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Squad Welcoming Committee (April 13, 2019)

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  • [AAR] Squad Welcoming Committee (April 13, 2019)

    AARs here. I will add my epic 4 hour awesomeness. Screenies videos if you have em.

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    I have been following the development of this mission and organization of this event with very optimistic eyes for a while. It gained some steam and really turned out to be an exciting get-together. I was really looking forward to the event and having not been able to play in the last week really gave me an itch for some Arma-time. I ended up having one of the best Arma sessions I have had in a long time and thoroughly enjoyed the event. Gratitude for those who made it happen, organizing, making the objectives and mission developments, for those who showed up and played, those who kept a positive attitude and made sure everybody around had a good time. This After Action Report (AAR) is a detailed description of a four hour gameplay from my perspective only. I am sure other players have completely different stories to share. It is a long one. I had so much fun that I am having more fun replaying the four hours in my head typing it up. But yeah... It is a long one.

    Phase 1: AAR in Squad 1.

    I was assigned as the Autorifleman (AR) in Squad 1 under Dimitrius as Squad Leader (SL) and Browning as my Fireteam Leader (FTL). So this mission was a joint effort with Unkl putting quite a bit of it together. I did my part and put together an assassination mission. I was hoping to play my own little objective. Squad 1 did get assigned to the officer assassination mission as their first Area of Operation (AO). I was all excited to play my creation.

    Got dropped into the AO by the engineer helicopter and the SL really wanted us to use the ropes to rappel out of the helicopter and we did that. An unnecessarily angry dude fell off the chopper on his face during this rappel. I would say that the Arma experience can easily become some of the best gaming experience with the right people, but also so easily ruined for everybody by only one grumpy person.

    We walked in smoothly enough (a quick engagement with enemy patrols and sniper teams) to an overwatch position and observed the town. Once we started to get into the town, we encountered more resistance. In the middle of clearing out the streets and buildings zilfondel took the High Value Target (HVT) out with a well placed shot. We moved in to make sure that the dead dude was indeed the HVT and inched closer to the Main Supply Road (MSR) of the town. This is when poop hit the fan.

    I was covering the street to the right and I heard a heavy gun from the left, piercing my body with a vehicle sound rushing through the MSR. I later found out it was Strider vehicle with a machine gun. I was unconscious during the time but I could hear that Squad 1 shot up the Machine gun turret of the Strider with small arms fire and disabled it. I wake up with the medic BitmapLuke talking to me. I was all ready to get back into it. I informed SL that I was carrying a small rocket launcher and he directed me to blow up the enemy Strider just outside. I stepped out with the launcher on my shoulder aiming at the Strider and another big gun shot me up (found out later it was a Nyx - one of those tiny tanks that AAF got with the Tank DLC). I was a goner for sure.

    Through the blackness I heard the brave and desperate attempt to resuscitate me and get my body out of the harm's way by the FTL and the medic. But their efforts were disappointed with my killed message.

    Phase 2: Carrier conversations

    I respawned on the Aircraft Carrier and got injured and passed out right away. With no medics and no way to let anybody know of my situation I had to respawn once more on the carrier. So on this mission I think each player had 7 lives. I lost my two lives one after another just like that.

    Saw ColdClutch on the Aircraft Carrier. He disconnected somehow and was back and waiting to go back in. I also ran into the Commanding Officer (CO) Unkl and told him how I died and how the rest of the squad must be in deep doodoo. He sent the Close Air Support (CAS). Then I saw a bunch of deaths from Squad 2 led by Noyava. Like 3 or so. I thought their AO is not going well. Asked around and suggested that they would take the ride on the Chinook which was extracting Squad 2 as Crewman and door-gunners.

    Seemed like my squad in the town was hunkered down in a small compound with several CAS assets circling them overhead. I sat down on the carrier and shot some bull with some of the Killed In Action (KIA) casualties that was trickling in from Squad 2. The guys finally did extract back to the carrier and all expressed how sorry they were for not being able to save me out there.

    I was all geared up and ready to go out to the next objective when I heard "Hedgehog...". CO Unkl found me and asked me to take over Squad 2 as Noyava was calling it quits and they needed a new leader. I accepted and re-slotted to the SL position of Squad 2.

