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Russian Escalation - Episode 1

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  • [AAR] Russian Escalation - Episode 1

    I was assigned as 1st Infantry Squad Lead and would be leading 2 fire teams. I say "would" because I would have been if we didn't have so many no-shows. Instead, I had one fire team so things were looking to be a bit rough. I had a good squad (fire team) with my FL being Phoenix, with mmetully, Chichco, and ChangeThisXBL. We moved out in the BMP3 with Lion driving. Our first objective was to take Hill 114, north of Frini. 1st team dismounted, leaving my medic, tully, on the gun of the BMP. As we were about to crest the north side of the hill we took contact from the defenders. Command had moved their armed GAZ to the east of the hill to provide suppression. We quickly cleared the hill only to turn and see the command vic being engaged by enemy that were literally at their doors. I moved my team to support them when it was clear they were down. The BMP also moved in to assist. Once command was back up, my team moved back up the hill we had just cleared to find the enemy had quickly moved back in. Another engagement that saw me go down. It wouldn't be the only time the call of "Stache is down!" would be heard this day. I actually think it became our squad's battle cry.

    After clearing the hill a second time we started our move to clear a chapel to our west. About half way there we came under heavy fire. Our BMP was in close support but was having trouble getting their main gun to zero in below 1200 meters. Every shot seemed to go flying off to some other part of the map. More casualties in 1st and 2nd squad were starting to eat away at our respawn tickets and my team was pinned down short of our second objective with enemy sneaking up behind us. My weakness in using armor was showing and our team was feeling the pain. Finally, with command in support, we were able to push into the chapel area only to have enemy reinforcements mount a concerted effort to slaughter us.

    We were taking heavy contact and our tickets were bleeding as fast as we were. With just 2 tickets left 2nd squad's armor was destroyed and we were at zero tickets. With no tickets, our first fatalities were the CO (HotDogSymmetry) and his XO (Unkl). Suddenly, I was in command. I had just notified 2nd squad that I was now in command when I went down again. The enemy was now hitting 1st Squad from at least 3 sides and I wanted off that ridge. I would soon get me wish when the enemy killed me with a headshot. I was now watching. To their credit, the rest of 1st squad was still alive, along with the command elements medic and they were able to join up with what was left of 2nd squad.

    Now a consolidated unit, they moved on the complete their mission. I was unable to stick around to watch the rest of the show, so somebody else will need to tell the story form here.

    In conclusion, the mission was difficult, the intel was a bit weak, but it was fun. If I were to do anything different it would be to keep my armor closer and direct my squad from the commander's seat. I believe the many times I was down was a hindrance to my team. Hard to fight when you are constantly patching up the lead. I would also keep my squads closer so they could provide support to each other. Use one to assault while the other provides BOF, then switch off for the next objective. We were just spread to thin for the number of players we had.

    Thanks to all for a fun afternoon.
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    The mission

    In an attempt to showcase the Russian assets and weapons of the RHS mod a trilogy has been planned. This mission was the pilot mission which uses four of the mechanized assests available to the Russian forces.

    My understanding is that VDV division - the one we played - is the Airborne division.

    Second episode will feature MSV (Motor Rifle Troops) and VVS (Air Force) on Chernarous where you have to assault an airfield and use the assests located there to conduct further missions in the country of Chernarous.

    The Critics

    Originally posted by BadStache View Post
    the mission was difficult, the intel was a bit weak
    Remember, the mission was designed for 43 players and to my disappointment this pilot episode did not receive the love I was hoping for. 16 players to start means we are under strength big time. We soldiered on and still played it though to my delight.

    In terms of intel, the enemy vehicles positions in real time as well their type known to the players was a very big intel. How this was used can be only told by the Dimi's team.

    In the hindsight, as I the medic of the HQ element I was closer to the action nearby Stache's team. The roving patrols in the valley between the starting point and the Hill 114 was simply ignored and passed over which haunted us later by attacking us from the rear. Combined with the reinforcements from the front and Frini Stache's squad and HQ team was surrounded on multiple occasions.

