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Operation Dragnet - May 6th 2017 - Hosted by the 189th Infantry Brigade of TG

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  • [AAR] Operation Dragnet - May 6th 2017 - Hosted by the 189th Infantry Brigade of TG

    Well we got off to a start a few minutes late due to some rouge Apex objects in the mission but wow!....4 hours flew past like it was only an hour and a half.

    Real life popped up and bit the 189th in the butt and only Badstache and myself were able to make it. However shout out to Phoenix1 -MIK- Fireforeffect NaomiLynn Xorilliz for stepping up to demonstrate strong leadership and patience with a growing player population. We saw our strongest numbers for several weeks and, they were mostly TG regulars!

    It was especially gratifying to see so many helping to create a memorable experience for the guests that joined us. The missions were tough and the teamwork was excellent. Kudos for all.

    From the Platoon Leader's chair it looked great and when we got three full squads I had to pull myself back a bit to help with the Zeusing.

    You can bet we will run that scenario again. The reaction from the public was not as good as we expected however. So this was also a test if we could seed a Dragnet mission with CUP Terrains and RHS as effectively as going Vanilla compatible. We should run this again before drawing any conclusions though, because there are other factors as always.

    How was your game?
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    I thought it was a great OP and i think given the right setting it will be a big success. We grew pretty fast once we started moving and time flew by for me personally. It seemed like once the mission took off i was constantly on the move transporting new players forward or bringing the squads to new LZ's to attack their next objective. I had alot of fun as i always do flying. The leadership was great and knowledgeable from what i could tell in limited interactions during flight between LZ's. Radio communications were kept to a minimum and clear which makes everything alot less confusing. I was alittle disappointed that it didnt last long but it was amazing while it was going and for that i greatly appreciate it, thankyou to those who were able to dedicate their time for leading and zuesing. I cannot wait to do it again. I am certain that if it is scheduled on a weekend where everyone is free that it would easily turn into the biggest server count and longest game we have played. Looking forward to doing it all again, thanks again everyone involved.


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      I just want to say thank you to everyone for being so patient. This was really my first time being a true squad leader and leading at all during an event (which turned out to be fairly large lol). Also, thank you for the constructive criticism from everyone, it was provided very respectfully and I appreciated it and all the info provided was helpful.

      During the mission, a complaint was made to me while calling in an artillery strike from command that "If we keep zeusing the the targets" that the particular player would leave. I myself saw it as realistic gameplay as it was artillery built into the command element during mission design.

      In my eyes everything went fairly smooth and was a good game. Thanks to everyone that came and special thanks to BadStache and Unkl for Zuesing and the mission makers!
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