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Fire Team Search And Rescue on Zargabad

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  • [AAR] Fire Team Search And Rescue on Zargabad

    Another great one from Roque.

    He told me about this mission a while back. He wanted to make a mission based on the theme of Private Military Contractors (PMC). But with the latest and greatest from the other side of the world. As player you would get the latest Russian style rifles and its tech.

    I have only heard about it through discord as he asked me once if it is OK to make a mission based on PMC theme. My first one is not visible in the mission list for some reason though. I have yet to play it.

    We do have quite a bit of choices on approach and assets we can use to tackle the tasks at hand. I chose the BRDM as our transport. Got to drive the BRDM and enjoyed its rugged nature. Fought through the streets of Zargabad and rescued two dudes and brought them to a friendly airport to be airlifted out.

    Leading the op with about 8 dudes with 3 teams, I thought we did it way too smoothly. But that is the beauty of it I guess. As always, Roque's missions always has a candy/cookie at the end if you finish it.

    I am sure it would be a whole different experience under another leadership. I for one would love to play it again as a grunt instead of the leader.



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