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  • [AAR] BREACH, BANG, CLEAR - SWAT Sunday Sep 8

    We got started off with Wray, hedghog & myself running through the Airport - Barricaded Suspects mission. We started off the top trying to use the shield and pistol when entering large open rooms to limit the areas of fire we had to worry about. This worked out really well. First mission through while hedgehog got oriented to the features of this mission....and we only got 120%. Go TG!

    This was the way for us all the way through, we only got 90% once as everyone held their fire even though that my have been because we were all frantically pressing T to "Yell For Compliance" which only seems to work when the enemy are standing still. But honestly, fire discipline was very very good. Later on, Scout also joined us and eventually Shoomfie as well. What a crack team.

    We started to take on more complex scenarios. More complex due to their layout creating areas that are difficult to control with even 5 guns. More complex because we began to do the Hostage Rescue and Rapid Deployment (Bomb Defusal) - both of which are timed scenarios.

    The latter is simple, you have 5 minutes to find all the bombs and defuse them or they go off. Once you have defused the bombs you must also arrest all suspects and secure all civilians to complete the mission but the timer is no longer an issue.

    In the Hostage Rescue if you are spotted by an enemy for 5 seconds and have no gotten them to surrender, or have arrested them then your "stealth" is lost and a 2 minute time begins. The suspects will give you two minutes before they walk to the VIP and execute him.

    We completed every mission successfully except for one thing. On the construction mission we used 4 respawns. We redid that mission and did much better by only using 2 respawns. But still, if we do this as an event again, and I hope we do, I'd love to see us not use the respawns.

    The mission creates such tense moments where you are deciding to shoot, not shoot, switch to taser, ect...

    Anywho, my dream of playing this mission with a really great group of organized gamers has been fulfilled. Thanks very much guys.
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    This was a great playthrough indeed. I have enjoyed my time playing this mission. Roque did a great job recreating the SWAT experience and it made miss playing SWAT IV game.

    So I dug around and found my old direct2drive account where I have SWAT IV just in case I wanna get back in it again.


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      Hog I have my copy too, we really need to get back into this. Would you like to spend some time getting it installed, geting sherifs mod installed and playing around? Once we get the ropes figured out we can let the rest of the team in on the process?

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        Yeah I do think I will install it again now that I have found it and it is a small enough game. I did not know about the mod. But yeah sounds good.

        Also there is a game in development called Ready or Not... Looks like the next SWAT. Just kinda drooled a bit watching some videos and stuff.

        EDIT: nvm. Looks like D2D does not carry the files anymore.
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          I am always around to play some swat 4 coop, infact I played it last week. Not sure about mods though I like it vanilla.
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            Swat 4 is available from for $10. Just FYI.




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