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  • 2018 ACE Instance

    Starting on Saturday morning Xorilliz and I stepped into ACE Hearts and Minds on Altis. Throughout the rest of the day, more guys joined to do some oper8ting.

    A lot of people came out of the wood work for this, it was awesome to see everyone server side again.

    I ran the element the majority of the morning and after noon with Dimitrius as my FTL. We ran ground ops for a few hours until we had enough for some air support through out the (in game) night. Everyone handled themselves well. People were willing to take the time with ACE and all that it adds to the game. The guys familiar with it were also more than willing to help people less so, get a better idea of how to get it going. The tweaks Unkl is making are great as well.

    The medics. Everyone who has stepped up to be the medic in the last 2 days has done great from what I have seen. We ran into times where we would be totally out of med supplies and had to secure an area while gear was being brought forward. Some people don't like that but to me its an awesome part of that system/game mode. Everyone who kitted into a "special" role never abused it or otherwise broke the immersion which was awesome to see.

    All in all, i think it was a great two days of Hearts and Minds.

    I find with Hearts and Minds that because it is such a large mission/AO, leading with the hammer instead of a scalpel works well.

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    iv been enjoying hearts and minds as well

    however my one complaint for it is tasks and caches that are hard to find. i enjoy the firefights but looking for that last unconscious guy or the closet with a cache in it really puts a dull on the mission.

    i think to make the most of this mission you need to play with a suspension of disbelief.


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      H&M isn't the only mission but it was the easiest to set up and have enough content that we could get a good group on to test our settings and such. We are looking at creating a stable set of parameters for more to come. So, while this is the only mission running atm it is so we are working on the basics before getting more community work thrown into missions when the basic setup is in flux.

      I also agree that there can be moments of searching and searching for something to happen and this is not our desire as a player experience. But bear with us for a bit longer, there is a lot of work going on in the background.
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        Thanks for being uber attentive guys! I appreciate the work.


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          Last night I decided to jump into the CO role since learning through editor that the role allows the entity holder to open side missions. I gave it go. Reading through the mission file, there are some pretty cool side missions available but it is the luck of the draw. Also, if you complete these side missions, your respect with the civilian population grows.

          Unfortunately we drew a side mission that required house to house clearing to accomplish. The first part of the mission was challenging and provided the opportunity for the things we like minded gamers are looking for- teamwork, communication, tactics. We had JTAC rolling, teams in heavy contact and some CQB. After the initial excitement, things went slow. . .the nice thing is, the same guy who calls up the side mission can also abort the side mission. So once things started to stale, it was cancel Christmas. On we went to another AO to close in with the OPFOR and destroy them,

          Silver lining, pro-tip or whatever you want to call, in addition to leading the strategy and tactics of the mission, sometimes leadership is in a position to influence the community members experience, meaning it's great to have 9 guys execute textbook room clearing and comms but if nobody is making contact or the mission appears to be bugged, you gotta recognize bro and pop smoke. Tactics in action can not exist if there is no action.

          Being the mature gamers that we are, we should know the difference between gaming the game and a good group of dudes who want to go out, shoot, communicate and move, plus blow a few things up.

          A couple of housekeeping items regarding H & M and ACE:

          -please do not 'Tag' the billboards with the ACE spray paint. The boards were hard to make and they serve a purpose to provide the written guidence to help create the experience most of you veteran guys are looking for and to keep things real at TG. It is disrespectful to mission maker so thanks in advance for your understanding.

          -I am not huge fan of virtual arsenals but I get it. When you are selecting your weapon and ammo, try to make a solid effort to keep the ammo type consistent throughout the team. This helps out in the field when you need to consolidate and redistribute ammo after contact. It also makes it easier for the poor bastard who chose the pilot role and is tasked with putting together your resupply. I get it if you and your buddy are on and trying out some different weapons, but once the mission starts to populate and their is a concerted effort to 'get tactical' please work within the team and choose your loadout wisely.

          Thanks and enjoy!


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            Originally posted by DMZ Scout View Post
            -I am not huge fan of virtual arsenals but I get it. When you are selecting your weapon and ammo, try to make a solid effort to keep the ammo type consistent throughout the team. This helps out in the field when you need to consolidate and redistribute ammo after contact. It also makes it easier for the poor bastard who chose the pilot role and is tasked with putting together your resupply. I get it if you and your buddy are on and trying out some different weapons, but once the mission starts to populate and their is a concerted effort to 'get tactical' please work within the team and choose your loadout wisely.
            Three strikes and you're on logistics duty. BAM! problem solved.

