept was great. I only ran through on the first attempt. I was with the team that got hit by the IED in the hot zone. I thought our team was well led by NaomiLynn. We set-up security and held off several attacks prior to be reinforced. The CAS was spot on. Good communications and setting up the LMG on overwatch was a good move. Cody and Besties did a nice job. Fireforeffect was my battle buddy and we did a good job at holding our sector in the defense. Also helped get each other patched up a few times. As the AT gunner in the team, my situational awareness showed some weakness when a HUNTER entered out perimeter and I hesitated to open up on it for a second because I am so used to playing as BLUFOR that I thought it might be Friendly Vic. Fortunately I came to my senses and was able to engage before any damage was done.

        Cody, great mission and well-done, Thanks for the strong work.




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