    Phase 3: Squad 2 and the AAA island

    Once I was geared up, I met my new squad. Noyava already setup a nice color coded team. Setup the squad into two teams:
    1. Blue Team was lead by Trevnor with VinnieViet, Zach, @Train
    2. Red team was lead by myself with jmlane, Crawlingeye and @Cris.
    This squad has fought together on the last AO and I was taking over after Noyava so I had to be firm and clear to gain their support. Our first AO together was the middle island destroying some Anti Aircraft Artilleries (AAA). We were to take the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) boat and make a landing and sweep the small island for AAAs.

    We all hopped in the boat and chose a Boat Landing Zone (BLZ) and made it to the BLZ without incidents. I beached the boat but it started to slide back. I suspect during this sliding back 2 of our guys must have went unconscious because of the backward movement of the boat. That boat is bad news. We had to dive into the ocean and drag them out of the ocean and do some medical to get them back up. Unfortunately here CrawlingEye has drowned and KIA.

    I found out later that this AO was made by intel64gamer. His missions are pretty brutal. Intel was bringing in CrawlingEye back from the carrier in a helicopter after he respawned. But somehow he hit his rotors on a tree and crash-landed on the beach. CrawlingEye is in one piece and regrouped up with us.

    Push up to the first AAA site was smooth. The two team system and Trevnor's leadership allowed me to concentrate and really maneuver using the terrain. We had few firefights with very effective take-downs and we got the first AAA easily. I brought 4 explosive charges so I planted the charge and detonated the first explosive.

    Push up to the second AAA site was a bit less smooth but smooth nonetheless. Before we left the carrier the CO told me to use all kinds of awesome power to showcase some Arma coolness during this mission and told me I could use the Arty if I wanted. The second AAA approach had some difficulties. I felt like and we knew the exact position of the AAA. So I called in an Arty from CO to show off some Arma coolness. I pulled the guys back to what I thought was safe distance and Splash from the Artillery Barrage happened. I called the Arty with pretty accurate marker but the Arty missed its mark by 20+ meters and landed way too close to our position. We were all bleeding and from several places and had to quickly patch ourselves up.

    After the close call of friendly Arty fire incident we cleared the compound and destroyed the second AAA with a charge. By this time my mag count was dwindling as we have been really through the grinder very successfully. We have built a very nice working cohesiveness. But the mission did not complete. There must be another one. We pushed on further and Zach spots another AAA position on the edge of the island near the end.

    We pushed on it very well and took the position after a quick fight. We then found out that Zach was down. Cris our medic ran out of blood and was not able to get Zach back up. The situation went from good to worse within a second there. I was planning on extracting by the SOCOM boat we brought in. But scratch that, with one person bleeding out I requested an immediate Medical Evacuation(Medevac) by helicopter. The AO island is a very wooded island and there is really no place for a helicopter to land. We setup an Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) in second AAA site where there was some really tight space for a helicopter. I carried Zach's body there. CO flew in a helicopter there himself trying to execute that Medivac. He hit his rotor on a tree and crashed in the compound also. Without any means to help Zach, he bled out and KIA.

    During this confusion and craziness my two red team members were not moving from the third prepped to detonate AAA site. I wanted to blow up the thing but they were not responding and not moving from the explosion area. It turned out that they were shot up by somebody. On top of all of this Blue team lead also went down and unconscious. The situation is now dire. Cris the medic, me and Train are the only ones alive and scrambling to get these guys out alive. Second helicopter with intel64gamer and @Roque successfully lands on the beach nearby us. Cris, Train and I carry the other three bodies 100+ meters one by one to the helicopter and finally I got to blow up the last AAA.

    Once everybody was in the helicopter we all performed medical measures in flight transfusing blood we found in the chopper waking them up one by one. This was a crazy hectic scene I was thinking to myself. Cris, Roque (helicopter crewman), and me all patching up, doing CPR, transfusing blood to the three unconscious in the chopper with us. All talking with urgency and desperation. All the while the Helicopter pilot is rushing back to carrier informing the CO that there is a medical emergency in the chopper...

    We ended up losing one to death on the steps of the main cabin of the carrier. But we saved the other two. This scene and the sequence of events was one of the most intense stuff I have done and seen in Arma. It was one of the best experiences I have been part of. I think I related this scene to an intense documentary I watched a while back about Air Force ParaRescue Jumpers (PJs) and their real-life first aid situations in their Medevac helicopters. This helicopter ride was immersive and intense.

