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more recording incidences... vid/screens...

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  • more recording incidences... vid/screens...

    Yesterday I posted about making a video tutorial about how easy it was/is to control your AI squad and accomplishing missions... but as luck would have it, when I don't record or take screenshots all goes well... as soon as i record or take screenshots, the AI must know and start acting up on camera... lol...

    Here again was the video clip from yesterday:

    and then Dart, edited it with some comical flair:

    So today... i tried it again, determined to get this video tutorial done on how to control and use your AI effectively... but again a bunch of screw ups... lol...

    First off here is another video, nothing spectacular about that except all the bullets they waste, and who the hell is claiming credit for the kills... 8 guns are unloading at the bad guy, how can one guy claim the kill "I got him"... lol...

    OK, now for a few screens:

    You can clearly see that I had both Alpha and bravo teams insertions away enough from each other:

    Alpha and bravo teams getting ready for hot insertion:

    but NOOO... there both trying to land at the exact same spot:

    OK... re do, this time I send Alpha team further away, and Bravo team elsewhere, we will then attack the objective from 2 separate locations:

    But as you can see, Bravo team don't want to be away from Alpha, so they march back into formation (even thou never ordered), and yes I have successfully done this by using the map and issue the teams orders:

    Only number 8 was willing to hold his ground and follow orders, so I had to personally call him back to me after the rest of his team left him:

    and there my fiends, is the pleasure and displeasure of working with AI... it can be done, but never when I need it most, like when I record. lol ;)
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