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  • [AAR] Malden is Here!

    We finally got to experience Malden, the much anticipated new A3 map from Bohemia. We had the opportunity to run a couple of different Zeus missions, last night. The terrain lends itself to some difficult movement with sparse vegetation and lots of open ground. My first time on the map saw me suddenly switching from AR to being Lead as Unkl lost connection and just couldn't get back online. Luckily he had already developed a solid plan to assault a small town where we would have 3 objectives. Or small team quickly grew to a nice size squad with Fireforeffect taking a FTL role and helping push thru the town. Being on new terrain I was very cautious as we moved into the town and this caution allowed us to handle contacts fairly quickly with only a few fatalities. As we moved on our last objective a new objective popped up and mortars started landing nearby. It seems the Malden welcome wagon wanted to show us what they had in store. As we assaulted the mortar position, Fire would take a sniper round to the chest as he breached the compound. Being right behind him I quickly pushed past the gate that bore his guts and pushed further along the wall. I would take MG fire into my kidneys as I breached. The squad rallied and overwhelmed the enemy and then revived Fire and myself.

    As we were assaulting, 'B' would join in and meet us with a pick-up to RTB and re-gear for the next mission. With this mission I would switch over to Zeus and B would take the lead role. This time it was a radio tower that needed to be destroyed on the opposite end of the island. 'B', always a good leader, moved his troops expertly thru the AO, often getting ahead of Zeus. They handled the 2 enemy squads with ease and so quickly that Frodo was inbound in a Little Bird with a couple of JIP's when the mission cleared. And now we had a problem. There were too many men for the Little Bird so 3 were left behind to await Frodo's return. As the rest of the team flew back to base our 3 survivors would be captured by a local Warlord and moved a couple of clicks away. 'B' would quickly reorganize his team for the rescue mission and within minutes, a ghosthawk was landing the forces. There were 3 enemy fire teams in the village and the rescuers would quickly took out 2. Frodo, I guess feeling the guilt of leaving mean behind joined the ground hunt for the captives. His efforts would end when he tripped a bounding mine and couldn't be found. The Warlord learned that he should maybe use a weapon with more than a 7-round mag as our team stormed the house where he was holding the captives. That reload in the middle of combat will get you every time.

    Everyone would RTB safely as new members joined in. Being TGU Thursday I set up a fixed-wing CAS mission to allow for some practicing of 5-line procedures. This is something I would like to do more often so we get better at calling in air support. It's a simple thing but if we don't know it we don't use it and we give bad CAS requests. Simply telling CAS to hit a lazed target can lead to disaster and a rocket up the back side. The first targets were stationary in a small village which gave the ground team a good opportunity to call in precise attacks and make corrections as needed. Meanwhile, DMZ Scout and Bond679 were holding rear security. And by security I mean they were marking rally points if the team needed to pull back and actually going out and checking the area for bad guys. Eventually, the bad guys would show up. Those RP's that Bond and Scout had marked came in very handy as the ground team had to withdraw and start movement for an extract. Enemy squads started pursuing from the village just hit by our planes and ground was able to call in very precise CAS runs against the ground troops.

    Lead now shifted to Fire and Bond as they lead the squad to a town for exfil. There would be sporadic enemy contacts along the route with more air support called in to deal with the occasional hardened target. Pushing across the open ground saw excellent bounding maneuvers and use of over-watch. Fire and Bond would conduct a house to house clearing as they moved thru the exfil area, making sure there were no more surprises. With Frodo providing gunship cover, I would fly in with a Blackhawk and pick up our entire ground team without further incident.

    Welcome to Malden, troops.
    “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.”

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    Very nice AAR stache! Im really enoying the new map. As always a great job by zues(s). That .50...did not feel great ha


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      We had a great time thanks for Zeusing!! Scout did all the 'Scouting' as I was medic and just hid in the bunker for the majority of the time. I thought it was pretty cool when I was scanning the area and found the giant green bunker overwatching our position from the NE. The new terrain makes for new discoveries.

      Anyway in the end, Blue team was able to pull it off.




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