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              Hopped in at around 14 players after coming home and immediately abandoning family to participate in Tac Tues. LOL Hopped out when it was around 20 people with people coming out of the woodwork. I saw experiment coming in when I was calling it a night. LOL


              The night's adventures part 1:

              Quickly geared up as a grenadier role and caught the guys right before they were moving out to hunt a hideout after gathering enough intel to have an AO. Dimi told me get in the chopper and put me in charge of the chalk while we wait for their insertion on the second wave.

              It was already night and getting pretty dark. We landed under contact in a hot HLZ. Praying to get on the ground in one piece we landed without incident guns blazing. Calling out targets shooting like crazy people. I ID-ed two buildings we could garrison in and directed everybody to split up and garrison them. Everybody moved fast and set up a defensive posture within seconds and we were still engaging constantly.

              The I saw a red flag looking thing really closeby. Upon further investigation with my binocs it was the headquarters about 400 meters from us. Enemy soldiers all around the HQ. Relayed the message that we found the HQ and containing the situation via the CAS helicopter above us. Orders came in relaying that we are free to maneuver on the HQ at our discretion.

              I ordered the second building occupants to rally up in preparation for the assault on the HQ area. My plan was to move a team up to a second construction site and set up a base of fire while we would start bounding to make contact.

              All this was happening while we were actively exchanging fire withe enemy HQ area. The forward team started to move up with one 240 gunner, and two riflemen. As soon as they started to move up a huge explosion went off knocking me unconscious. Since there was a little bit of separation between us and the dudes who were moving up I thought we would have a chance to be medic-ed up. But no such luck. There were a couple of survivors from the explosion but they were overrun quickly afterwards it seemed like,

              After redeploying and talking it over with those who exploded with me, it was a SPG rocket the enemy fired on the building we were occupying and it took down the whole building it seems.

              The night's adventures part 2:

              The numbers were swelling a bit and we took the Huron in this time. The same hot HLZ but with a larger helicopter and more people. Of course the flight in was terrifying again with small rounds hitting the hull of the helicopter and the gattling gun blazing the night.

              The difference was the it was pitch dark now. Without NVG nothing could be seen. Plus, this time I took the monocular NVG from RHS mod. So you get this tiny hole of decent night vision with most of your screen black. Zooming in would help you see better but if you aim down your sight it blurs up making shooting with your NVG pretty difficult. I had a eotech CQB sight and I like that NVGs give us handicap much like how AIs do not even get NVGs. As a grenadier I was regretting not bringing any flare rounds. I am sure everybody would have appreciated the lighting it would have provided.

              So onto the story. After landing at the HLZ we made our way to the outside of the Military scienc research facility outside the HESCO barriers. We inched up onto an entrance. Somebody said then "Wish somebody brought a ladder, then would just climb over this..." I thought "All these things that ACE offers, we keep forgetting them." Anyway I thought that would be cool. Without a ladder we hugged the barrier and moved up only to get another couple of SPG rocket fired on us. The first one did not take anybody down, so we got emboldened and kept moving forward. Second one however took out like 3 guys who were point-men including the leader.

              We setup a triage dragged the casualties back. I worked on Wilco who was a medic in the front to stop his bleeding. He was bleeding from all parts (left and right hands and legs. Torso and even head). Once I stopped his bleeding I went back into a covering mode while the remaining medic HotDog recovered everybody else.

              White we were covering we had about 3-5 enemy guys rushing us from our left and front. After what seemed to be a long defensive posture everybody was walking and talking. Dimi decided that this was a trap and we fell back to find a different way in.

              Second entrance was much better. By this time I was attached with Wilco and Sturdy as a small team clearing out those big scientific domes. We had a couple of very nice firefights suitable to our size and did not have that much incidents. During this time I was resorting to using the lights on my rifle and taking the NVGs off which was so much better.

              DMZ_Scout's team moved all the way up to HQ and rigged it to blow. We attached with them as they blew up the HQ. As we were ex-filtrating, An enemy AI moved through the wall and appeared right in front of out of nowhere and proceeded to gun down sturdy. I was shouting "whoa whoa whoa" while shooting at it and I am sure the guys who were behind me was also shooting him. As I was right next to him I am sure I went down by friendly fire that time. Once I got up my screen was flashing like crazy as I was still in pain. Medics do not really give you all the morphines you need. They just get you up. So while we were rallying up to get picked up by a helicopter I would ask people for morphines like an addict. We ran into an enemy medic on the way out and I looted him for all the morphines he had and used them then and there.