    Phase 4: The Crash

    By that experience our squad was now a cohesive well oiled machine. I was knee deep in the zone with full on attention to being the best SL I can be. Because we were now like all invested into the game now we were able to survive the next mishap. We all loaded up into the chopper to be inserted into the rescue AO. Intel pressed Shift 5 times and the Sticky Shift popped up. He was piloting us into the AO with a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) in the tow below. When the Sticky Shift popped up his game ALT TABBED and we in game saw the helicopter veer to the right sharply crashing and burning us all to death.

    Phase 5: Civilians

    We teased intel a bunch on the next flight. This time we landed right near the city. Squad 1 has already been through the grinder getting into the city. We landed just behind them and we started movement to catch up to them. Then one of those small AAF tanks called Nyx shot up all of Blue team. I lead red team trying to flank it and got to use my Light Anti Tank (LAT) launcher effectively to take it out. I then organized a rescue task for the Blue team. While gathering the wounded, I got shot on the street by an enemy infantry. The area that Squad 1 went through was not clear at all.

    After waking back up, we made our way to the Civilian Casualty Collection Point (CCP). By this time, Squad 1 combat effectiveness has been compromised and @ArcticFox was leading with Dimi calling it a night. We divided up the remaining civilians in the city into half and Squad 1 was to rescue 4 and Squad 2 was to rescue 4 civilians.

    The push to the first area was easy peasy. Long Range radio (LR) on my back was constantly reporting enemy tanks, vehicles and enemy all around us. I asked for full on protection and their guns were busy. The result was that we got to witness some spectacular CAS action above us and safely infiltrated to the wounded civilians' positions.

    Once we made it to the Civilians' positions and secured the first two civilians CO called in saying that he was bringing in a HMMWV to transport the Civilians around. I setup a HLZ nearby and received the HMMWV. And dispatched Cris and jmlane to move the first two civilians back to the CCP.

    The rest advanced to the remaining two civilians on foot. During this time CAS would report armors, light vehicles all around us. We even got chased by one. Being infantry we got into buildings and let the CAS deal with them. LR traffic indicated that they dealt with a whole bunch of armors.

    We made it to the target building and found the two wounded civilians. But we also heard some vehicles in the vicinity that CAS reported on LR. We hunkered down in our building with the civilians when one of the enemy vehicles drove by right outside and parked right next to our building. We no longer had any kind of Anti Tank weapons left and we were STUCK.

    SQUAD2: "There is a vehicle right outside our building. Marked on the map. We are danger close. Do not use explosives."
    CAS: "All we have is explosive weapons."

    So we did some ninja stuff. Found a back door to the building. Sneaked out carrying the civilians and bolted.

    Squad 2: "We are at a safe distance. Let them have it."

    Apache Gatling gun went off overhead. An explosion. Cooking off from the enemy vehicle. A smoke stack at our back...

    CAS: "Strider is destroyed."
    Squad 2: "Thank you CAS"

    During this time buddy-team Cris and jmlane have been waiting for the area to clear so that they can drive to us with the HMMWV. I think they helped Squad 1 with some of their civilians. But they have been holding and waiting for our all clear. After that CAS awesomeness we called them in. Trevnor was carrying one civilian on his back and another was being carried by Zach. We make it to our meeting point. There are 3-4 riflemen providing security while the 2 guys carried the civilians on their backs. Right at our meeting point, we take a break to wait for the HMMWV driving to us. We took this break next to a shoddy one story building. Gunshots rang out. We did not clear that building and the one of guys who were carrying the civilians exposed the civilian he was carrying to the window of that building. There was an enemy infantry inside. He shot the civilian.

    TASK FAILED: Civlian Rescue.

    A tragic ending our efforts. But we still had the other one. We loaded up the one civilian we managed not to get shot and headed back to the CCP. All the while crying quietly from broken hearts.

    Once we were at the CCP where all the civilians have been collected we were looking at a whole bunch of people who needed rescuing. Littered all over the floor. We loaded them all up into two HMMWVs one by one and drove out of the city.

    Called a Chinook chopper for extraction back to the Aircraft Carrier. Unloaded every single one from the car and carried every single one of them to the Chinook and loaded every single one of them. Flew back to the Aircraft Carrier and unloaded each one of them and carried them to their beds. I think there were 10+ civilians in total. Now this required some coordination and cooperation on the next level. Everybody participated and we completed every other Civilian Rescue Tasks.

