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Attack Stratis I - Oct 24th, 2018

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  • [AAR] Attack Stratis I - Oct 24th, 2018

    Tac Tuesday was going on but I had multiple chores at home and getting ready for bed. But when I saw that a custom finite mission was being played I had to jump on knowing that there is a time limit for the mission and I can be done within the next hour in time for bed.

    Luckily I did catch the game right at its start and was able to join as a grenadier under Skookmonk's team. We loaded up into the 50 cal HMMWV and on our way to assault Camp Rogain. I was the gunner. The convoy moved up and met our first ambush. I was ordered to stay on the truck as the gunner while everybody else dismounted. A rocket explosion went off just next to the truck and then a grenades started to impact near me. Shrapnel hit me but did not penetrate the armor and I was getting anxious. Skook gave me the order to dismount right then I was out and on the ground in a jiff.

    Once the ambush was dealt with, we mounted back up and continued on to our assault point. After we arrived, enemy came out from everywhere. We were in a prolonged firefight with enemy shooting from multiple directions and several of our guys going down. One point, the other team's HMMWV took a rocket making me jump in my seat. After we repelled the attack, we moved up capture a flank of the camp.

    The small outpost had a bunker with about 4 dudes in it. Capturing it proved to be hard as about 3,4 guys went down trying to breach it. Fragging it multiple times did not faze them at all. Finally after capturing the outpost, we were setup to breach on our side into the camp. Fight here was treacherous as I relied on medic a lot. But I did end up finding one of the enemy officers and taking them.

    By this time, although I wanted to see the mission through, I was ordered to head to bed. Good mission.

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    the mission mopped up soon there after. fireforeffect set the charges and we out in less than 2 mikes. no one looked back as we detonated all the objectives

    fire recorded all of it hopefully a video soon to come?


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      You bet dude




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