              I think I put like 4-5 morphines into my arms before the crazy flashing would go away finally. Heli came in as one lone enemy soldier shot at it from distance and we all boarded to RTB. I called it a night then but it looked like more adventures were in store for those 20+ who were still playing.


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                That night, I learned to love tracer rounds and the heavy Automatic Rifle I was using, I'm pretty sure it was the 240B, I took part in both of Hedgehogs mentions, namely I was the dude who was in front and proceeded to explode in part1.

                In part 2, I mostly took up fire support positions, away from the rest of the group.
                I mainly did this on purpose, not to go against anyone's wishes, but because of ; Our team spacing was pretty bad in my opinion, and me taking the initiative and placing myself away from the team was to make sure I could provide fire support from an angle different than the rest of our rifles, and because usually AR's attract more attention when a stream of light is emitting from it.
                Later on, I kept myself in a role of making sure nothing jumped us from our flank, covering the road, covering the wounded. This paid off when a white car entered the AO, and after one suicide bombing, I did not taking any chances to finding out it was another one.

                The group started consolidating to the center when suddenly me and the guy I was covering the rear for, exploded... He got up pretty fast, but I was playing Pokemon on my gameboy colour until I bled out... this is what triage is for gents, asses the situation of the wounded, make priority on who's bleeding the most, patch their holes up and give medication after.


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                  So many explosions man. I forgot about the suicide bomber incident. I had my laser on and I was watching him. I noticed something he was wearing like a belt of something; I noticed a little too late because of the grainy NVG and it was difficult to see clearly. Before I could say he has a belt he shouted "allah akbar". I started shooting but the explosion went off anyway knocking me unconscious. This was a big casualty event also. Luckily a medic survived the blast and I was up in no time.


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                    Not sure if this instance will continue on for the Sunday but I wanted to leave AAR as the Platoon Lead from the later part of morning session and afternoon session:

                    Progress so far as of report time:

                    We have 4 caches destroyed. I think I was there during all of those fights. Great firefights and some really lucky finds for some of these caches. From day time brute force clearing to night time sneaky in and out kinda cache destructions... Loved it all.

                    Hideout 1 has been destroyed. Commendations to Unkl and Wicks for surviving the sudden and intense firefight to take that hideout. There were 5 of us against about a squad with multiple static weapons engaging within 200 meters.

                    We have gathered some information about the second hideout to be in the NE sector of the island. Nearby (4000m) of Molos.

                    We took out 2 sets of checkpoints situated in Polliako with 3 men team. Slowly approached and eliminated the checkpoints and blow up the statics and the cache that was there. After finishing cooking off both of those caches the task was completed.

                    Another side mission is currently up. To destroy a tower in Abdera I think.

                    Side missions help our reputation to keep the suicide bombers down I think in this mission.

                    Unkl have dropped a 8 man carrying open Humvee just south of Telos. Status is unknown. If a small team is on a retrieval mission is appreciated to bring that back home.

                    We have captured 2 POWs and brought them back to base. Interpreter seems to be one who can get information out of them. Red tried to interrogate them but one of them seem to be already spilled his gut somebody else. Another refuses to talk. One naked guy and another uniformed enemy is handcuffed at base. FYI.


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                      Awesome Aar B. Looking forward to more pewpew tonight.


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                        hedgehog and Unkl Thank you for the Leadership, Meds and piloting skills, just awesome. Thanks to the various Squadmates too for some awesome gaming, falling in love with Arma 3 at TG all over again!


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                          A short video capturing the assault.


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                            Wicks the video is blocked in the US apparently haha for copyright.


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                              So in that firefight a couple of things went wrong. We had two people in that bunker behind us and three of us at that HESCO barrier for close range fight.

                              You can see it in the video as one of my GL rounds gets stuck on the HESCO barrier right infront of my face once. Then I tried to expose more in order to launch the grenades and kept getting shot at.

                              Another hilarious thing that the video captured was how the two guys in the tower got taken out. We found out later that Luke threw a grenade which landed inside the bunker without making it out and you can see the resulting explosion like in a split second. Skymirr and Luke was taken out by their own grenade.




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