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TvT Event Paraiso 1 JULY 2017

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  • [AAR] TvT Event Paraiso 1 JULY 2017

    Nice mission and I enjoyed the team versus team environment. It was also nice touch and made it manageable for all sides to have only one of the four control points able to be recaptured by the defending forces.

    The mission started out pitting four Blufor against four Independent Forces in the City of Paraiso. I was assigned the leader of the Blufor team. The force ratio was equal which gave the advantage to the defending forces. Having only four shooters to attack a static position in an urban area limited options but I was very impressed with the way we adapted to and overcame the situation. I only was able to stay onboard to capture three o the four control points, however our team BadStache Dragoon and @ LT.John exhibited a high degree of communication, teamwork and initiative.

    Movement- Moved initially as two man teams from different directions with the hope to establish a base of fire element and an assault element. In the end this proved very difficult because once one two man team sustained a casualty they were basically combat ineffective and unable to complete their role in the attack in a coordinated fashion. We did obtain some success with suppressive fires to cover an assault at the Alpha control point but it was not without a few respawns and stealth. We went about attacking control point Bravo in the similar fashion but again after two attempts we decided to change tactics and moved as one four man element bounding as two man buddy teams. We took control point Bravo which is where I exhibited a high degree of stupidity and lack of patience after attempting three times to enter into the same doorway and up the same stairs with the same tactics and dying each time the same way. Fortunately I was working with some hard chargers and solid shooters who were able to overcome my weakness and we the Objective. It was noted that when moving across large open areas, it was beneficial to increase spacing and maximize intervals between men.

    Planning- I believe good leadership and decision making involves good listening, open mindedness and flexibility. While I might have been tagged the Squad Leader, most plans involved valuable input and suggestions from the whole group. This was a good group to war game with, reliable, thoughtful, creative shooters who left egos at the slot selection screen. For the three control points that I was involved with in their capture, most plans involved the inclusion of some kind of diversionary tactic. Whether it be feigned movements, recon by fire or smoke we tried to make the opposing force believe we were attacking from one direction while we used stealth and deliberate movements towards another angle of attack.

    Execution- The team used careful planning, input from all team members, evaluation of the terrain and past experiences to develop a plan that was executed by using coordinated, deliberate and patient teamwork. Communication was the key with coordinating the movements and the execution. At control point Charlie, the assault element used stealth and deliberate movements using speed and cover to move within close rage of the OBJ. While holding fast to await the over-watch and diversionary elements (lol, one guy each) to get into position, an unfortunate adversary stumbled onto our position which prompted quick action. He was eliminated in a hail of small arms fire at close range and the assault was on. Communication between team members was essential to maintain situational awareness of the unplanned development. All stepped it up a notch. We took the control point.

    Airdrop- The resupply crate was airdropped and caught a wind gust that was not in our favor. As I find often, my hasty approach the results from a lapse in patience resulted in me running straight into gunfire from an Independent force at the crate.

    Final Assault- I could not stay to see the mission conclusion, however I was able to respawn two more times after I ran out into the open trying to flank the objective and my final respawn was the result of my indecison and difficulty with low crawling in and around the nastiest brush ever found. With stealth, i low crawled into an Independent player who was also lying in wait. I thought I saw movement and was about to open up but decided to hold fire and sneak in and around the bush to confirm what I saw. I confirmed what I thought I saw and also left most of my face spread about that enemy bush obstacle.

    I really enjoyed the mission and the team I played with was exceptional, thanks fellas!

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    Sorry for the late response...

    This match was very very close. I know the attackers must have felt like it was a massive uphill battle but we played the mission twice.

    The first time through was daylight and even though no one really took SL for the defenders that ended up being myself by default I guess. The team had great communication all the way through and we had to split up to defend the multiple avenues of attack at each location because of the small numbers.

    It was Canada Day here where I am and a long weekend for the US as well so we knew there was not likely going to be a big turn out. We were quite happy that the mission balance was still pretty much even because the attackers ended up having us split up at Delta and if they had another few minutes they were likely to have taken that final location for the win.

    The second play through we decided to play with no night vision and flashlights only at 11pm. Wow! Was that fun!

    The most memorable moment in that mission for me was while moving from Charlie to fall back and defend Delta I was running with Rudolf as my buddy and the airdrop came down about 250 meters to our east. I think it was Dragoon that was now on defense and we were attacking. Anyway, Dragoon had made it to the airdrop and was capturing it by himself. We had Rudolf lay down fire and fix him in the position while I flanked up from the left side onto the airdrop. It sure makes for an intense moment trying to capture that when it lands in the moment.

    If you don't get it you know that your enemies can resupply before them move on Delta so it is vital to gain control of that resupply. So when I finally got the nerve to approach that ammo crate I was relieved to see that Rudolf had scored good hits on target and we were able to resupply before falling back to defend Delta.

    Thanks for the game...I just love this playing against thinking and counter-attacking players. Much more intense kind of fun in those moments!
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