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Quick Hits EMP - Aug 2 2018 - Spec Op Style

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  • [AAR] Quick Hits EMP - Aug 2 2018 - Spec Op Style

    So I was playing a lot of the day yesterday. My 5th day of vacation actually allowed me time to sit inside and not have to do a project...woot.

    So, then Skymirr and Aaron/GenD (might have wrong profile sorry) join in. Soon so does splatteredRed and Mario...and we decide it's time to do up a nice small mission Spec Op style!

    So, I suggested Cody 's mission, Quick Hits EMP on Altis which is a coop for 10 players. It has no respawn but does have revive. We are going to have to play this smart and together.

    To my surprise we all get a few extra First Aid Kits (FAKs) and fit into a single assault boat. We hug the coastline south and are headed to raid the military complex located in the valley that way. The objective will be to destroy an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) device. We have 50 minutes to do so and Return To Base (RTB).

    We have our leader, Red as scout and Mario as sniper. Sky is leading an assault element and Aaron is demo while I take medic. However at the landing zone, the all too familiar happens (as does when adults play video games) and Aaron our demo guy says, "I gotta run an errand." He keels over and Sky manages to get the explosives out of the backpack before he vanishes into the aether.

    Well, I follow Sky around the base of the hill that our sniper team has set up on. They have identified some static emplacements and are looking for a route for approach. As they begin to engage their priority targets, we start our move around the hill to a chokepoint where the water on our right is the mouth of the bay we are walking into. Better let the overwatch team have a good look at that far coastline before we just saunter up any further!

    We get the go ahead eventually to begin to engage targets towards our south at a metal repair building about 200m away. We wisely decide to engage all visible targets before our move and this proves to be good because moments later Enemy Infantry (EI) start popping out of the elephant grass right at those buildings. They have heard our shots and were ready to react!

    We thin them out and begin our move. We ain't got all day. We engage several of them and with Sky calling accurate directions we are able to concentrate fire between the two of us to keep our forward momentum.

    We get to the buildings and and secure them. The lead and sniper element move down the hill to join us. We will now stick together on the assault into the complex.

    Well we would if we weren't being swarmed and surrounded that is. Red decides that it is time to move and that if we stay here to fight from cover we will not achieve our objective. He is right. If we are going to do that we might as well retreat now and scrub the mission.

    So we begin to maneuver from cover to cover towards the large tower structure on the north-east side of the complex. We are going a long route towards a main entrance but if we succeed we will have a good covered position from which to defend and secure that main entrance.

    When the team begins to clear out the hesco barrier base of the tower, I set up to cover any troops coming out of the main entrance. My mistake, not telling anyone my plan. I figure I don't need to gain height and go down as the medic. Well the team starts to head up the tower and starts taking casualties. I'm tracking a voice that is getting closer to the main door. I yell to my team to stabilize the wounded (this will stop their bleed out timers) as I know there is enemy about to break out of that main door.

    I'm right. One does. I'm ready for him! I aim center mass. I click my mouse button...but nothing happens. My screen goes black. Yep, reflexes are just too slow.

    Now we are down to only one man, who is unaware that this older version of the revive script requires that you stabilize the wounded. So he goes around to each of us starting a long revive which also results in each of us eventually bleeding out. But....we have one brave and courageous sniper left!

    The take away, we didn't communicate the casualty plan. We chose to take a fortified position outside of our objective fortified position which would have resulted in a defensive posture that would have lost us the mission anyway. We went for a height which increased our chances of getting shot at instead of moving the objective. And, I can't shoot worth poop sometimes.

    Anywho, Mario continues to move into the main objective area. He is completely surrounded and has the luck of the leprechaun with him because he doesn't get shot even when enemies have him in plain sight. But....the 50 minute timer runs out.

    We assume he made it home somehow.
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