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Jack Sparrow Episode 2

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  • [AAR] Jack Sparrow Episode 2

    Again, I would like to describe the event from my perspective.

    As we started we mounted up into the Humvee after Henry got some explosives from the box. Once all in I was in the driver and we started to drive to our designated dismount point. We were ordered to hold on a T intersection and as we did we started to take a 50cal fire from one of the ridges. I quickly backed up into a cover. Stick was hit and he healed himself. The order to hold and wait for the second team was cancelled and we drove under fire to our dismount point.

    Once we reached there, we engaged about a fireteam size contacts in 150m range. They were outgunned easily and we moved up to the fortified position nearby the radio towers. The fight to capture the point was easy and fast. Radio towers were rigged to blow, but logistics got us again as we had to send a small team back to the Humvee. I heard on the radio this two man team ran into a small contact on their mission to retrieve the humvee. We blew it all up and moved on to the next dismount point. We dismounted a little bit early and was about to get into an overlooking position when a Technical sped right up on us and lit us up. Within the confusion, I took a round and went out for a good a while. When I came to, there was a firefight going on with a big squad and I rushed to join the fight.

    As things settled down we mounted up and moved up to the Roadblock area and waited for helicopter extraction. We did get sporadic contacts and even spotted an armor which passed us by. Helicopter came in and we were inserted behind the enemy lines to the Kamino area. First LZ was too hot and the helicopter waved off to land in the middle a foresty road as secondary LZ. We were ambushed from the back as soon as we landed and short firefight ensued. Nobody went down but we trudged along to the cache objective. Carefully approached the building and it was occupied by multiple combatants. Clearing it was very smooth and we rigged up the cache with some IEDs we found inside the cache as we did not bring any explosives with us. We moved onto the lighthouse.

    Oh I forgot to mention about the sniper we machine gunned from distance.

    We the moved up on foot to the lighthouse and executed a downhill assault on the Eastern fort. It was fast and as we descended we got the 10 minute warning. Since we had the high ground, and as we had the numbers against them taking them out was easy. Few people did get shot up as we stormed the house.

    Dimitrius suddenly said that the warlord was on the move and nearby us trying to escape. We chased him down and shot him up. The compound was clear and we setup a perimeter. The second squad was inserted to our location and we were victorious.

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    A few more screenshots:




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