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Tactical Tuesday - Crises at Utes (Apr 25, 2017)

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  • [AAR] Tactical Tuesday - Crises at Utes (Apr 25, 2017)

    The mission

    Made by CaptainShawn123 and an installment I have not seen, this mission allows the players to take up the Russian weapons and play as the Russkiis. Insurgent forces found a SCUD missile and launcher and is about to launch a SCUD. Russians are there to save the day and is about to try to defuse the SCUD launch sequence on the small island of UTES occupied largely by this insurgent forces.

    Now in order to defuse the bomb though we need a code which is in a tablet PC carried around by the officer with a blue hat. He might be in one of three locations. So Russkiis gotta check all three locations for this officer. Once the code is obtained, the Russkiis gotta defuse the SCUD launch sequence within 60 minutes or the SCUD launches and mission fails. If you try the wrong code the SCUD will detonate in place killing the island.

    The code is generated randomly and is not the same everytime you play it. If I am not wrong the officer location is also always in one of the three possible location randomly. This mission a re-playable awesomeness.

    The Playthrough

    HotDogSymmetry took the commander slot. NaomiLynn took a lare squad while I tok the smaller squad where the VON dudes and JIP dudes were gonna be gathering. I ended up using VON for for the whole mission as we had multiple VON dudes. The initial assault did not go well at all. Our squad found the SCUD site right away and got slaughtered multiple time as we tried to clear that compound. The Aiden character (who just needs a bit of guidance and TS side of TFAR working) was trying to take squad leader of the big squad without a mic or willingness to talk was transferred into my squad. He was just doing whatever he wanted, taking trucks and ATVs driving them into enemy base by himself going off and doing his own thing.

    With the troublemaker in the house, I was having trouble concentrating and coming up a solid plan to try to assault the compound and we failed many times trying to take that SCUD compound. Several respawns meant that my squad was either in the front lines by themselves without any orders or trying to move back up to position. I think this is when HotDog felt like he lost control and disconnected. Sorry buddy, things were not going our way in he first 20 minutes at all.

    Eventually, we did make it in. A MRAP type of russian made vehicle was halting our assualt and our efforts to use he Russian RPG to take it down failed multiple times. We shot its tires out and finally disabled it enough to take the compound. Then the Aiden character jumped into the disabled enemy MRAP and started to drive it around. UGH that guy... I had to ask him about 5 times and explain why it is not possible to use it effectively for him to finally jump out.

    While we were trying to figure out how to attack the two remaining positions, a patrolling BTR came up on us which made a great moment as we were ready to take it on with our small firearms, somebody also was ready with his RPG.

    We assaulted the airfireld control tower and no officer was found. We then assaulted the last position, a military base camp of some sorts. We still have not found the blue-hatted officer and I was starting to worry that we might have missed him in the last two positions. But somebody finally said "Yeah, I shot a blue Beret hatter." We all scrambled to his body and found a small tablet on the floor of a bathroom.

    With the code in hand we rushed to the SCUD site. The vehicle loving Aiden character finally actually got to drive the whole team to the SCUD position. We gathered around as somebody defused the bomb (presumably correctly). The objective task first indicated that it was success. And then everybody froze and started to walk in place. The server was desyncing and trying to do something. I was voted admin so we talked amonsgst ourselves and I waiting for the proper mission end... After about 3 minutes of desynced state the SCUD exploded. The objective task became FAILED. The mission still did not end gracefully so I did the old #missions to get us out to the next one.



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