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  • [AAR] Shell Game July 15

    Thank you to each and everyone who signed up and participated in Shell Game. Not the 36 players it was built for but the great group we had did a great job. A few issues at the start that weren't present in testing and an early heli crash caused some issues that were quickly overcome. I knew there was a reason I had the squad split between the 2 helicopters. My apologizes for the errors and I will take it as an opportunity to do better on the next one.

    Breaker 1-3 was able to take on all tasks intended for 3 sections. Good leadership from Lt. John. This was his first foray into Platoon Lead and Unkl was alongside as UAV operator to provide answers to any questions that may have popped up. Good squad and fire team leadership that put it all together and executed with minimal casualties. I hope my take-off in the broken bird was as dramatic for those on the ground as it was for me. You should have seen my landing. Nailed it! That beast was rattling and beeping all the way back.

    I'd love to hear everybody's impressions and viewpoints of the mission so write them up.
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    Stache, I am glad you got this mission out there. It was fun and I hope to play it in the role of a ground pounder this time. Dragoon and I slotted in a helicopter pilots, Cherokee 1-1 and 1-2. One of the cool things about Arma that i have always appreciated is the realism of Murphys Law and factoring in the unexpected into your mission planning. We were assigned to lift Breaker 1-3 or 3-1 to LZ Blue along with their sling loaded Zodiaks. One helicopter crashed on lift off (Murphys Law) and the other lost it Zodiak mid-flight. Our leadership took the whole thing in stride and continued forward. I ferried a few troops to the AO once the operation was underway. Then I 'executed' an unintentional hard landing into a mountain near the CP. No worries I survived but the helo did not.

    Listening into the operation unfold, I was impressed with how smooth the leadership was communicating and controlling troop actions. This mission has quite a few slots but only about 12 were filled. No worries, we have some of the best that show up for the Event mission that take of business, make it fun while taking care of business.

    Great use of the UAV and I liked the Command and Control piece with the CO and UAV working together along with the squad leaders in he field.

    Great job Stache, nice flying and thanks to the players who showed up to make it a good one!


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      This was a great mission and I'm with Scout in the fact that this one was a long time coming. Great objectives, great difficulty and it forced some very good tactical decisions.

      Lt John did a great job of lead and we had B and Browna come in as excellent squad leaders. Lt John is a relative new comer to TG but is more than capable and things ran very smoothly. The job of UAV slash CO's personal pilot was pretty easy. Kept the UAV at a height of about 500m for most of the time and they didn't even know we had eyes on 'em. Was able to mark up over 9 static weapons that were all over that hill at the CSAT research facility.

      As the infantry squads moved up the north face of the hill they were able to easily get the jump on the enemies bunkers that were protecting that approach. Before I knew it all the enemy static weapons were down and the teams were moving forward into the main facility.

      Apparently there was one slight mishap as a mechanic falsely identified himself as the research scientist which proved to be his last utterance. I guess he thought he was in for a plush job with DARPA. Boy, was he wrong.

      All in all, was a great event and anyone not there missed a great several hours of fun!
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        A funny thing happened during the mission. When I built the mission I gave reduced health to the 2 captive pilots (to simulate injuries from getting shot down). When I tested the mission and slotted as one of the captives it worked as designed. However, when we did the mission for real, they weren't injured. I really wanted them to be limping and bloody so the Breaker team would have to deal with that when they rescued them. So, having Zeus access, I reduced my health to about 45% but instead of just being injured I became incapacitated. Now I required a revive with Breaker nowhere near. I asked Cody if he could revive me but I already knew the answer because I made sure the enemy had stripped the captives of anything valuable, including FAKs. I quickly gave Cody a couple of FAKs and he was able to revive me. Then something odd happened. The AI started shooting. At first I thought they were engaging Breaker until I got hit. Filthy animals were shooting at me. Down I go again. Suddenly I have the realization that they shot at me because I had lost my captive state when I got revived. Because the captive pilots were actual Blufor I was in a bad situation. If Cody revived me again I would just get shot again. So, I decided to handle this through Zeus. I would have Cody revive me and immediately "Hide Zeus". This would make me invisible and keep me alive until Breaker could clear the enemy from the detention center. But as I waited for Cody to revive me, I heard vehicles and then angry CSAT soldiers were running around the detention center. The reinforcements had arrived. About 2 1/2 squads were swarming the compound and Breaker was watching it all from about a click out.

        Needless to say, Breaker was able to put together a plan and successfully assault the compound. Cody would then move with Breaker as they assaulted the research facility and I would fly the damaged Ghosthawk back to base then grab a new helo and shift into the role of transport and CAS pilot.

        Lesson Learned? Sometimes you just have to roll with the flow and let the broken things be broken.
        “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.”




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