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When it goes bad...ArmA video...

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  • When it goes bad...ArmA video...

    One of the biggest complaints I hear about Armed Assault, besides the super AI, is how hard it is to control a squad of AI... I don't believe it's that hard, and routinely complete missions with my AI squad members... more then when I have real players...wierd... anyway...

    I was making a video tutorial on how to control and manage your AI squad... when as luck has it, always seems to happen when I record, lol... it just went bad... but was a pretty cool video/lesson... anyway here is a small video of the start of that tutorial and where it went bad... then the airstrike I called in...

    (recommend you right click and save as for stutter free viewing.)

    back to take 2...
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    Re: When it goes bad...ArmA video...

    Just last night, in the space of about 20 minutes, I had 3 AI's drive supply trucks off of cliffs into the ocean.

    There's nothing worse than an insubordinate bot.
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      Re: When it goes bad...ArmA video...


      I am excited about your video and your future videos. Here is why.

      I played GRAW1 PC and the major complaint was that the "Friendly AI was stupid". And I certainly saw some of that stupidity.

      But then i learned to manage (some might say micromanage) their activities. and although it slowed me down a bit at first, they sure got a lot smarter and alot more useful when I learned what needed to be done. I learned their limitations and their qiurks and didn't give them a long enough leash to do those things. Over time, my immersion remained intact. I did not feel i was "micromanaging idiots" becuse i learned how to make them help me.

      I think the ArmA community needs champions in each area where their passion and expertise lies. It sounds like you are developing some expertise in managing AI, and I desperately need to learn this. And as I am very involved in other areas I am trying to champion, I am running low on bandwidth to learn this stuff on my own. I desperately want ot be taught. hand held. And if by video with speach to walk me through it, i love it. I can be a vidiot for 30 minutes and larn something rather than fight it for days trying to assemble the nuances i my mind.

      Anything you can develop for this community which teaches us things on how to manage AI would be very much appreciated. Certainly by me.

      Keep it coming.

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