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  • great game tonight

    Had a great squad tonight... at one point it was 9 of us, very tight unit.

    We did a day time assault, everyone SD and it was a great success, ended up fighting our way through to the radio tower, demoing it, and clearing the city shortly after, coming home with an officer in tow....

    Great work everyone, sorry I dont recall all the names...
    If you were with me, post here and take a bow.

    Better known as:
    That noob who crashed the chopper.
    That noob who ran over the mine.
    That noob who TK'd me with a sniper rifle.
    That noob who hit that APC at 300m with light AT! Our APC...

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    Re: great game tonight

    AAR forum is right next door ;)


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      Re: great game tonight



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        Re: great game tonight

        Some BAD times some GOOD times............

        I joined the server about 19.00hrs US time.
        There were two sections in TS so I joined squad 2 thinking that we were split into 2 squads.
        This was not the case, yes there were 2 squads but everyone was in a separate section, something about inter squad ts or inter squad map ID's not showing.
        Well after being TK'ed a couple of times due to poor or no comms I decided to go ahead to the next town and do a bit of softening up before the main force got there.
        This allowed me to secure a good position and knock off some enemy from my secure position.
        I had a SAW good at killing but a little visible when in action however shoot and relocate got me through. I think I'll take a supressed weapon next time.

        Towards the end I spotted a brdm-2 hiding so I map maked it and called in an AT strike.
        It was good to watch you troopers closing in and deliver a 1-shot kill great stuff.
        We then located the officer and captured him

        I survived the whole battle without getting killed once while racking up double figures on my enemy kill total.
        I think I might try that again be a sniper with an automatic weapon.

        not sure why we didn't squad up like other times, I enjoy that.

        Barnaby out
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        "I like a man who grins when he fights"
        Sir Winston Churchill


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          Re: great game tonight

          I was with Switch's squad the whole time, and it was my first true, drawn out ArmA experience. It was a lot of fun.
          "Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head."


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            Re: great game tonight

            I was there too, it was a great time. You make a great SL




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