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Wild Goose Chase, Tactical Tuesday, 09 May 2018

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  • [AAR] Wild Goose Chase, Tactical Tuesday, 09 May 2018

    I'm happy to report that last night we had a big group (16 or so) try Wild Goose Chase (v1.96).
    Thanks to Scout for that.

    From what I saw the session was a big success, and many of those who remained at the end expressed thorough enjoyment.

    I'm also happy to report that the mission appeared to work flawlessly. I'm not aware of any broken script issues. We exercised at least the following mission scripting capabilities subset:
    -- TFAR support
    -- engineers cutting fences
    -- HALO
    -- medical building (/"rave club" as Scout put it... keep your pants on, please :)
    -- medevac/taxi helicopter
    -- "item in base" Intel mission
    -- "defector/asylum requestor" Intel mission
    -- "downed Greyhawk UAV" Intel mission
    -- "Captured Goose" endgame mission
    -- EOS system
    -- weapon holstering
    -- cruise missiles support
    -- TG revive/drag functions (hedgehog believes drag can cause problems, so use at your own risk - I can't live without it, so I had to keep it)
    -- "survivable helo crashes" script (Nova had a movie moment...)

    We had split up into 2 groups, with Scout (thanks again) taking a big team and operating independently against one intel mission (which turned out to be the "item in base" intel mission) and Sturdyguns' and Stick's teams working together on what turned out to be the "civilian interaction: defector/asylum seeker" mission. After that we reswizzled a bit and worked together on what turned out to be the "Greyhawk UAV down" intel mission and rescuing captured Goose.

    Statik, Nova4dayz, and Dylan provided air support in both transport and CAS capacities. Sturdyguns' team called in a missile to cover our exfil after we freed Goose. Someone... (Lt John?) provided UAV support, too. Thanks guys!

    Thanks to all for participating and taking the mission seriously despite my civie inability to make it feel particularly military. I personally had a blast and look forward to hearing that others try WGC, since it's different every time.

    On that note, here are the other possibilities we did NOT see/utilize in this session:
    -- Goose endgame: rogue Goose
    -- Goose endgame: dead Goose
    -- Goose endgame: injured Goose timed medevac
    -- ground intel: capture enemy officer (this one can be troublesome, since it's hard to avoid killing him without getting killed)
    -- ground intel: civilian interaction: assassinate war criminal officer
    -- ground intel: civilian interaction: destroy oil tank farm
    -- ground intel: civilian interaction: rescue slave laborers
    -- water intel: pirate trawler intel item (this one can be troublesome since it requires shooting hard to hit pirates on the trawler while it's moving)
    -- water intel: trawler acoustic surveillance sneaky-sneaky mission (this one's for Spec Ops minded players and can be an exercise in patience since it requires swimming in from afar and returning the same way - optimally there would be transport coordination)
    -- water intel: sea floor wreckage intel item (this one can be troublesome since enemy divers are in the area)
    -- water intel: escaping speedboat (this one can be troublesome since it requires disabling the speedboat without sinking it) - this one was revealed to be present but after Goose was RTB
    -- other engineer functions (build bag fence, etc.)
    -- dragonfly microUAV
    -- automated crate airdrop

    Just as a reminder, with this mission randomness (requiring different activities/approaches/thinking), plus random locations for Goose and the Intel missions, plus support functions, WGC has high replayability and can support fewer players as well. It does, however, require flexibility and adaptability.

    I intend to update to v 1.97 to do the following, unless there are objections:
    -- remove TFAR module, since TG allows non-TFAR users (it was my mistake to include it and create that dependency)
    -- change the Huron and littlebirds to RHS birds (I tried to keep the mission mod-free, but since TG requires those mods anyway...)

    I encourage TGers to also play Mik's missions (e.g. "Op Lightning" and "Black Gold") and my "Limited Assets-Sahrani".
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