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Friday 05-25-07 Evolution (1.07 Beta)

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  • Friday 05-25-07 Evolution (1.07 Beta)

    We had a great game yesterday. I already had a high rank (120) since we played Thursday and cleared out all the South-Sahrani towns.
    I joined the server alone and decided to take a water patrol, after that I put my AI as driver of the boat and told him to got to masbete (I was afk for a few hours). When I came back Peardog and Titus were in the server.
    Sniped some targets in masbete with Peardog. (took out targets 1500 Km away)
    As time passed, more people joined the server.. we had a whole squad to take care of Masbete.
    Someone took down a KA-50 with the grenade launcher on a UAZ (really cool).
    After Masbete we went to Pita. Pita was full of enemy armour so I decided to take my harrier up and support ground troops.
    It took a while to clear Pita, but there was a reward:

    A Su-34 and a KA-50

    Isn't she a beauty..

    I used the Su-34 to help in Eponia, took down some armor until I got taken down by another Su-34 :(

    We didn't finish the mission, but the server might still be up today (Saturday).
    We still have to clear out Bagango and Eponia.

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    Re: Friday 05-25-07 Evolution (1.07 Beta)

    I was only on for a few minutes Merc...but I'm glad I was able to lase in a few for ya. First time I've done that in game. Fun stuff!


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      Re: Friday 05-25-07 Evolution (1.07 Beta)

      Yeah cas was kinda fun just kept getting snuck up on.




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