    Man if you read it until here awesome. I just loved recounting that epic event.
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      Courtesy of Cris. The last Chopper. All the civilians we rescued.


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        Thanks for stepping up to SL for us, hedgehog. I was appreciative of you taking on that extra effort on our behalf.


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          On the island, during the third AAA, I dropped my rifle as a huge gamble in terms of rushing these wounded guys to the landed chopper. I had given each an Epi to hopefully revive one of them and have them walk there themselves... no dice, One got up and fell right back face first while Crawling and JM were badly hurt. I'm thinking someone may have given crawlingeye another epi on the carrier and that mightve killed him.

          I spent the rest of the mission without a rifle, hearing that a Planetside guest couldnt get his own for some reason, I gave him mine and took his pistol with no spare mags.


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            Excellent AAR Hog, thank you for documenting our experience today, it was a great time.

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              Hey great AAR hedgehog tks for being a good team buddy and step up! Tks yall was an amazoam event, looking forward to another one!


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                Hey guys!

                So I wanted to let everyone know about my thoughts and experiences in the cross-branch Arma3 event last saturday. I am not much of a writer with these things, so it will be rather clunky and hopefully doesn't bore you to death. Read at your own risk!

                First of all, a big "THANK YOU!" to everyone involved in the conceiving and creating of this event. It is an awesome idea and I realise there is quite some amount of work involved in this. So yeah, tip of the hat.

                I will break down my points into 3 parts: Gameplay, overall Organisation and Event.

                • The announcements and registration process was easy and streamlined. All the info we needed to know - what the event is and entails - was there and you knew what you had to do if you wanted to participate. I would have liked some more guidance on what roles we were actually able to pick and what they entail, as people who don't know the game have no idea what is a thing and what isn't.
                • The mission breakdown on the forums was awesome and got everyone a deep understanding of the mission beforehand. The mission itself was easy to understand and still intriguing with several different objectives.
                • There is one major thing I disliked though: Before the actual event, it was stated time and again that we would get everything we needed to understand the game etc. and make it work. It was also stated that training courses for the game would be held before the event and during the event. As someone who played through the East Wind campaign recently and generally has a quick comprehension I thought I would be fine on the day of the event, showing up an hour early. Boy, was I wrong.

                  I, of course, had all the mods installed beforehand, but nowhere was it stated without some digging that I needed to setup the radio mod for teamspeak. Someone in TS eventually helped me set it up, but it took quite some time and was rather on the fly and cost me the first 30minutes. I joined the game server then. Chose the role I was assigned to(Engineer) and spawned on the carrier. Half the team was already discussing squad setup and stuff in the distance. At that point, I still had no idea how the radio mod really worked or what I was supposed to do. I felt pressure rising at that point and was rather confused. People started talking to me and I couldn't answer for some reason. After a while, someone helped me in TS to find the new keys for the radio mod. The only two keys I got told to use was radio talk ( caps lock ) and local talk. I was told "you will be fine. No need for other keys." Had to reset controls to acommodate new keys.

                  When I then wanted to have a look at the loadouts and switch up my weapon, I got asked if I knew what the engineer entailed, I answered I do know how to set explosives, refuel and repair in vanilla. Got asked to take a short tutorial to learn ACE functions on vehicle fueling and repair. Had to find out ACE has it's own keys for interacting. Had to reset controls to acommodate new keys again. Tutorial itself worked well, was short and comprehensive. But the whole thing cost me my another 30mins.
                At that point I was expecting a general introduction for everyone into the finer points of the mods etc. . Instead the server was restarted, we were being briefed on the mission, squads were assigned and we were supposed to go off. Someone beside me said before getting into the helicopter that we better put in our ear plugs. Yeah, glad someone said this beforehand. Also glad I figured out myself how to self interact to put these things in.
                So at that point sitting in the helicopter on my way to the AO, just to reiterate, I still didn't know how the puzzle pieces all fit together, if I was missing control keys, what aspects and controls ACE changed or introduced, I had no custom loadout and didn't know how to use the radio properly. Repeatedly while playing, some parts of my controls wouldn't work , because ACE and the radio mod did change controls left and right. I had to go to controls constantly during the event. Don't get me even started about the ACE medical system ( which is great, by the way) no one even mentioned.

