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Last nights Monster Tactical Tuesday

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  • Last nights Monster Tactical Tuesday

    Last night we had an outstanding Tactical Tuesday that saw ~ 34 players during peak. We had players from all over the globe join us including some new ones who verbally expressed their satisfaction with our style of gameplay.

    The mission had three elements, Scorpion 6, Scorpion 1 and Scorpion 2. In the command element I had mmetully as my XO, HotDogSymmetry as my fireteam leader to handle command and convoy elements. BadStache, MPL TRACE and capshawn(Forum name?) acted as Zeus and Crossroads(Platoon HQ). It is important to recognize their contributions to the mission and their dedication to fencing disruption from the rare griefer.

    Scorpion 1 was lead by Bond679 and they were tasked with scouting and clearing Starry Sobor. He can expound on that experience if he chooses to respond here.

    Scorpion 2 was lead by Red who was tasked with observing and then taking Novy Sobor. He can expound on that experience if he chooses to respond here.

    After staging personnel and the convoy, we set out to our first objectives, Novy and Starry Sobor. Command Element setup a FOB and managed re-enforcements, resupply, squad tasking and logistics from the road. After Starry Sobor was taken Command Element setup in a warehouse on the east side of town while Scorpion 1 moved to clear a mortar emplacement south of our position. Scorpion 2 cleared Novy Sobor and moved South to take a Fuel Depot. At this time Command Element came under intense counter attack in the warehouse from all kinds of enemy assets from paratroopers, to APCs, UAZs, a tank, and an aircraft. After warding off the attack, Command Element boarded a nearby Huron and headed for the south coast to join Scorpion 1 and Scorpion 2 as they took Elektro.

    Well done by all who were able to attend. Thank you for the opportunity to lead an impromptu mission of such size with little preparation and no logistics to begin.

    If you were there, please let us know your experience.

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    I wasn't there but I heard about it. Sounded like a great time. Hopefully I'll be able to catch one of these soon!




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