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Uphill Struggle (2019-Mar-12)

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  • [AAR] Uphill Struggle (2019-Mar-12)

    This mission was thought up first by intel64gamer. He wanted to collaborate with me to bring it to TG as he has already hosted under different modset before in a different place. This is what I love about collaborations. People have innate ability to notice maps, terrains and their possibilities.

    Our gameplay on the fore-mentioned date was pretty catastrophic. We really did struggle up the hill. One of the reason was that we were severely undermanned. Another was that we were not lucky.

    To really maximize our chances of winning this mission - a 70% personnel is needed. Two teams simultaneously checking multiple locations under a time limit to search for the hostage... And quickly disengaging and retreating when enemy QRF is reacting to our presence... This mission is truly evil to the point that I want to hear your cries and screams...

    This was our first playthrough and we have not even reached the dark corners of the mission yet. I am itching to make you beg for mercy and only the best of the best can complete this mission easily -- both leadership -- wise AND individual soldier execution -- wise. I wanna say I can lead it to completion but that would be unfair since I have full knowledge of the ins and outs...

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    challenge accepted !


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      I don't think it is that evil. This version is already toned down quite heavily. Mind you, it is not designed to be a walk in the park either. It'll definitely take some smart choices and swift execution to beat.

      That said, we'll need to wait for the results of a few more playthroughs with higher numbers to see if the difficulty needs a bit more adjustment.




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