                This starting disadvantage would nip me in the butt repeatedly(you will see in the event part) and make me slightly uncomfortable at times in the coming hours, but I don't want to drone on in too much detail about it or get too negative you get the point. I just want to say thus: Next time there should either be a short comprehensive guide or people standing on standby in an alloted time frame at the start of the event, who know what can possibly ail a newbie and help out. This whole "winging it" and relying on random helpful people being in proximity and having time is not ideal. Maybe I get this wrong, but at the start of the event and later after my first death, I was considering leaving for a moment and I feel like less patient people or not so quick on the uptake would have. Major flaw in my opinion and wasn't neccessary.

                • ARMA gameplay can be rather janky and clunky. You get stuck in objects, can't move sideways through doors, controls are a nightmare, fps dip without reason. But boy, if this game is not something special. There is a kind of detail and involvement you just don't have in similar games.
                • Awesome amount of customization and moddability. It truly is a sandbox worthy of it's name. It's awesome you can switch between, solo, coop, pvp with any chosen mission.
                • The amount of bullets some enemies take to go down seems insane at first and needs some mindset adjustments from other "realistic" games, but I realise that Arma simulates armorplates, distance, penetration, calibre etc. and things are different here.
                • The immersiveness is unreal. Monitors in the helo which are picture-in-picture, people moving lips when talking, hearing the radio from another person when standing close. Pure awesomeness all around.

