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Thursday 27th June under fire

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  • Thursday 27th June under fire

    Thanks once again for a great night of coop with TG.

    Must say a special word of thanks to our Icelandic Warrior Loyal who stepped up to the mark and led from the front when the need arose.

    He wasn't afraid to change our point of attack if we got our nose bloodied in the first assault.
    He also came up with a handy tip that links up well with my TS overlay, double tap escape which shows up SQL position so now I can quickly see who spoke and where my SQL, didn't know that one.
    Off course I am begining to place voices but this helps greatly too.

    Sqd Alpha Loyal vendi Gogeta and me with Bravo sqd Lead by Jeepo Atlas, Farmon Phonex and Angel sorry if I missed you out or got your name wrong but there was some great action going on.
    Bravo went in first with us Alpha supply support and suppression well done all.

    Great stuff.
    GET "R" DONE

    Barnaby out
    "I like a man who grins when he fights"
    Sir Winston Churchill

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    Re: Thursday 27th June under fire

    It was a please Barnaby, you guys made my first time SL'ing fun and easy. Also thanks to Gogeta, Xeil, Angel of Death, Sleep Doc, Jeepo, Atlas, Farmon, Blaksheep, and anyone else who served under me last night!




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