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Two Bridges Too Far - May 15th, 2017

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  • [AAR] Two Bridges Too Far - May 15th, 2017

    Monday turned out to be a pretty good gaming time as we played multiple custom made scenarios one after another.

    The mission

    Made by DMZ Scout Scout and Bond679 this was mission was loaded since it was one of the newest ones in the mission submission thread. Set in the map "Proving Grounds", first came to the Arma stage with the PMC DLC in the Arma 2 days, the map is an aftermath of a nuclear bomb explosion. You can see this by the eerie color of all buildings that are left standing and all the vehicle wrecks everywhere, not to mention the huge crater in the middle of this small map.

    The players assume the role of a mechanized type of squads tasked with clearing two bridges on this map. A system of bunkers stand in the way. The players have M113 APCs available to them and they have their trusty M4s with iron sights only.

    The playthrough

    l was not paying too much attention to the briefing as mmetully took charge on this mission. I was slotted in as an AAR. But as soon as we loaded in, one of the sharper ones told everybody, there is an arty coming... Everybody scrambled and went into our bunkers and I was by myself in a bunker... The artillery strike hit and the screen shook like no tomorrow. Terrifying stuff.

    We loaded into the M113s and started to move up to the first bridge area. I was driving one of the M113s and having an easy time for the beginning part of the mission, all cozy, watching the infantry under fire outside. Then things started to go awry as more and more fire was coming in and the enthusiastic M113 that was in front of us started to get a couple of rockets from an unknown position.

    I stayed in my cozy seat watching all this in a hull down position while my gunner fire away trying to return the favor. But there was a mass casualty situation with tully down as well as the ChangeThisXBL - our engineer was also down and incapacitated people were all over the place. I jumped out and revived the medic and started to direct fire and got us back in the fight. This meant I was field promoted on the spot and Lion and the medic was given to me and we were to assault one of the bunkers.

    Now this is when I experienced the infantry combat on this mission. Iron sights meant we had to close the distance and actually face the enemy up close and personal to be able to kill them. Suppressing and advancing had to be implemented. Use of proper ground and natural cover was essential to advance successfully. In addition to the big bunkers which had bunch of bad dudes, there were many small bunkers. We had to assess where the fire was coming from, what kind of threats would be there when we advanced etc... Anyway real thinking man's firefight. No more shoot from afar until everything is dead and then advance... We had to move, asses, advance and kill...

    Our numbers grew and I started to get a couple of more guys as we advanced. Big bunkers went down and we kept advancing. One incident that stuck with was the rescue of FiniFelix. We just took a big bunker after some artful maneuvers. Then Felix was trying to catch up with us and got shot up in the field. We were already down to our last magazines and asking for spares from each other. All the while under fire from two different big bunkers. I had two friendlies down including the medic and the Chichco just outside. After getting the medic up and instructing him to get Chichco up I gathered those who were on top floor. I knew that Felix was down in the field and with the amount of fire coming in, I was half leaning on letting him bleed out and die there... Then it turned out everybody gathered up and was ready to move with me. At the last second I decided that Felix should be saved and we all ran out to the open ground where he was and deployed smokes and returned fire, while the medic worked on him and got him up.The whole thing took just a couple of seconds it seemed like. We did not sustain more casualties to complicate things further and Felix was up and with us... We all ran back to our bunker feeling a bit lucky. Good thing too, as he had bunch of extra mags for both the AR and us riflemen. Plus he stuck with our raggedy team until the end of the mission.

    Loved the mission as it was a great gameplay and a real challenge with the iron sights. The map gives it a very nice atmosphere. Thanks for putting it together authors... Tully commanded the playthrough although there were some hickups and setbacks he stuck with it and the server population grew by quite a bit. Thanks for stepping up and leading it all the way through.
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