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Sat. June 23

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  • Sat. June 23

    I had about an 30 min session with Pfeil, and we had a great run. I caught up with him moving into Oretego. He had been pinned down by a T72, and about two squads.

    After i moved into his position, we figured out it was best to move into a little ditch, pop up and kill the tank. Just before we did, i did a quick sweep of our flanks to find one tango had walked right up beside us and was about to take a shot. Phew, i nailed him with about four shots and he went down. We moved down to the ditch, and watched as our convoy passed by(friendly). This stirred the enemy so Feil and I took down about 5 guys moving in on them.

    After the convoy had passed, Feil and i knelt down, watched as a squad passed by the tank, and took our shots. Unfortunately, my first shot hit the ground in front of me about 20feet away. Just injured me though:). I reloaded, took another shot got a good hit and we watched for a couple seconds to see the tank blow up. Good kill.

    We hunkerd down for a bit and took out some enemies moving into our area, until i heard four loud shots, and saw Pfeil down. I looked to my left and saw a AK looking at me. Thankfully I was a little quicker than he and took him down.

    I fell back to some hay bails and watched pair move to me, 4 quick shots and both were down. Nervous that my shots had given me away, i moved in close behind the bail and waited for Feil to get back. He go to the Farp about 200m away form my position, so I moved in to get the medical attention I needed. Turns out, I didn't need it:S, weird.

    Feil and I moved into the city of Ortego to take out the RT. After moving in with little or no contact, Feil took to shots at the tower, unfortunately it didn't fall. Thankfully we had a friendly take it out for us(forget your name man sorry:()

    After the tower was down, Feild and I moved along a road, and I found a BMP about 300m away from me, he saw me to.

    When i re spawned at base I came to find a pretty interesting sight. Unfortunately it was the only screen shot I got. But i think it's good enough.

    Thanks for the great time everyone and Ill be in shortly to play again.


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    Re: Sat. June 23

    I had a lot of fun working with you, Agnew. The little moments like that are what make ArmA such a great game.




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