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Jack Sparrow, Pt 1

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  • [AAR] Jack Sparrow, Pt 1

    Rather than reporting a play-by-play, I just want to report that what I "saw" by watching unit movements on the map and listening on the radios was a bunch of team players working really well together against tough unknowns, and succeeding under pressure (with <5 minutes left on the timer, and some friendlies down, with a BTR causing trouble). It was a lot of fun to see the group's practice on the more well known maps translate so effectively to this new map/scenario with its unknowns. Lots o' fun! As always, thanks for that, everyone.

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    Thanks for the ride into the AO and having our backs up there!


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      This is my after action report from my perspective only.

      Got buddied up with the MAAWS gunner who was intel64gamer as I was his assistant with extra rockets in my backpack. We were ready to go in within seconds but since the helicopter does only carry 7 passengers the HQ and second fireteam was inserted first. While waiting on the deck of the Destroyer Henry who took a ladder somehow deployed it on the deck and Arma physics put that ladder way up in the air. As Stick came back to pick us up all of us were nervous about the collision between the floating mid-air ladder and the limited space that Destroyer has on its deck. All was good as Stick landed the little bird patiently and picked us up for the insertion avoiding the potential disaster of the floating ladder.

      courtesy of intel

      Now the parameters for the overcast and fog was random but we got a pretty nice one as it was foggy enough to give it a eerie feeling with light rain. Screenshot courtesy of our commander Fireforeffect

      After getting dropped off on the beach we started to move towards Camp Rogain as it was selected as our first objective.

      On the way we ran into roving patrol and had ourselves a "forest fight". Everybody was on edge and that helped avoid any large casualty situation during the small engagements in the forest.

      We made it to the Camp Rogain and stacked up getting ready to breach in. I was in the back watching the rear with intel as we took down multiple random fighters other in the team peeked into the camp. Gunfire broke out and a huge gun went off. The ZU gun fired upon the fireteam and we had a mass cas situation.

      Intel and I chucked a bunch of grenades over the wall where we think the ZU gun is and started the recovery process with the medic. I did a quick peek to see the co-gunner of the ZU was dead while the gunner was still alive spinning the gun around. Under fire from the bunker, I shot at the ZU gunner to knock him down as intel tried to supres the bunker shooters. As soon as I kill the ZU I get shot and went unconscious. My first one. Luckily woke up on my own and treated myself. The recovery process was long as I bandaged up Henry. Once -MIK- (TL) was back up we (intel, ) went into the camp and did house to house clearing.

      We captured the sectors within the camp as 2nd squad captured the west outpost. We setup an overwatch position overlooking their position as they repelled squads of reactionary forces acting as a blocking force for our safety. Suddenly Mik calls everybody in as there was a 50 cal technical that flanked us somehow. But by the time we arrived, it was dealt with already.

      Things were quieting down as we regrouped with the 2nd fireteam. Looked like Stick brought in some ammo boxes for us at Camp Rogain but he left to go back to the destroyer. We had quite a bit of hike and 30 minutes to complete the mission. At that point Skoomonk brought a captured truck around and a decision was made for the 1st fireteam to utilize it to reach the Kill Farm. So we piled in and I drove and started to move out. As we moved out the 2nd team and the CO was starting to get engaged by enemy reaction forces. We drove through their firefight and somehow made it out of that craziness in one piece.

      The BTR was blocking a direct route on the road according to the Team Leader so went off road to the beach. Fog and rocks meant a couple of bumps but we made it there. Climbed up to the Kill Farm and immediately started receiving hail of fire. I exchanged fire with a guy on the roof of the Kill Farm going in and out of consciousness him too for a good minute. As I patched myself up we get the 10 minutes to finish mission warning and I see somebody charging into the Kill Farm. Turned out to be Henry. I charge in with him to help him out to find him unconscious on the floor. Take down on guy on the first floor and Henry comes to. We patch ourselves again and he goes upstrairs I try to support him and we find a dude on top floor. Both of us were unconscious there. Medic found us but I stayed unconscious until the end of the mission.
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        I knew I was not going to survive my final sortie against the BTR, and it seemed to chase after my hover position, so it's possible that helped keep it away from Kill Farm for a bit.

        After I respawned, I brought the transport bird to kill farm with Statik (as I recall) as a late joiner. We landed on the concrete back area, Statik ran off to try and help Mik's team, and I unloaded a crate of grenades. Then I saw we had 3 guys down and started working on medical treatment when the "5 minutes left" warning came. Before I finished healing that first casualty, someone with a tube had taken out the BTR and mission was flagged as done.

        Good stuff. :)


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          Great thanks to intel64gamer for recording and editing this event from his perspective.


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            hedgehog - your missions are so good your inspiring famous musicians to make songs about them!


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              The mission was great! Can't wait for next week




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