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  • Challenging Tactical Tuesday

    Last night's Tactical Tuesday started off with a bang as CapShawn and I Zeused on Chernarus (however you spell). Noyava lead his ever growing group of players thru the woods toward Zelenagorsk. After clearing the town, a resupply was requested and Caps informed them that an ammo truck was available on Green Mountain. Only one catch, it was in the hands of the enemy. They had a choice, try to take Green Mountain or push around to Pogarevka to their own MRAPs that were waiting. Not knowing if the MRAPs would have ammo, they pushed on Green Mountain. At this point, we had about 16 players and the roster was still growing. After securing their ammo they moved on to get their trucks. However, they got spotted by a patrol as their largest element started a flanking maneuver. A brief firefight ensued and mortars started falling. Their over-watch team would also come under mortar fire, forcing them to leave cover and push on the town with the bulk of their force out of position and engaged. The town itself was empty of enemy, at least that's how it seemed. Right when our guys reached their vehicles an ambush was sprung. A couple of our guys went down but they quickly got the upper hand and eliminated the enemy team.

    They next phase was to clear the docks on Cherno. I had to take a break so LowSpeed stepped in to help in the Zeus role. When I returned, the mission was just wrapping up but in my absence CBA had updated. Those in-game weren't affected but those of us joining in or rejoining started having problems. With the CBA update happening when it did the server didn't have the new key and so for anyone joining in late we got connection errors. TFR and Achilles were the only 2 mods affected so that meant some people were using TFR and some were not. With Achilles being dependent on CBA, Pathfinders and Admins lost a bunch of Zeus resources. LowSpeed and Caps kept running Zeus but our numbers were reduced. Caps noticed a reduced access to RHS assets and then he and I would discover zero access to RHS assets. So, our last Zeus mission of the night would be a defense mission on Altis with NATO and CSAT forces. Ah, the good old days. CSAT forces would make it into the perimeter on a couple of occasions (and do a lot of damage) but our guys were able to overcome and win the day.

    Thanks to all those that played, last night, and thanks for your patience in the face of that CBA update.

    P.S.: The server has been updated to take care of the CBA update.
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    Wish I could have been there, other obligation took me away. Glad it went well!




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