    Althought the BMP3 was nearby us in presence, they were ineffective in helping us get rid of surrounding infantry and we felt that big time. Enemy infantry would advance without much casualties on us even though the BMP 3 was right next to us.

    Also, I would think that when it was clear that we were under strength, an adjustment should have been made to keep the whole team together instead of separating them still.

    BTR has a thin skin and is mainly used for troop transport. Small arms fire can shoot through to kill the crew. I think the driver of the BTR was the first casualty. That being said, sending that vehicles towards the enemy Vehicle depot might have warranted its destruction. BMP3 being a tank like armor piece would have been a more suitable vehicle to take on enemy vics IMO.

    Then again, being the mission maker means I know what is what and which should go where. The fun for me as the mission designer is participating in the playthroughs under real CO-s taking it on for the first time and seeing different approaches whether they succeed or fail

    The PLaythrough

    I was the medic for the HQ team. I was expecting laid back standing around with the CO and XO kind of gameplay behind the frontlines. I got into some crazy situations and loved the whole gameplay.

    Fired the first shots from the HMG of the vehicles while we raced the valley full of random shots here and there. Got onto the HMG and provided the suppressing fire while Stache's team assaulted the Hill 114. Then CO, XO and me just the three of us held our position while what seemed like multiple troops advanced on us from multiple directions. Then we re-positioned on Hill 114 and weathered the counter-attack on Hill 114.

    I have really died once so far up until here, although I went down multiple times and got revived. After what seemed like a very chaotic defense on Hill 114 we mounted up and moved to the Chapel to take help Stache's team take that. This is where we ran out of tickets.

    XO dies first while manning the HMG on that MRAP. Then CO jumps in to man the gun also gets killed. All while we were trying to hold Chapel and fight against the oncoming counter-attack. BMP3 was with us but was not much help.

    Badstache was field promoted as he was next in command but he soon died also. In the meantime Dimi and his FTL also perished. That means a Junior Sergeant named Phoenix was field promoted to carry on the show. Now that the tickets were out we were on much heightened sense of preservation for our lives. Extra careful to check on each other and extra effort to revive those who are down.

    After the tickets ran out, a death meant spectating. We were getting pounded from all directions at the Chapel, even a deadly grenadier tried to end us there. Phoenix gave the order to mount up into the BMP3 and we hauled ass out of there back to the starting point.

    While were in the ride I found out about tully's trouble with the Russian BMP3 gun and how it is zeroed to 1600 or something and understood why BMP3 was so ineffective. Plus Lion complained about how difficult it is to drive the thing around.

    We came to the rescue of the remainder of Dimi's team which had only 3 people left. Loaded them up and finished the vehicle depot objectives.

    A plan was devised for the military compounds objective, and infantry was dismounted close by. I followed Phoenix and BMP3 gunner tully figured out how to work his main gun. He was deadly after that. Destroying both of the Anti Air installments with his main gun from distance.

    Infantry moved in and cleared the tall tower and killed the warlord. We encountered some USMC Marine Recon teams with the warlord. After a bit a USMC huey helicopter flew in and tried to drop off a squad to engage us but BMP 3 was deadly again and did not even give them a chance to unload.

    The fight for Frini went smooth. The last capture zone, the graveyard was a bloodbath though. We had bad nades and all that and full on close quarters combat inside that thing. I went down and was about to see the end of the mission when an enemy soldier kills me right when the Mission Success comes on. Kinda poetic.

    Final words

    Although the revive system was put in to facilitate some teamwork, the certain death that occurs while manning the HMG (how the CO and XO died) is a big turn off. I have been wanting to move away from revive for a while now and will start to implement this want. Second and third episode will not feature revive but rather a more complex tickets system that can be replenished as objectives are completed with multiple respawn points.

