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Stratis Denied - Apr 08, 2017

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  • [AAR] Stratis Denied - Apr 08, 2017

    The mission

    Stratis-denied was a concerted effort to collaborate on a mission within the TG projects team. Multiple mission makers coming together to put together something that should awe the players and leave an impression. This was thought up when RHS mod became available on the workshop after a long time of resistance from their development team. The project started a long ago around the end of January and initial push was intense and focused. Meetings were had, tools were registered and many things were done within a few days. However since multiple mission makers were all trying to contribute their style and their philosophy into this mission, the momentum quickly died. The motivation to work on the mission disappears for developers once their vision and passion is gone. The development was abandoned for a while until woesterudolf picked it up again and pushed on by himself. He is to be given the main credit for carrying the mission to its finish line. One thing I learned is that every mission maker here at TG is molding and shaping their style and they are quite hard to sway. Collaboration effort was a noble one and we learned how not to do it in the future.

    The mission has multiple starting points and method of insertion into the AO depending on the squad you are in. US forces against Russian forces in the island of Stratis. There are three phases with each phase having multiple objectives. The mission is a very large mission and the gameplay would take at least 2-3 hours.

    The playthrough

    I slotted in as a Team Leader in the amphibious squad under MPL TRACE. Once drove up closer, I was given 2 guys as my team VinnieViet and Biggs. Us three assaulted couple of roadblocks and the Kamino firing range as the tip of the spear. We got a bit roughed up once we were inside the firing range trying to clear a tower, but we pulled through.

    Once we took Kamino firing range, we were standing by for our next move when we were attacked by a couple of infantry squads from the woods. After a bit of long range exchanges me and my team of 3 were sent out to confront the leftovers close range. We loaded up into our M113 and was dropped off closer to the last known position. Upon arriving we did encounter a couple of infantrymen in the woods and engaged and destroyed them.

    By this time, the US side organized themselves and was ready to move out to the next phase. We were on foot going back to meet the convoy when an swooshing sound of RPG hits our M113. Luckily no significant damage was taken. We mounted up and moved out...

    We escorted the other squad in their BearCat while we moved to the radio towers to destroy them. Some complicated crap happened here. We left our M113 with its crew back while the foot soldiers started to move to the radio towers. M113 takes an RPG. My team is to keep pushing forward to the radio tower while others broke up to check on the M113. At this time with just 3 dudes, we started to clear the radio tower compounds. The fight went smoothly. We relayed this back to Trace and Trace sent his Explosive specialist to us... The complication started when the Explosive Specialist did not make it but was ambushed on the way. My team of 3 started to head back to try to rescue the Explosive Specialist. We ran into a full russian rifle squad. A very hectic firefight ensued. I was relaying this back while us three were exchanging very heavy fire with this russian squad. I tried to get Vinnie to fall back but he goes down right in front me. I did not know where Biggs was, but his automatic rifle going off gave me some comfort. I got hit multiple times but I was still up, launching grenades and shooting erratically while trying to say what is happening to Trace. Then, a hail of bullets started to shoot over me towards the enemy... Trace has caught up and reinforced me just in time of my desperation and in time when I thought we were gonna lose the fight. An action movie moment there, when Beda came behind me with his "Medic here, where are the wounded?"...

    So, the dust settled and the Explosive Specialist was rescued. He setup some bombs on the radio towers but they were too weak to knock them down. So we abandoned the radio towers and left the clean up to the other squad. We moved on to setup a blocking position nearby the Airstation Mike... As we setup, we had no idea we would be in for a long continuos fight securing the that flank. Air Station Mike was crawling with enemy combatants just pouring out flanking us left and right. We positioned with full ammo and plenty of supplies, but by the end of it, we expended all of our original ammunition and in addition all the reserve ammunition in our M113. Two trucks full of soldiers, endless squads of infantry trying to flank us left and right, we just held our position and had a satisfying overdrawn firefight. Our M113 took its last RPG rendering it unusable during this fight. We did get a brand new M113 with M240 machine gun on it, personally driven in by our CO to replace it though. I think meanwhile the other squad destroyed AA position and cleared a barracks building.

