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co21_Maritime_Operations_v1 7-12-2017

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  • [AAR] co21_Maritime_Operations_v1 7-12-2017

    co21_Maritime_Operations_v1 7-12-2017

    After playing through a couple of my personal favorites (CO26_Op_Crown_Royal.Altis and RHS_CO26_Op_GarlicBreadStick_VI.Altis), we moved on to DMZ Scout 's new Tanoan mission Maritime Operations. BadStache , CaptainShawn123 , DMZ Scout , Cullen , Daniel, Rooflest, and Lt. John, with Daniel in the lead first split into two airborne units and had a great time laying fire with rockets and mini guns, neutralizing enemy at the first 'platform' before rappelling down and clearing it to use as a rearming platform for our further assault. After our initial success, we split into one air and one waterborne unit, with Stache, Roof and John manning our H-1 'Viper', and the rest of us in a gunboat known as 'Boat', and on occasion 'Frog'.

    The second platform went down quite easily with Viper killing all enemy assets that were in the open from a distance, minimizing our chance of loss. When 'Boat Team' approached, we had only to clear out one or two EI located in prefab metal 'huts' on the platform. The third and final platform was a little trickier, with heavy weapons and a mortar team making it hard for our Viper team to engage effectively. Daniel was able to actually 'snipe' the HW EI from our perch platform two before 'Frog Team' closed the distance and assaulted. After reaching platform three, we destroyed the enemy assets and found some valuable intel from a junky red 'conex box' that looked perfect to contain 'valuable intel.' Viper then handily took out a fleeing enemy commander in a boat with several well placed rockets / mini gun bursts.


    Finally, we assaulted the bridge to the north, as we were tasked with taking out mines impeding our maritime progress. The enemy valued this position most of all, as we found it guarded by both six manned towers and two large military tower complex things. (you know the ones I am talking about) . We assaulted with Viper making NW to SE gun and rocket runs on the bridge, well placed mortar rounds that we fired from platform two, and GLs from the gunboat. ("Caps I need 23.52 meters, direction one one zero") Viper was especially effective as I am almost positive that the splash they made after being shot down on their third gun run, washed at least one of the danged invincible AI off of the bottom of the bridge pylons. Regardless of the time it took, we eventually secured the bridge and readied for disarming of the mines. It was at this time, that we noticed that our EOD Specialist Cullen had disconnected due to the late hour. We also found that the 'Arsenal' option in the boats was not functioning and we were without explosives or heavy enough caliber ammunition to set off the mines. As I suited up in a wet suit and re breather to approach the last mine, our own CaptainShawn123 took the initiative and despite our vehement objections, gave his own virtual life, speeding to the mine in our boat and ramming the last mine. We were not as sad at this loss as you would think, since as stated above, we had just played everyone's favorite 'die-a-thon' RHS_CO26_Op_HoneyRyeRye_VI.Altis, whose author is Caps and during which, we each died at least 126 times.

    I will state again, that even with a unique, well thought out mission like this, the fun comes from who you play with and what their attitude is towards the inevitable caveats that will arise in Arma. So despite the fact that we all glitched through the Carrier deck to our deaths, got Arma'd by the buggy a** boats multiple times, got stuck in the water and whatever else happened that I was not aware of, the fact remains that I laughed for over two hours and will remember this mission as a ton of fun for as long as my limited retention will allow.

    In short, I would like to thank DMZ Scout for taking the time to give us this platform for our amusement, and the rest of you sorry lot for playing with me.

    Above : End of mission with wet suit, re breather and SAW.

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    For the record, I never fell through the carrier deck. I did get shot down and had a bad landing that required repairs but I NEVER walked into the abyss. You know it's a good session when all you hear over comms is DMZ Scout laughing uncontrollably.
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      Bond679 you along with |TG| B take the cake for some of the best AAR's. You are spot on about having fun while trying your best to keep it tactical. Although it might not have been flawless, when you think about it, the combined arms assaults (boats, helicopters, infantry) had to use a decent amount of communication and coordination to prevent friendly fire and leave most casualties for Arma and evil placed AI. Without mature and patient gamers, the fun would have been absent, so thanks to all who joined in. greatGoD67 did his best to lead us to success and as usual played it cool. BadStache took to the skies which eventually paved the way to practice some of the CAS training that was done over the past month. Nice job on getting those shot up birds back before having to ditch in the water!

      I am feeling my way through Zeus which led to me deleting an important part of the Carrier which led to a number of falls, sorry guys, really can;t blame Arma for that one, it was all me, along with the helicopter explosion at mission start. I have made a series of changes and additions taken from the suggestions of the players and to correct a number of editor oversights. You guys rock! The Zeus option is nice to have especially for placing down the occasionally suicide insurgent boat.

      CaptainShawn123 thank you for your superb boat piloting and patience. Your help with the mortars was cool and fooled me. I, along with the last few to hang in there for the end, appreciate your sacrifice with the last naval mine (lol).

      Good times!




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