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AAR - Operation Tightrope - 02 Jul 2007 - TG Evolution 3.0 Server

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  • AAR - Operation Tightrope - 02 Jul 2007 - TG Evolution 3.0 Server

    02 July 2007

    TO: Company Commander Joint Forces Sahrani

    FROM: SGT Loyalguard, Squad 2, 1st-MIP, TG Evolution 3.0 Server

    SUBJECT: AAR - Operation Tightrope


    This AAR summarizes combat operations to clear the city of Corazol. Since Corazol is the only land bridge between South and North Sahrani (hence the name Operation Tightrope) it is an essential link in our overall efforts to liberate the entire island. Control of Corazol means the ability to move personnel and equipment via land into the North freeing air assets to dedicate more time to combat and less time to transport.

    The decision to clear Corazol was made shortly after clearing Somato and before clearing resistance from Cayo, Dolores, and Ortego. Despite the town of Somato being cleared, small pockets of resistance engaged a section of engineers as they were repairing and recovering vehicles. It was determined that reinforcements were coming from the North via Corazol, so, in order to strike a significant blow to the enemy, Corazol was made an early objective.

    Squads 1 and 2 were order to assemble a convoy to move personnel and equipment to the western outskirts of Corazol to establish a base of operations for the assault.

    Squad 1 was led by RazersEdge (please consult him for individual squad members),

    Squad 2 was led by loyalguard and rounded out by OrdoSanguis, IcemanGER, Jaguar Alex, and later reinforced by Finestyle.

    Our initial assignment was to bring in troop transport, ammo, and refueling vehicles to the AO. We were attacked on route by enemy air but we were able to shoot the aircraft down and suffered no casualties or vehicle damage. As we we arrived on the outskirts of Corazol we were again attacked by aircraft which again was shot down. Two enemy pilots ejected and were engaged as they landed to our rear flank. Despite eliminating them we did suffer some friendly fire casualties (Oops!). Once we were all assembled we begain to head East into the city.

    Convoy Route Diagram:

    Our early efforts to establish a foothold were disastrous. We ran into a strong pocket of enemy infantry and lost Ice and Jag to enemy fire. Ordo and I attempted to secure a route through the southern part of the city and killed several enemy along the way but Ordo was wounded so we had to retreat so he could be treated. At this point I recruited an AI medic to treat Ordo and have an extra pair of eyes on our six and Finestyle joined us from the base. We again pushed along the southern edge of the city having to re-clear the entire route and eventually made it to the southern/center part of the city. At this point we spotted an enemy T-72 and BRDM. We called for air support to assist in taking out the tank, Evil Koala was able to make short work of it and I destroyed the BRDM with an AT4 rocket.

    Initial Operations Diagram:

    We then received word that our FARP, MASH, and LZ were being overrun by hostiles preventing the arrival of reinforcements. We pulled back to help secure it and after air support eliminated any threats we re-secured a perimeter. Squad 1 set their objective as the radio tower and we decided to follow them in and then cover their southern flank. Since we had met such severe resistance in our previous southerly routes, I decided to re-enter the city along the coastline to the North. We made it to the center of City near the bridge while Squad 1 destroyed the radio tower and we engaged and destroyed several armored targets. A partially disabled T-72, a Shilka, and a BMP-2. There were still reports of enemy in the city and enemy AA was still attempting to engage our aircraft so we made a block by block search until we found the lone remaining Shilka to the northeast and destroyed it. With the city clear we headed back to base and opened up a couple of cold Sahranian brews (I can't wait for the next commissary flight!) and saluted our fallen comrades. Please consult RazersEdge from the perspective of his squad's operations.

    Final Operations Diagram:


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    Re: AAR - Operation Tightrope - 02 Jul 2007 - TG Evolution 3.0 Server

    Excellent AAR Loyal...made me wish I was there.
    ARMA Admin (retired)
    Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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      Re: AAR - Operation Tightrope - 02 Jul 2007 - TG Evolution 3.0 Server

      Magnificent AAR -and your Diagrams are Perfect as well!.. Maybe a Class on that..since it does such a great job of relaying the Action without any of the distractions of Screen Shots...
      |TG|ARMA Pathfinder where did I put my keys?


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        Re: AAR - Operation Tightrope - 02 Jul 2007 - TG Evolution 3.0 Server

        I'm glad you guys like them. It is almost as much fun for me to make an AAR as it is to play. I also find it extremely helpful for working out future strategies and the like.

        I like the map concept, sure it is only 2D, but the ArmA maps are pretty detailed so you can get a pretty good feel for environment regardless. There is a place for screenshots as well, and I use them quite a bit to put together the AARs but it is rare I find one that is good enough in and of itself to post. I hope to supplement these with vids as well soon...I will definitely be recording durng the coop session tonight.

        I'd be happy to put together a little orientation workshop. I basically use Poweroint to draw diagrams over images taken from Doc Eyeball's massive Sahrani map and then save them as .jpg.


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          Re: AAR - Operation Tightrope - 02 Jul 2007 - TG Evolution 3.0 Server

          Great AAR loyal, it was awesome working with you yesterday. Hopefully I'll see you at the coop session tonight!
          "Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head."


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            Re: AAR - Operation Tightrope - 02 Jul 2007 - TG Evolution 3.0 Server

            I had an absolute riot running the Little Bird in and out with reinforcements about twenty times during this op. I made a few pilot errors, one of which resulted in the loss of passenger John.C. At one point I created a flight plan for LB1 insertion into a red zone but was paying too much attention to the GSP and not enough to the terrain.

            It was great being part of the overall op.


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              Re: AAR - Operation Tightrope - 02 Jul 2007 - TG Evolution 3.0 Server

              Great AAR Loyal
              I too enjoy reporting from the front.

              I was HMG to Razor SQ L Sqd 1
              It was good stuff indeed.
              Me & Marnic [not sure of your name, sorry] enjoyed ourselves defending the Farp I had built from attack by 2 KA heli's. I was in the 5 tonner on the HMG while Marnic was in the Hummer on a HMG too.
              They were flying East to West on opposite runs. We doused them both individually giving them a liberal coating of lead. Gave a whole new meaning to the Phrase " LEAD PAINT" it did.
              The Eastern KA held out but the Western one lined up & came in guns blazing, this time both of us targeted it and let rip 40 seconds of intense joint ops saw it nose dive in just yards from out postion.
              Did a fair bit of damage to the forrest and the surrounding area but we had survived, hi 5 whooo hooo..................Just then there was a whooooosh and a salvo of rockets exploded between us taking us out.
              The other KA had made its present felt it had delayed its attack until we were both engaged with the Western one.
              Damn but for an instance we were on top of the world.

              Barnaby out
              "I like a man who grins when he fights"
              Sir Winston Churchill


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                Re: AAR - Operation Tightrope - 02 Jul 2007 - TG Evolution 3.0 Server

                Loyal, another great piece of of professional AAR. This format is becoming your signature, please continue. We love them !

                One very clear message coming right out of your AARs is Playing Evolution on a random public server and playing it on TG is totally different experiences.

                As a community, we add high level of organizational, structural and tactical content into the games we play.

                When it comes to tactical gaming, it is not the game you play, it is whom you are playing with and how you are playing it. Thumbs up TG !


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                  Re: AAR - Operation Tightrope - 02 Jul 2007 - TG Evolution 3.0 Server

                  NoDebate was your dedicated AA man during that whole operation! Downed six birds in the sky that night! I was in Squad 1 with Razor, we had some trouble early on with AI in the fuel truck and finally Matrim (another Squad 1 Matey) took command of the vehicle.




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