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Tvt Attack & Defend - Paraiso Jul 17

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  • [AAR] Tvt Attack & Defend - Paraiso Jul 17

    Wow what a memorable 3 hours we had as we played this mission back to back. I also have not cursed so much in a 3 hour window since I was playing CSS back before TG! But wow...for a night where I was going to go to sleep early and suddenly it was is going to stick in my mind for a long time to come.

    So I played on a team with Scout, Dragoon, Bond and a new fella Kameron I think his name was. We had a great team. We also couldn't have been worse! It was hilarious in how many ways we got our wires crossed!

    It was also one of those nights in TvT that no matter that I had the jump on the enemy, no matter that I pulled the trigger with the crosshair on target first....I always went down first.

    I was also really happy with the performance and balance of the mission.

    The first time we were attackers and we lost before we even captured Alpha because Daniel kept his team together and in a good tight group. They ended up killing us to bleed our tickets. Great job Independents!

    Then we switched sides and played again...this time Alpha was taken in the first 5 minutes. Before mission half time when Independents would get a ticket bonus Blufor was already attacking Delta!

    So many funny moments along the way where we ended up team killing each other...miscommunicating, getting spread out....we were textbook not so good. was so intense and I really appreciated the games all!
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    I was medic with Daniel's team, both as independent defenders then as Blufor attackers. I think I had 3 kills the entire night. First as a defender, I saw movement to the NW and called it out but lost eyes. Teammates engaged and said an attacker was down. Then I saw a player run from the direction I'd seen movement and I opened up. It was my first kill and it was a teammate. I had no more kills as a defender but was killed a couple of times and was able to get back to defend Alpha. As an attacker, I understand your frustration with getting killed. As we attack Alpha, I get killed without firing a shot. My team captures the building and then get me up. We're moving to Bravo and are stacked on a wall near Alpha. I get killed without ever know where I was shot from. I laid there until bleed out. I join back up and we move on Bravo from a different direction. This time we capture it cleanly but are taking fire from a rooftop. I spot the shooter in the thick fog and fire one round. They disappear. For our attack on Charlie I take ShifT122 with me to set up a BOF to the NE of Charlie. However, in the fog we wind up on the immediate east of Charlie and I get my second kill. It was ShifT and he had moved to my front right and when I saw a guy in the fog turn my direction I opened up. Oops. I got him up and we moved to the south of Charlie to see if we could get on the roof. ShifT starts climbing the ladder and calls out contacts on the roof. I never see the mass of fire directed my way but I'm dead. Running back in, I make it to the church compound across from Charlie and get on the roof of the church as the rest of the team caps Charlie. As I try to get down I fall to my death. Running back in I see the supply drop and I'm close. I go prone behind the crate just seconds after it lands and try to get my team over for backup. I could here my team close-by engaging the other side when we get the message that the supply drop is ours. Seconds later I'm dead as an independent member comes around the corner and kills me instantly. Too bad, too sad, you didn't get to have any goodies from the crate. I run back in from Alpha and join up with Lt. John near the barns. Then we start pushing into the Delta buildings. I enter the rear building with no opposition and make it to the roof. I peak the barricades and see a contact on the opposite roof and take him out. I see no more contacts and crossover only to be wrecked. I'm running again from Alpha. I make it back and enter to join up with my guys in the rear building. As I run up to the third floor I get killed. It was Lt. John, who had been having issues of not getting a radio when he respawned. He never heard me announce myself. Luckily, he was able to revive me and we all stacked up for a final push on Delta. On the roof I run to a corner only to be engaged from the other roof. My team gets one guy and I peak only to be shot by another of the defenders. I held my corner ,after being revived, as the other guys crossed-over to cap Delta. I never got a shot off as independents popped out on my roof. I was running again as we took delta. I died 7 times on that mission and toward the end I was just the bullet catcher. I had a blast.
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      It was a good night, we had a lot of familiar faces on the server and thankfully even some new folks were willing to work together to attack/defend. Im really liking the TvT missions, and hope we can get some more in the future, maybe even some desert missions.

      The main memory for me from the night was when things got quiet so independant decided to send out some feelers to find out where blufor was. I ended up at the top of a huge tower looking for Blufor. I heard a noise below me, and spotted an inquisitive Blufor scouting alpha, I stupidly shot him, then decided to repel off the tower. Not two feet down the rope did I notice the other 4 members of Blufor. rather than continue to repel, I jumped onto text chat begging them not to shoot me, but to my detriment, sidechat does not communicate to the other team. Eventually someone looked up and returned the favor.

      Overall, thanks to everyone who participated





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