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Coop Session AAR / Apr 25, 2007 / Evolution v1.4

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  • Coop Session AAR / Apr 25, 2007 / Evolution v1.4

    I wanted to thank everyone on the Private server the other night for some great games on the latest version of Evolution. Overall I was very impressed with how things played out. For the most part, comms and organization were good. As a group, I thought we did a solid job of taking down the towns we hit. If memory serves, Sgt. Moore led the squad for most of this action, and he did a fine job -- I especially appreciated the liberal use of waypoints and direction to keep everyone together and on track. Additionally, the use of support vehicles was handled well. Nicely done.

    Things for us to work on in future missions include cleaner radio comms (less chatter) and even tighter coordination.

    I know we don't do many write-ups for these sessions, and that's a shame. Let's try to generate more AARs and feedback in the future so folks will know about the great games we've had. Even if it's just a short blurb to let others know about the action on a given night, it's better than nothing. This sort of forum activity is important if we want to draw new folks into our sessions.

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    Re: Coop Session AAR / Apr 25, 2007 / Evolution v1.4

    I really had a great time as well. I loved the whole convoy method we had setup. I'd like to see us do the same except keep rolling and finish all the towns. It would be interesting to handle the logistics for that long of a campaign.
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