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Farm Aid I - Saturday Aug 4th, 2018

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  • [AAR] Farm Aid I - Saturday Aug 4th, 2018

    Joined in on an ongoing session for a nice stream of small missions were being played. I led this one with about one squad size of players and wanted to leave a few lines about the gameplay.

    Farm aid series is a mission by DMZ_Scout one of this high-quality missions.

    I didn't want to hold people at the briefing screen and went into the mission. Within a minute or so the a barrage of MLRS rockets hit the town that was next to us. Gave us a bit of urgency and jump.

    We had one Razor light strike vehicle. But everytime somebody jumped in it sunk into the ground for some reason. We also had an unarmed UGV. That one also sunk into the ground everytme somebody got in it as well. So rearming in the field was out of the question. But Zeus gave us a extra vehicle which was used to setup an overwatch position on the objective.

    Main element advanced through the low ground of the valley leading to the farm encountering minimal sporadic contacts. We did run into difficulties once the main element got divided into assault and overwatch. We got flanked by BMP3 once which had us pinned for a long time until a JIP came in and helped us with that.

    There was one assault that stuck with me. An enemy was shooting at us from the second floor window. We rushed the building while suppressing the window. Grenades went into the window casualties were revived and we were victrious.

    Anyway we did play more games but wanted to leave an AAR for this mission as it was a pretty good play-through.



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