    This ended phase 2 of the operation. The mission had been going on well over 2 hours nearing the third hour at this point. We setup in an overlooking position; staging for our assault into the airfield. Suddenly an enemy jet started to strafe us. We were engaging some distant armor targets while this jet harassed us. Although we did not have an F-18 pilot to keep us safe, we shot it down with shoulder AA somehow.

    Once the other squad finally setup their overwatch, we moved into the airfield to try and clear it. By this time, with attrition and abandonment, our squad had only about 5-6 guys now. That is including our crewmen who took up rifles to join us on foot for the assault. The airfield was crawling with enemy infantry and the fight to clear it was grueling. We did ok for a couple of compounds but this was the where I died first all the way to respawn. Reinsertion attempt resulted in another death by getting shot out of my seat in a little bird. After a painstakingly meticulous fight in the airfield we finally controlled it by having more of than them. There was one objective - the radar station. I tested this when putting it up as one of the objective. When I tested it, it was destroyed with one satchel. But this time, due to desertion and overall lack of strength, none of us had the explosives to destroy it with a planted satchel. So we tried with some shoulder manned AT, some attack chopped gatling gun and multiple rockets... That radar station did not wanna be destroyed with all that at all. We just needed a satchel to finish it off all proper by the triggers... But we anticlimactically zeused it to finish the mission after over 4 hours into the mission.

    Final words

    We have some players who regularly visit and play with us. But without them checking the forums, getting them into these bigger missions will be tough. Especially when there are modded events. So I hope those who are liking our style check in and post to keep engaged. Missions like this, playing all organized, is the best part of TG and being part of a community.

    I had a blast from start to finish. It was a mission I spent my time working on and the end result was alright despite some of the hiccups along the way. We had some technical changes that messed with some of the mods with the 64 bit and all that. But the playthrough was thoroughly enjoyable without anything major that ruined it. Thank you for Rudolf for persisting and finally making it happen in the end.

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    First of all I would like to thanks everyone on the project team that gave up their time and effort to do this mission, it's really appreciated.
    As far as AAR I don't think I can add much more to what B described, well done B.

    Dagger (US Army Mech) elements:

    Combat Medic: Bedamichl
    AR (m249): Garthra
    Asst. AR: DMZ Scout
    Team Leader: |TG| B
    AR (m249): Biggs
    Asst. AR (m136): VinnieViet
    Explosive Specialist: Fireforeffect

    Dagger(US Army) (crew)

    Crew - Commander: Xorilliz
    Crew - gunner: B_Wilco
    Crew - Driver: Fenster

    As Dagger SL I felt we had good communication within the squad, I was lucky to lead players that know what they are doing. As a full squad we didn't get wiped, though we were close on the radio tower mission as B mentioned.

    I liked how both squads, Glaive and Dagger, had to work together and keep communications to accomplished the last objective. Kudos to Glaive's SL browna3 and all of it's members for a job well done.

    Thanks to Unkl for leading the mission and everyone that participated.

    Lastly, some screenshots:


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      Many thanks to the mission makers and all the participants. It was a lot of fun.


      Canadjun, eh?


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        Thanks for a great time everyone.
        I had a lot of fun as a simple AR with DMZ Scout as my AAR. :)
        The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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          I really appreciate the flexibility that everyone showed. To be honest this was the restarting of our event schedule and this one did not get the sign up time required to do a proper promotion. It needs it for the massive player count it should hold. However, everyone was gracious and allowed a last second reorg of the structure to condense players down into two elements. Then we fought against an overwhelming force and succeeded. Great stuff!

          How about we try this one again maybe mid summer? This time with a good 3 weeks of lead up? I'd love to see another 13 or so players in Saber plus the air assets and artillery all being used!. That would make quick work of the island but it would also be a heck of a spectacle.

          Extra thanks to Trace and Browna who both adapted to the 180 degree change in strategy with grace with friendlies and utter ruthlessness toward the EI.

          **Spoiler** I was the Zeus controlling the enemy helo that came out at phase 3 and whomever took the rifle shot that popped that pilot in the bean deserves a gold star. What a shot!
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