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  • [AAR] Head-On Contact

    Yesterday's attempt at a Tvt-Zeus event didn't work as planned. I blame it on summer. Nice weather and warm temps tend to chase us into the outdoors. Having said that, we adapted and overcame by turning it into a coop mission. I want to thank everyone that did participate and I hope you all enjoyed it. I want to hear from you about your experiences. What I saw was nice movement and good reaction to contact. Let me know what you all thought.

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    The scenario was great guys. I really enjoyed the terrain and the options for trying to get to a town and recon the objective which was a bit of a puzzle. I'm really curious as to how you guys might have turned this into a TvT objective and with more notice on the event I'm sure we will find a population ready for this challenge.

    I was SL and B was lead of Alpha-1-2 and we had a recon element of two which was Alpha-1-3.....Eliaphas and one other. We did a squad version of a bounding overwatch to get to our recon spot. From there we identified a fortified compound of interest and then moved up B's team into an assaulting position. The assault went smoothly considering we had 5 guns on the Base Of Fire and quite likely took out all enemies except those still hiding inside the buildings.

    I then had to go after we began to search the village. We'd found the device and were searching for the UN personnel when I had to go for RL.

    Really enjoyed the mission and the folks who were on that day. Thank you all for a great game and big thanks to Badstache & MadSoloSniper for putting that mission together!
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    "We quickly advance in the opposite direction and take cover in a house on the SW side of town." - BadStache


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      Originally posted by Unkl View Post
      I'm really curious as to how you guys might have turned this into a TvT objective...
      If I told you I'd have to kill you. Still want to try the idea out because I think it has potential.


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        I was a rifleman in B's team. We were assigned to cover the recon teams movement initially. I was shot at a couple of times but never saw the shooter. The fire we received was single shot sniper fire. Accurate but not enough to ruin your day, just enough to make you want find and stay in cover.

        I was pulled away about 45 minutes into the Event and never made it back.

        I liked the concept and enjoyed what I saw of the mission. Nice jon to BadStache and MadSoloSniper for adjusting the mission on the fly from TvT to CO-Op. Well done fellas!




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