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Sunday 24 June - Evo

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  • Sunday 24 June - Evo

    Wow guys, after finally getting ArmA all patched up and not playing it since January, I'm just speechless. We had quite a population on the server last night, too many to list, but I want to thank Pheonix and Sleepdoc for some excellent leadership and know-how. Even though I've played before, there is plenty to learn.

    This game is turning out to be beyond expectations. Several folks on last night (unfortunately without TSoverlay I can't tell who is speaking) commented that this is the most immersive experience they'd had to date in a video game. I'd have to agree. ArmA almost plays like a MMORPG, there is simply that much to do and that much continuance.

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    Re: Sunday 24 June - Evo

    Mosely beat me to it...Here's my mini AAR. I wrote it in response to Donegal's question about how PRM differes from pics...perhaps someone can add some.

    by the way...also a shout out to KOZ who provided much of the leadership early on.

    Last night saw a bunch of us in game pursuing an ambush mission that was supported by dedicated transport ifrom our Blackhawk. Filled with 11 troops and enroute to the site the Blackhawk was shot at by the column we were to ambush. The combat troops bailed out while the chopper skedaddled and landed safely but damaged beyond use. We assembled up, moved out to the ambush location just in time and successfully destroyed the enemy convoy. All very exciting...command exhorting us to get in position, rearm, hide, get ready and boom...ambush hatched successfully. What a great feeling.

    Meanwhile--The Blackhawk doesn't respawn so it must be repaired in order for any unit to reuse this important asset. Mission protocol dictates we repair the bird so after our successful ambush our group was picked up by two or three little birds and transported back to main base (4 min flight) where we formed up a multi vehicle repair convoy that consisted of a lead hmmv, a repair truck, a refueling truck, a stryker with supporting infantry and another hmmv bringing up the rear with additional infantry for support.

    The convoy moved out together, acting as a unified repair and rearm group. We had drivers, gunners and navigators for each vehicle. Our trip overland took 10-15 minutes to make it to the crash site and when we did the chopper was reapaired and as a group we assembled and discussed what to do next and then began combat ops again. We moved overland by HMMV and Stryker to a city about 10 km's away that was occupied by the enemy. Our mission was to take the city. We encountered heavy resistance and each time upon dying would spawn back at main. Our dedicated helo pilots ferried reinforcements from main up to the frontlines, keeping a steady stream of troops arriving at the battlefield.

    Just about this time I disconnected due to the late hour. I had been playing for 5 hours straight but it went by in a blink. The whole experience was incredibly immersive and though I didn't fire a shot in anger during the repair mission ( I was driving the last hmmv) that portion of my evening was some of the most enjoyable gaming I've ever done done. 1:00 a.m. came and I was really bummed I had to quit and get rest for today's work.
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      Re: Sunday 24 June - Evo

      Nice AAR's gents.

      Last night was the most fun I've had in ArmA since release. Having people step up into leadership roles really makes this game complete. Most nights it's pretty haphazard, but last night people grabbed the bull by the horns and got things rolling.

      Unfortunately my fun came to an end when I accidentally hit the power button on my PC and it went into sleep mode. ARRGGHH! I decided to hit the sack since it was getting late.


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        Re: Sunday 24 June - Evo

        Originally posted by AMosely View Post
        ....ArmA almost plays like a MMORPG, there is simply that much to do and that much continuance.
        Great to have you aboard "again"... I have been using TS Overlay with no issues at this it may be ok for you to get it back up and working..

        As for the MMORPG... That's EVO.. the Evolution map/mod for Armed Assault. The continuance is good until server restart/map restart.. Have fun with it..and when you get your feet under you and want a taste of True COOP drag you and a few friends over to the COOP server and check those Maps (Dozens of them) out... There are some great ones from TG'ers and some new ones from SIMHQ which come to mind..
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          Re: Sunday 24 June - Evo

          The little bit I played this weekend, I was engrossed it was so fun.
          Me and Misha rolling through Corazol in the Mk.19 Stryker was loads of fun.


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            Re: Sunday 24 June - Evo

            Wow Mosely. Thanks for the recognition.

            I agreee with you. I have never had as immersive an expereince as this gives. this game has long legs nd I fear i will be playing it for years to come (much to the dismay of my family.....)


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