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Tactical Tuesday - Op Flashback (Apr 25, 2017)

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  • [AAR] Tactical Tuesday - Op Flashback (Apr 25, 2017)

    Great times for the Tactical Tuesday and wanted to give a shout out for a couple of missions we played.

    The mission

    Made by CaptainShawn123 this mission is a unique one. RHS mod gives us a couple of old bolt action rifles from the world war II era. Exploiting this Caps made a short scenario which focuses on usage and battle with these bolt action rifles. Call of Duty the original one was my gateway video game which got me into multiplayer. I used to shoot the Russian and German bolt action rifles all the time and I was pretty good. I still play from time to time in public setting.

    The players play as Altis forces against the Axis forces in Altis island during WWII. All enemy and players have bolt action rifles and I think no radios are allowed except for the leaders. The players attack and secure a fortified position in the town of Abdera around a Church. Estimated time of play is around 30 minutes but you can take your time.

    The Playthrough

    @Lion took the second squad and was to setup a overwatch position while my squad went in through the low ground to assault it up close and personal. We approached and Lion's squad started to engage from distance as instructed. No radio situation made things a bit difficult and I was trying not to use the group channel to get around it (You can disable the VON channels if you want in descrition.ext). Anyway a blob of us yelling and shouting trying to make our way in and I happened to be the first one to breach the church compound area.

    After traversing and maneuvering and walking in on my first contact. It was a guy in a building lying down. I missed him and walked past him. He took a shot at me with his bolt action rifle and missed. I turned around and took a satisfying shot at his body. Blood splattered and he goes down. His buddy on the second floor takes a shot at me bringing me down.

    The rest of the team converged but was also taken down one by one except Bond679. I respawned and was making my way back with the Aiden character (who shot me in the back when the mission accomplished came up, which is why I called it for the night. I hate that culture) and mission ended. But that one exchange and that only kill with that bolt action rifle made the mission for me. It is a great change of pace and reminded me of the old gaming times when I used to play the original CoD.
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