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Liberation - 2017/05/06

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  • [AAR] Liberation - 2017/05/06

    Logged in to play some AAR Liberation. Had some great fun. It seemed everyone was working together, both pilots and infantry. We had some CAS this time around which assisted with some of the attacks on CSAT held locations.

    eliphas stepped up and became squad leader, and we attacked a CSAT held base to start the evening, or at least my evening when I logged in. Aiwhaa was our medic and sturdyguns was AT in the element that we had created. We had other elements acting as snipers and support during the assault. The video I'm posting shows our approach and attack on the base.

    If it wasn't for Aiwhaa, I'm pretty confident this would have been nothing more than your normal wipe attempt on one of these CSAT bases. In the end, we still fell to an onslaught of armored reinforcements, but it was fun turning the tower on base into our Alamo. We made them pay the price to retake their base.


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    Good stuff. Wanna leave a couple of comments with critical nature. All with good intention not in the spirit of putting you down. After Action reports (AAR) are about looking back and analyzing for me.

    While I was watching I just kept saying: Come on man... Zoom in... That scope you had has two levels of zooming. When you were engaging those targets at distance you could be much more effective if zoomed in. The whole point of getting that scope. Oh plus zeroing. You took the range and all and still engaged with the default zeroing.

    Aiwhaa is a new player so please do not take these as personal. But as a medic he only stuck by you on that tower wihle his teammates bled out on the bottom floor. Also when he was healing you kept moving around and looking around which made him heal you multiple times (a bug with healing).

    Definitely enjoyed the video.


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      Thanks for the advice. I've been wondering what was up with the scope and zeroing. Having played a bunch with ACE3 the zeroing never seemed to work, both ACE3's keybinds nor default, so I haven't developed the habit of zeroing it in properly. Also, I didn't realize it had two zoom levels. That helps a lot.

      I'm pretty new as well, in fact, I've only played organized Arma3 missions since arriving here at, so any advice is most welcome. Only way to improve.




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