                • got shipped out and attached to Brownings squad, as I was told we don't need engineering in the first part and I am supposed to help out as an additional rifleman(my time will come, I thought). Dropped on the LZ via fastropes (FINALLY! PR people will understand). Witnessed the angry guy hedgehog talked about . Entered a small abandoned Outpost and held it for a moment. Encountered a single enemy patrol and took it out. Then, we arrived at a town we were supposed to case for an assassination. We positioned on a ridgeline and Browning scouted. Browing separated our team into two parts and told me to stay with him. The other was supposed to go with ArcticFox advance on the town. Then, Luke was behind me urging me to get going so we don't stay behind when Arctic advances. For a moment I was confused because just a few seconds ago, Browing said I was with him. Luke started sprinting after Arctics guys and I followed behind, asking myself if I understood correctly. Just a few seconds after following Luke I got shot immediately ( I guess from a patrol near town) but no one seemed to take notice. I called out the direction and asked for help. Little did I know you can't talk while being wounded. (guide, again) I felt kinda left alone here, but waited patiently as I gathered this was a state I could be helped from. It was kinda annoying you can't switch up controls while you are in this state. In the end, I bled out after a long time and was pronounced dead by the game. Respawned on the carrier.
                • on the carrier, unkle greeted me and asked what happened. Briefly explained my mishap. He told me to wait a few. I was supposed to get in a helo with a pilot, exfiltrate I think Fireforeffect and then be part of a scouting detail from the air. We got in, flew to some ruins on a hill with a wind farm, landed and moved to the second team which was stationed there. They apparently got hit hard , as two people lay mortally wounded on the ground with Cris and someone else trying to help them and the rest providing overwatch from some ramparts. The pilot asked what happened and I proceeded to provide cover for the medics. Which was a good thing, too, as two enemy soldiers sneaked up, unseen by the other players. I dropped one and called the other out, which we dropped shortly after. When the dust settled I was looking for the pilot and saw him go back to his chopper and fly away. I was confused again. I had no new orders and didn't know my place. Decided to just stay with the others for now. The medics finished up, rescuing one soldier. Sadly Noyava didn't make it. We held out there for awhile until a chinook came in and exfiltrated us back to the carrier.
                • Apparently the other team got exfiltrated at the same time, so we all met on the carrier, discussing past events. I didn't have much to tell and proceeded to search for Browning. We found each other and he asked where I was all this time. I relayed my journey in short, but before we could finish it up, we got called for the second part of the mission taking out the enemy AAA and rescuing the wounded civilians from Pyrgos. I was told to stay with Browing again. We got on a chopper and headed to the LZ short south of Pyrgos. I realised I didn't have time to switch my loadout or even resupply and had 5 mags left.
                • We touched down and proceeded to scout out enemy positions and discussing our approach, with ArcticFox's squad advancing slowly in CQB towards the military outpost and then the town proper and us repeatedly providing overwatch from elevated positions. My weapon was ill-suited for our long-range engagements, but I managed. The second military outpost close to the pier had 3 occupied HMG's on the top, threatening ArcticFox's approach. Browing singled out a target for each of us, made us prepare for fire and range our weapons correctly. Then "are you ready?" "Okay. On my command fire, 3, 2, 1, go!" We opened up and made short work of the gunners. We noticed more movement in the outpost and 2 vehicles opened fire on us and wounded Browing and me. After tending the injuries, we scouted the exact positions of the vehicles( I called one of those, because Browning initially thought it was just one I was useful, yay!) called in artillery and got them destroyed.
                • We moved on to the town to reconnect with the other team. Once there, we discussed our next steps while being under fire defending from enemy MRAPS and decided to approach from two sides into the town, secure it, and then get the civilians out. At that time, our team was only three guys. When it was time to go, Browning told us to cross the road and get in a compound. We crossed, he was first, moved around a corner and was instantly dropped by enemy fire. Dead! I was like "Well ****, I have no idea what I am doing here and my CO is dead." Browning had to drop out then. Me and my buddy advanced a bit more, revenged Browning, secured the compound and holed up in a building. We called in ArcticFox and he told us to stay in the building and that they would come for us. When they did, we consolidated our squads and moved on. We moved to establish a makeshift ccv closeby and started making incursions into different parts of the city to rescue civilians. A lot of players dropped in the process and we were fewer and fewer guys. Command shifted constantly. We still managed to get all the civilians assigned to us out, one by one. At one point, I could save our small team from being ambushed by an enemy soldier, whom the others didn't see. When we secured the last two civilians, we asked to be picked up by the medevac humvee instead of walking there. While waiting for the humvee and establishing a perimeter, enemies surprised us nontheless and I got dropped. My view faded, I heard my comrades prevail and then proclaim they couldn't help me entirely because they had no blood on them. They called in the humvee for immediate extraction. It arrived, they put me in and drove me to the ccv and the medic. Alas, when they arrived and asked the medic to treat me, I bled out in the vehicle while he was approaching. No glory found here. Since the mission was basically over, most guys already dropped and I was desperately hungry, I decided to call it quits and left, bidding adieu in TS and disconnected.
                • funny sidenote: I never got to doing anything Engineer related. Funnily enough there were 3 or 4 instances in the field, where SL's said things like "if only we had an Engineer" or "Do we have Explosives?" and I was always eagerly like "here, I am an Engineer, what needs to be done?" and they were like "awesome". But I was never used fml
                • I have to admit: The part starting with the touchdown south of Pyrgos is where the event and the participating players for me personally really shined. It was really amazing, the amount of coordination and communication. You could tell it was more bumpy than it needs to be, but if this is the lower standard than goddamn is it great. I loved how we sat behind some house discussing our next steps and preparing movement and tactics. I absolutely loved the radio protocol and discipline people conducted when radioing in. For some time now, I am thinking squad players need to improve in that respect massively. I am trying it myself when I squadlead ( which I have mainly done in 2 or 3 man crews for vehicles so far) but people seem to be absolutely not used to it. I was asking myself if this couldn't be done in games and my standard might be too high. You guys made me reevaluate this thought and I applaud you for it. Bar the non-existing easing in, this was a really great and successful event in my book. I learned a lot, got inspiration for improvement and am very glad I took part. I am unsure whether ARMA could be a main game for me, but I will definitely want more. The only thing I need to know is that this isn't the last time such an event takes place

                Colonel Ragman out


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                  Fascinating to read your perspective Ragman. I knew we had one shot during the encounter with the first patrol, but I thought we brought him back up. Buddy team system is especially important for moments like that. Each buddy team member has to watch out for his buddy. Yours have forgotten about you lol. That is the imperfection of humans doing something together. Making you an engineer and completely not using you at all...


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                    Col.Ragman you are quite a novelist sir and I found your recollection of the battle quite humorous and relatable. The explanations of getting lost in controls, being unsure how to communicate at first, feeling the heat and agitation of constant misunderstanding mixed with increasing tedious patience are all things we've experienced too.

                    We have some great times here on the ArmA battlefield and what you saw was just a taste of the fun we can have.

                    Hope to see you again soon.

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                      That was a great recount hedgehog Thanks for the SL'ing that night!




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