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Jack Sparrow Ep 3

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  • [AAR] Jack Sparrow Ep 3

    This happened a while back. I meant to leave a few notes but just got RL-ed up. Four people participated in the event which is the minimum recommended number of players as I arbitrarily defined it upon submission. But it turned out to be a decent playthrough with the four of us. Thanks for sticking around and getting shot together. VinnieViet woesterudolf Henry .

    Since the participation number was low I took over as leader to maximize the chances of actually overcoming the mission. As we started we setup a defense against the incoming attack on the base. Within minutes we had a technical in our sights which was dealt with easily followed by a truck full of guys dismounting in the distance. The firefight was intense as it was four of us against about 20+. Second technical showed up followed by an enemy tank. Luckily Vinnie skillfully took it out making our chances of repelling the attack higher.

    Things quited down and we had some room to breath and I chose one of the areas as our goal. I knew we would not be able to finish the mission with our numbers so we wanted to concentrate on fun aspect of it. As we inserted nearby the area via little bird we already spotted a technical patrolling the hillsides.

    The next 20-30 minutes was constant firing and passing out and maneuvering if I remember correctly. Somehow though the four of us took the compound after running out of ammo and having to redistribute ammo multiple times. Having done the objective we were feeling victorious and flew back to base.

    But the base was taken by an enemy BTR and a big squad. They were waiting for us as we approached we started taking fire from our own base. We landed nearby and attacked to retake our base. After a firefight inside we went hunting for the BTR we saw on approach. It was found and destroyed shortly after.

    Victorious once more with a clean base with some time to spare we were emboldened to try to tackle another area. I did say that "I dont expect us to finish the mission in time. We can call it now or try another area" in which everybody expressed a want to continue.

    Our little bird was landed in a hurry under fire inside the forest just before the fight to retake the base. We decided on the next area and tried to take off only to crash and burn after a branch takes out out main rotor. That was the cue for us to really call it there. Everybody scattered.



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