    This will allow medics to go back to being Platoon level element. The limited tickets will encourage cautious gameplay and rewards of more tickets will give second chances for those who died and spectating to come back in as reinforcement waves.
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      Yeah the BTR was a tin can, our Gunner got dropped from something, I think a random HMG round. But we got revenge with Trace killing their BTR with a random HE round. With such thin armor it made me worried about where I put the BTR, which in turn made us not as effective at supporting Dimi's squad on the push to the vehicle depot. The hidden AA gun in the treeline outside the compound was our first real obstacle. After having fun trying to take that thing out we started taking rounds on the hill, when the BTR tried to engage it was destroyed by an RPG, with me going doing in the explosion. Dimi's squad pulled back and left me to bleed out next to the wreck of the BTR. It was only fair since I didn't go down with the rest of my crew.


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        The turn out was disappointing for this event. It will be a great great mission to play with a full roster. I understand though....this happens every spring to some event where people sign up...then the sun shines...and we all go outside to gaze at that yellow ball up in the sky we miss so dearly. I'm sorry this happened to your event B, but we can't predict it to the day. I'll post more thoughts on what we might do elsewhere.

        I really enjoyed the prep work and planning that HotDog put in. I did a bunch of planning to be ready for the vehicles and XO duties. But since there was no real need for XO after go time, I really only thought of myself as a security element for the CO. We had a heck of a fight as you can read above.

        On the subject of intel, it appeared that this mission used the AI Spawnpoint module? I didn't look at it close enough but that was the impression I got during the game play (I could hear the music when they spawn). The intel might have included that the expected enemy response to our actions would be to stream in reinforcements. That our objectives might very well be to grab the assigned sectors, but that our objective was not to occupy and hold them from counter attack. These details help a mission commander plan and react appropriately.

        Planning needs to account for the actions you intend to take after you capture an area. Do you capture then destroy equipment? Capture and hold? Catch and release? lol

        With regards to the proposed no revive scenario...I like the complexity of using tickets being added as objectives are completed. This is a nice creative touch. I'm very interested.

        It was fun to watch the remaining players regroup and move forward on the objectives. I thought we were going to have to call the mission at the Chapel...but kudos to you guys for seeing it through. It made for great TV!

        Thanks for the game.
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          |TG| B, I died on that same MRAP HMG. Watching the game-play after I died was lots of fun. Being in another TS channel was also fun as we could freely comment, cheer, etc. without you survivors hearing us.

          Revive - No revive is a tough option to sort out. I liked your old medical system where non-medics could stabilize (and revive if needed). I wish we could have a mix of that and the BI injury system. I'd like to see non-medics being able to stabilize but not revive and ONLY medics being able to revive. Increase the revive timer to make it riskier under fire. Tickets can still be used but their biggest problem is when the mission isn't an event mission. Random pubbies eating up tickets and ruining the mission for everyone.

          The bottom line for me is that players get to play. I've seen too many players get Arma'd then have to sit out the mission. We have to find a good method of keeping players playing while keeping the mission challenging.
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            BadStache I think that the tickets are there to allow for those who get "ArmA'd" then we should be fine with this model. For those that just stick their neck out around the corner that their buddy just got beaned at...welll...they can wait until the next phase of the mission to get back in the game sometimes.

            Once you complete a phase of objectives then you would get another bunch of tickets to get players back in. This seems like a good balance to me.

            I also like this better than player tickets. It makes for some group pressure to conserve combat power. It doesn't allow me to not care what you do with your own tickets....your tickets affect my tickets. I love that peer pressure component...even if it may come back to bite me with some newb someday.
            |TG-189th| Unkl
            ArmA 3 Game Officer
            Dean of Tactical Gamer University
            189th Infantry Brigade Member
            "We quickly advance in the opposite direction and take cover in a house on the SW side of town." - BadStache


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              I like what B is talking about and look forward to trying it out. As I sit here and think about it, some missions lend themselves to no respawn, others to tickets, and some to unlimited lives. I'm cool with that. Alongside that is what the mission maker has in mind when they build the mission. And I think that what sets TG apart from other communities is the variety. The missions are not cookie cutter missions. In any given day you can play a wide variety of missions with or without respawn, with or without tickets, and with or without other game mechanics. I guess, in the end, the average player is so "in" to the game that they never question those mechanics and they have a fun experience.
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