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Operation Echo Burning - Tactical Tuesday July 26

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  • [AAR] Operation Echo Burning - Tactical Tuesday July 26

    ♦ Pre-Operation Complete ♦
    Special forces unit conducted supporting tasks behind enemy lines. They completed successful strikes against vital military infrastructure and supplies in support of the main offensive. The ChDKZ forces were also in a state of confusion, unable to pinpoint their attackers from the resulting destruction.

    Primary Task:
    - Ambush Fuel Convoy (Neutralized)
    The resulting lack of fuel forced the ChDKZ to ground their jets.
    - Evac at Devil's Castle
    Friendly forces managed to successfully evac out of hostile territory and regroup in Allied Controlled Territory.

    Optional Task:
    - Destroy Radar Installation (Neutralized)
    Without a proper radar installation, the ChDKZ long-range anti-aircraft missiles were blind. They were forced to rely on short range shoulder mounted missiles.

    ♦ Operation Complete ♦
    Secure 1st Defensive Line (Cleared)
    I. Secure Strongpoints:
    ChDKZ forces have established fortifications in and around the market. They have blocked the main road into Zelenogorsk with heavy vehicle support. ChDKZ Foward HQ is located within a farmhouse. The HQ will most likely have heavy weapon emplacements and entrenched Infantry.

    Secure 2nd Defensive Line (Cleared)
    I. Secure Pustoshka:
    Pustoshka is covering the western flank of the second line. They have established fortifications at the church and the industrial yard.

    II. Secure Rogovo and Pogorevka
    The two towns make up the eastern flank of the second line. Rogovo houses the majority of the defenders on this flank. Pogorevka has a few fortifications and patrols around the church.

    Secure 3rd Defensive Line (Cleared)
    I. Secure Vybor
    Vybor houses the Main Command HQ for the ChDKZ defensive lines. The HQ is located at the supermarket and the office building at the center of the town. The ChDKZ main supply dump for their defensive line is located in the factory complex just outside of town, to the East. Expect both locations to be heavily guarded.

    II. Secure Kabanino
    The town houses the CdDKZ's main artillery battery within Western Chernarus. The artillery supply depot is located in a farming compound in the center of town. The guns and relay station are located to the north of the town. Secure or destroy the guns and caches.

    Secure Bukovina Airbase (Secured)
    The airbase defenses are split into three locations. The Main Barracks, Southern Hangars, and Northern Hangars. Secure and hold!

    The operation started out with friendly units behind enemy lines. They needed to use stealth and teamwork to complete the objectives. The first objective had them ambushing a fuel convoy heading to the airbase from the north. They, unfortunately, initiated contact to early against a scout vehicle ahead of the convoy. The engagement resulted in the base sending reinforcements and helicopters into the area. They managed to destroy all of the fuel trucks. They also managed to escape the reinforcements and search helicopters through clever maneuvering and patience. They decided to attempt to destroy the radar installation. However, before they could get there they came across a patrol. the enemy did not have access to NVGs but alerting a patrol would have caused the searching helicopters to pinpoint their location. So, instead of engaging the patrol, the friendly teams waiting for them to pass. At one point the patrol came within 10ft of friendly units! However, due to the lack of illumination, the friendly teams managed to stay hidden and proceeded to the radar installation. Once there, they went to work marking targets. They initiated contact, by accident, and launched a rocket at a group of vehicles. The resulting explosion cascaded into the radar town thus destroying it. At this point the enemy base was confused, randomly sending helicopters in search patterns, in an attempt to find what had caused the explosion. The friendly teams crossed open fields, evading patrols, and helicopter searchlights, in order to reach Devil's Castle. The castle was a predetermined landing zone. However, when the teams reached the LZ they found that it was already occupied by hostile forces. After a quick engagement, they exfiltrated and returned in time to start the main operation.

    No big concerns on the handling of the operation. Although perhaps take more time in identifying the vehicles in the convoy and accurately engaging the correct vehicles, without prematurely losing stealth.

    Main Operation:
    Friendly forces were tasked with clearing three defensive lines with the main objective being the capturing of Bukovina Airbase. The first line was cleared relatively quickly. I saw good use of forward recon elements marking targets and scouting potential patrols and objectives. Great job to |TG| B in taking the initiative and putting together a scouting element. The next objective took some time to get to due to ambushes within the forests. Great job to Unkl in setting up a defensive line against any potential counter-attacks. The second line took some time to secure. B took a squad into the Eastern Flank of the line and secured it using air support and cover to get into town and engage with the enemy. The western flank took a long time to secure with heavily entrenched infantry. Once it was secured a counter-attack was launched on the western flank with an artillery barrage, that forced friendly unit out of the area. Great job to DMZ Scout in getting everyone the heck out of the there and organizing a defense. The final defensive line was much more of the same. The western flank was much more difficult for the armored support since it was an urban area. The armor and units saw themselves constantly flanked as they were moving into the objective. Once all of the lines were secured they positioned themselves to assault Bukovina Airbase. The airbase was separated into three zones, Main Barracks, Southern Hangars, and Northern Hangars. B took the initiative and assaulted the hangars. Xorilliz and B_Wilco did a great job in providing aerial cover and long range bombardment with their Cobra Gunship. DMZ Scout used his heavy vehicle and secured the barracks while covering B's squad from across the airfield. Once the air base was secured a massive aerial assault was launched in an attempt to push friendly forces off of the base. However, DMZ Scout managed to rally everyone into a defensive posture and defeat the attack.

    I felt like everyone did an awesome job on this operation. Great teamwork and organization. I do feel in the urban environments that the teams could be put closer together. I notice quite a bit of friendly fire incidents due to people not knowing where each other were. However, everyone did a great and can't wait to see how everyone does next time! Additionally a shout out to Dimitrius for organizing and suggesting different radio frequencies for the growing size of players. It helped overall with squad communication. Thanks also to BadStache for giving me a hand in Zeus when I was getting overwhelmed.

    If you have any awesome screenshots, add them to the Screenshot Thread!

    If you have any clips or videos, add them to the Video Thread!
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    Originally posted by CaptainShawn123 View Post
    The resulting lack of fuel forced the ChDKZ to ground their jets.
    aww, we missed out on fighting jets? none the less, I am excited to see the L-159's appearance next week! :)

    It was a great mission and the AAR helped me understand what was going on in the urban environment, I was unaware on that info. Seems like anyone on ground didn't have the time to twiddle their thumbs.
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