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  • [VIDEO] Pounding Porto

    Joined a game in progress last night and participated in the last 30mins of a Pounding Porto. It went very well. HotDogSymmetry had my self and Aiwhaa team up and move over to where |TG| B was on the east side of Porto.

    Aiwhaa and I were enroute and ran into an enemy running towards us. We both thought it was a friendly running towards us, but after he shot at us we put him down and moved on. That's where the video starts.

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    Watched this whole thing. Great stuff. You were stuck on the other side because of all those wires... But I already crossed it by stepping over that tank barrier that had a little bit of space.

    Was my first time experiencing the radio destroy objective. The fight on that rooftop was very scary. Specially because this is no revive. Shooters from other roofs taking shots at us. We did survive all that though. When BadStache planted his charges and blew the thing up the whole building came down. Good thing we were completely off the building instead of on that side roof. One guy did die though for trying to look at the explosion. LOL


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      When the building came down and I saw that Waddell was killed it made me feel bad, until I saw he'd lost connection at the same time. Poor guy couldn't move. That was actually my first play through of this mission and it was executed very nicely. I also got stuck behind all that barbed wire. Every place I went was blocked off.
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